The Ultimate Hedge?

The Ultimate Hedge?

Let's say the entire economy collapses. Currency becomes almost worthless. Unemployment is sky-high. Let's say another great depression. How would you prepare? Let's be realistic because it could happen.

Be white. Race war would ensue and of course the armed, intelligent, whites will band together and reestablish communities and economy.

In all seriousness not even a /pol/ tard

long shelf life foods
water treatment/fresh water access
be fit as fuck
learn wilderness survival skills
agricultural land far from dense urban centers

Guns and gold.

Unless you live in a region where it rains every week then water will be the most valuable thing. Buy a huge rain water catching system

You'll need farmland, privacy, family, survival skills, and guns. Anything less and you'll be robbed/killed for your meager success because Bubba and his pals are hungry and you're the only one around with food.

It's not going to be complete lawlessness. It's more about surviving poverty I think. Having weapons would help obviously. How can you survive financially? Let's say you're rich and the economy tanks. How can you stay rich?

Keep your stocks in stable companies (those who attract government contracts or vital services), have a strong investment in gold (NOT bonds), make sure to own entities that produce actual services/goods rather than simply funny money, IE:

Privatized Medical Centers
Real Estate

Earning less money is fine during a major depression, having your money disappear is not. Also keep an eye out for buying companies/investments for pennies on the dollar 2 years into a depression/recession, that's when the most damage has been dealt and it's safe(r) to start buying for that sweet discount.

Invest in liquor, long shelf life, can be used as a fuel or anti-septic, plus, people will want higher quality stuff until decent stills get up and running.

Cigarettes and lighters too, people are gonna need their fix more than ever if the economy tanks.

Also, and this isn't a physical good, but is still useful, learn a trade of some sort, plumbing, electricial, welding, various handyman skills, will ensure you can be a prominent and valued member of your community.

>be fit as fuck
if there is survival you better be fat as fuck than fit as fuck

Good posts, I was looking for answers like these. Definitely would start buying stocks with companies that are surviving. Imagine the rebound and profit that would create

retard you can buy those cheapest in a depression. in depression cash is king.

I literally said to buy stocks in the depression, and gave a proper timing in which to do so. Where'd you learn to read, the Bible Belt?

>Invest in liquor
if there is one thing there was never shortage of is moonshine even in a war where soldiers starved they always found a way to get drunk, you fancy drinks will be a financial disaster
they don't keep that well the bugs will most likely eat your stock

food will be the most sought out item in a great trouble assuming water is still abundant. a can of food will buy you a good time with a hooker or any housewife. that means about $100 worth present value.

>learn a trade of some sort, plumbing, electricial, welding, various handyman skills, will ensure you can be a prominent and valued member of your community.
that can never hurt also if you learn farming (which is not as easy as you think it is people who do that learn it for decades lots of fuckups can be have) and store seeds (they cost nothing and you can rotate them out)

not really that's not what you said, you said keep stocks not buy when people flee the market, and i wasn't even talking about stocks but the rest of your list

was meant for

That histogram always bugged me, the temperature should follow a diffusion process after 8:15 such that it decreases exponentially but does not return to normal at 8:16 already!

Why bother? You have to stake your bets on probability and thats not insanely inprobable but its unlikely enough to be a waste

Say you use 10% of your money preparing , so in a 1 in a million youll do great but the rest of the time you just wasted a bunch of koney

Just buy some guns and keep.plenty of ammo around - you can take all those other fools mre's and gold and shit if / when and you get the hobby of shooting / marksmanship to enjoy

Win / win

Any greater response is overboard unless youre already mega wealthy

Stack good boy points.

Stack cryptocoins


That's assuming the government doesn't try to confiscate it

Gold, silver to a lesser degree. They may not be used much at the outset of some chimp out induced by a depression and no mo' weffare checks or whatever the fuck IF that's what happens, but later after (or if) the dust settled, they'd be worth having.

Guns and ammunition. I only have a Glock 26 and Ruger LCR 22. Looking to get a rifle eventually, one with a bullpup build, maybe a PS90.

Food. Dried beans have protein, carbs and fiber. Stay away from most RTE meals. They're full of salt (understandably) and sometimes sugar for some reason, as in 60 grams of sugar. Maybe some low sodium soups. I've seen dried vegetables too.

Water and water purifiers. Electrolytes.

Basic medicines. Look into veterinary medicines and antibiotics that humans can also use, there are several.

Some kind of practical skill or trade.

Nigga be ready 2 die before they hand over their steel, bitch.

Gold is a meme. Yes it will store some value but it doesn't produce anything and is impractical for most purchases. You'll feel like a fucking dumbass when you spend your $1500 gold ingot on a loaf of bread.

Productive land is where the real wealth is, and it has been for much of human history. Think medieval lords and plantation owners. If the dollar becones worthless, the wealthiest people will be those with hundreds or thousands of acres of productive farmland and an army of Pedros and Juans to tend it.

Even if you buy a few dozen acres with an orchard, garden, and a pen of chickens, you'll have an income source and financial security in an economic depression. You don't necessarily need to become a farmer yourself either, just hire an aforementioned Pedro as a tenant farmer.

Literally gold/bitcoin

Most basic medicines are prescription only

Looks like Jew doctors win again

I think this is why most people(especially in cities) will be fucked. You're average person puts numbers into a computer or talks bullshit on a phone all day. The avg person does not have survival skills, mechanical skills, farming skills etc.
I wouldn't call myself a farmer but I know how to grow my own garden and to hunt and fish. Fix my own car/truck etc. I know how to frame a house from a highschool co-op. These are useless skills in a corporate world but the corporate world wont fucking exist if all jobs are lost and everything collapses.

Own gold and silver, You wouldnt buy food with gold, you'd buy it with silver coins

Government tried to take peoples gold back then and only 40% of people complied and maybe 1 person actually went to jail.

Crack cocaine, copies of Overwatch and canned chicken

Fair enough, but it's still not a productive asset.

It's not supposed to be productive, its meant to hedge against complete national chaos.

You should probably buy gold, the intrinsic qualities of gold almost guarantee that it will be used as currency. Some of these qualities include that it can not be counterfeited, it is uncommon but not too uncommon, and that is doesn't degrade in quality over time. There are reasons why every civilization used gold as money.

-Have some cash shorting indices
-have some cash diversified in commodities
-Have physical cash(in safe currencies) or precocious metals

Don't put all your eggs in one basket. ever. diversify always and spread risk.

In the unlikely chance of total collapse:

when there was a collapse in the Balkans that became the new currency