Warehouse slave in a book packaging / manufacturing setting for minimum wage

Warehouse slave in a book packaging / manufacturing setting for minimum wage.

Dropped out of community college cause I failed all my classes first year. :-)

RAS supervisor/technician
My only reading the past few years has been on fish hemorrhoids and the like

amazing that there are doctors shitposting on Veeky Forums. with people like me, a community college drop out that can't find a job in Connecticut.


I was just looking on eBay to see if I could find Fight Club 2 a little cheaper and have just found out it's a goddamn comic book. What were they thinking?

>corporate tax

You are scum. You help corporations avoid paying their fair share.

How can you get fat? I walk five to ten miles a day at work and rarely have time to eat.

>anxiety inducing video editing gig
>chainsmoke, IV coffee, forget to eat, gym once a day
>lose 30 lbs

>door to door sales
>chainsmoke, IV coffee, eat on the road, and no regular time for the gym
>gain 15 lbs

Now that I'm unemployed again, I'm excited for what the future holds

don't hate the tax accountant, hate the jewish lobbyists and the jew puppet congress that allows their influence to be bought.

Neurology resident.

Lifting takes away from my academic career, but since I started clinical work I'm no longer interested in that as much.

It's interesting how you can really get into the details of non-convulsive status epilepticus EEG criteria before lifting, and then after you just look at it and think "what a pile of bullshit".

Night and weekend shifts do steal some gains. But I started fasting during the day and eating only in the evening which works nice so far.

In between clients or research and prep I am either playing tennis with a peer, or hitting the gym.

>tfw 19 and havent choosen a carreer yet
>tfw regardless of their field 90% of the posters here hate their jobs and have little to no time for the things they actually care for
How can I save myself from this hell?

I don't think I could be a teacher, too many temptations that will fuck your life up forever.

I work at the student center at my school. Lots of downtime to read and study and I'm across the mall from the rec center so I can lift after my shifts. It's pretty great, and I know I'm going to hate the transition after I graduate

I do something that I don't feel like explaining, but it's basically international tax.

I quit audit to do this because I can't make any gains out of shitty hotel gyms. Now I hardly ever miss workouts.

By not having mental illness

>tfw currently learning tax law and accounting

Should I keep it , or will my life be miserable in one of those Big4 hellholes?

I didn't know there were so many med students here.
Technically I'm in my third year, but I'm currently taking a break and I'll probably drop out. It sucks to start over at 23/24, but such is life.

SharePoint "developer" at the DoD

I work in management consulting.
Read during flights and work out in hotel gyms.

You only need to do B4 for a couple of years and then you can just switch to a company.

How are you liking it? Is it actually interesting? Have a good chance to get into MBB and pondering whether I should. Tired of IT.

I work in one of the MBB, and it's pretty interesting, but your experience may vary wildly depending on office/engagement leadership.

Electrical Engineering
Fucking loving it.
Read three books a week

>work in a shitty call centre
>get shouted at by plebs all day
>sit down all day eating snacks
>get home feeling fucking drained and can't focus on reading
>don't do any exercise, just want to lie on sofa and die
>go on Veeky Forums for a couple of hours and drink until i pass out

it's going pretty well

>Graduate undergrad in 2014
>Get an easy ass job earning like 30k a year
>Regular 9 - 5, come in at 9:30 and leave at 4:45 because no one gives a fuck
>Lift until 6/7 5 days/week
>Get home at 7:30, done eating dinner by 8:30
>Read literature/philosophy until 9:30
>Write until 10:30
>Still have 90 minutes - 2 hours to do whatever the fuck I want before bed
>Read like 50 books a year, wrote 15 - 20 short stories, made great lifting gains, watched 3 - 4 classic movies every week, had time to live a vibrant social life and self-study Japanese and some coding
>Start in graduate school last June
>Still working 20 hours/week at my job
>Shit's gotten insane at work with management making us do things that are literally impossible since they increased our project load tenfold and didn't do shit to increase staffing
>Studying to be a nurse practitioner so I have classes, clinicals, and work
>Read like 1 book a month if even that much
>Haven't written in months, haven't made progress in Japanese, haven't been able to do shit other than work, study, or go to clinicals
>Still lift 5 days a week

I made my choice. I can pick up on my Veeky Forums pursuits once school is out, or if shit slows down some I can edit those stories I wrote and try to publish. Lifting keeps my mental and emotional state stable and I don't think I could lose it without potentially going into depression.

I've been hitting PRs in the gym like mad this year, but it feels so shallow when every other aspect of my self is being atrophied.

Fucking shit sucks. I'd feel better if I could get through more books. Anyone here got any tips? My biggest problem is I've always liked to read in chunks of 45 min - 1hr and I think I need to learn to just read a couple pages throughout the day when I can. Anyone manage this?

Self-employed with multiple income streams ranging from regular corporate consulting, to events, blog/ebook income, and a few points of ownership in some startups that have yet to turn up revenue, but could forseeably sometime in the future.

In 8 years of breaking free from wage-based employment to build the lifestyle that I want for myself, I've learned that absolutely nothing happens unless you make time for it. Time is a precious resource and it's getting harder to defend every day. Observe in yourself the times you've skipped getting out of bed to do shit, and instead, wound up lying there for hours browsing memes.

I make time in the morning to read. I literally schedule it on my calendar, and then I do it. Same thing for workouts. I schedule them and do them. I create a plan so that when it comes time to act, it's like the choice has been taken out of my hands.

Why drop out?

Id say get your diploma at least, to have a back up just in case.

Working as a bouncer.

Its either awesome or horrible.

What are you actually doing at your job since you are loving it.

I am Aerospace Eng. major and was wondering about transfering to EE.

>IV coffee

What in tarnation

...grocery replenishment...


You ever think about studying to be a nurse practitioner? There's a lot of great perks to it. You definitely earn less, but you can still get 6 figures in most specialties and the pay for the job is increasing pretty quick. For example, I'm in psych and I see rinky-dink clinics in my midwestern town offering up 125k for psych NPs.

You still get prescription privileges, and in some states (mostly the rural ones) you get total prescriptive authority without the need of a collaborate agreement with an MD.

The job market is fucking great and you'll be getting job offers years before graduation. Plus, you only need a master's to do it. There are tons of graduate entry programs around the country where you can go from bachelors to MSN in 3 years. If you play your cards right and go to a state school you can graduate with only about 60k in debt at the absolute max.

The field is relatively unknown and in intense demand so programs are also easy to get into. It's busy for me (as you can see by my post up there) but it definitely lacks the bullshit culture of medicine where you're expected to slave away for 80 hours a week and kiss the boots of doctors higher on the totem pole than you.

I've enjoyed it and don't regret my choice. Nursing is a lot more patient-focused though, and you'll never have the 'prestige' of the docs. People on the street won't ever give a shit that you're an NP but you still make good money and the hours are less ridiculous so it's really up to your preference.

Dat thread is being a redpill of jobs.

Thanks, medanons, I'm going to rethink about getting into that course.

Basically don't become a doctor unless you're a workaholic and need to distract yourself from how shitty your life is or unless you genuinely desire to help others - and you'd better be serious about that desire

Nah man, if you're paid that well, you'll need to work for it as well.

Or we could just have more doctors, cut the hours and cut the pay as well. But the unions would never do that.

In the military, it stresses me the fuck out
only a year and a half left :^)

The problem with this is I cant bring myself to act even upon the list untill the shit hits the actual fan.

How to change that way of thinking, how to change ?

Student majoring in Computer Science with concentration in Cyber Security.

Currently making $40/hr working for a major banking company as an intern.

Pretty comfy job, still have time to lift in the evenings. I read enough as a student already.

what country ? why the stress ?

But don't you even feel to break out of your daily schedule? I try scheduling my free time as well sometimes, but eventually I start feeling trapped and experience great relief from doing something I did not originally schedule. Like when I'm feeling crazy and start eating my skittles without sorting them based on color first.

Anyone doing Neuroscience? It's pretty much the only thing that interests me, but I'm not too sure if there's any money in the field.

I study information science, which is essentially a mix of computer science and business economics without ever learning the skills that allow you to actually do something. Pretty fearful for my future despite great chances of finding a job, but for now it means a lot of free time. A bit too much free time actually.

I mean, if you suffer living in the first world working with this, think of me, a little redpilled boy in BRAZIL.

I work parttime at a movie theater.
Downside: walk 8 hours a shift and can't read on shift.
Upside: can shitpost or read on phone during times when nothing needs to be cleaned, walk 8 hours a day.

Not him but there's no real magic formula.

The thing that helps is to examine the reason why you want to do it and then see if it holds up.

For example, I started studying from 0 hours per day to 2-3 hours precisely because I realised that I have zero shits about the things I did in the day, they were essentially shitty distractions and a more efficient use of my time would be to go and study since blind hedonism won't help me in the long run.

fpga stuff for military

At a Big 4 hellhole here, was in yesterday (Friday) until 10:30 pm and I'm about to roll back into the office right now (Saturday morning). It's pretty fucking awful but the other guy is right in that you only need to do it for a few years depending on what you want to do with your future. If you've been putting effort into lifting consistently you probably have the grit to stick it through, get the experience on your resume and then bail.

By not becoming a wagecuck

I never got the appeal of medicine in the first place

>long hours dealing with not only the public, but the sick public

Sounds like absolute hell

Junior doctor in Scotland. It's pretty long hours but it's good fun. Don't have as much time to lift (or read) though.

I stocked shelves at Home Depot for a while.

>mfw getting paid to lift shit and listen to audio books

This so much, I'm looking at getting into a field that provides a pretty similar career opportunity (consulting), IMO it's completely worth putting yourself through a meat grinder for a couple of years, the experience and contacts you make are 100% worth it

>w badly does your work fuck up your gains and/or reading time?

I work as a researcher in a university.
It fucks up my gains quite a lot since my job requires me to be sitting all day analyzing data or reading papers, also no much time to work out.

(I don't come from Veeky Forums btw)

Medfags, any tips for killing step 1?

all me except that last part, I'm completely dedicated to my workout routine and only drink during the weekend or on nights out

>no much time to work out
he said posting on an anime forum for autistic teenagers

Already diagnosed bipolar
What do?
Explain how


I need to get some sort of Veeky Forums desu, I walk about 10k a day but I'm turning into a skeleton.

3rd Engineering Officer for Skandi Offshore. It's pretty shitty for gains. Any gains I make in the 8 weeks I'm off are offset by the 8 weeks on a shitty offshore boat in the middle of the pacific.

Money is good though, so I've managed to do a few 6 week cycles when I've been home, but still, the amount you lose on the boat is insane.

Be born into a family with a lot of capital, or you could win the lottery i guess

Professional Japanese -> English translator. Very lucky to get a job that fits my interests so well.

Where do you live? Is welfare an option?

If you learn to live spartan you barely need any money.

Software Developer.

I work for a S&P 400 listed company. I work from home. My active work hours are pretty much whatever I want them to be, as long as I put in 40+. I do have on-call time every other week when I need to be able to log onto a customer server within 10 minutes of a call.

I'm paid well enough that I don't ever need to sweat my finances, and I own my home. I don't live extravagantly by any means, but I never want for anything.

Working at home is awesome, but a double edged sword when it comes to diet. It's very easy to wander into the kitchen do grab a snack. I have to be very careful to only purchase foods that fit my diet. The other side of that is that I can prep meals ahead of time,and not have to worry about a communal office fridge, and all the shit that goes with that. Similarly, it's easy to want to have beverages at hand all of the time, so I keep Crystal Light and Mio on hand.

I can hit the gym at pretty much any time that I'm not on call. My on call weeks mean I have a 6 hour window between 6pm and Midnight to workout. I use an Anytime Fitness so it's not an issue.

Reading is a bedtime activity for me these days. I'll go to bed usually around 11pm, and read until my eyelids get heavy. One of the issues with sitting in front of a screen for 8-10 hours a day, is that when you sign out, you just don't want to be sedentary anymore. I find myself walking about town if I'm not at the gym. Winter months I just go stir crazy. I took up yoga this winter to help a bit with that.

tldr; be a stay at home programmer. It's awesome.

warehouse worker, keeps me basically fit, so I don't lose ground, but it's very draining, don't normally have the energy to read, I can make it to the gym before work usually.

kinda sucks to be honest.

Nothing else? wew lad

Pick up some real coding skills. Web Dev just gets outsourced these days. I deal in legacy languages and the demand is through the roof as all the experienced developers in those languages retire.

My MOS forces me to interact with a lot of people and I have a lot of responsibility that frankly I don't feel ready for.
Combined with constant 12 hour days and being across the country from my family, I literally live in a grey world were my only constant emotion is unease and the faint desire to drive into an oncoming semi.

Work in retail. I've been researching IT shit because someone told me that a lot of IT firms hire people who don't even have degrees. As of now I go to school for finance and I fucking hate it. I'm also failing every single class, so I'm sure I'm going to get kicked out this year.

I've also been trying to get into another job. I thought about getting a desk job/ receptionist job while I study code. I feel like it might be hell, but at least it will look better on a resume, right?

All I have is just working in retail and fast food places.

Not murican. Third worlder :^).
I think there is some kind welfare system for the disabled -physically or mentally- here. I don't think I'm disabled enough to get it anyways.

The first thing you need to do is stop fucking eating so much
Read the sticky. We have the best sticky.

I made over $200,000 in sales with an iq of 110. I'm also under 30. Its all about perspiration. And being good looking helps.


i've gained about 30 pounds since i graduated three years ago

Why would you come here are lie on a North Korean rice picking board?

Quitting my job as a graphic designer to become an operations manager in a large format commercial printer.
Better pay, and after 2 years in their development program I can switch into one of the creative departments. I have a BS in Commercial print, not a BA in design so I'm having trouble getting hired at larger design firms even though my portfolio is decent. I may take design tech classes once I get more dosh.
Working 50+ hours a week has forced me to focus on food prep and tighten up my meals. High stress encourages me to work out.
I like to read before bed, I tell people I'm reading Meditations by Marcus Auraleous but I'm actually working my way through Gabriel Garcia Marquez's works. I need to get on the audio book train.

I can verify the IT not needing a degree thing, but you do need a portfolio or some experience of some type. I started out in 2002 with a development job in a company owned by one of the my community college programming instructors. The pay was terrible. 35k at the time. I'd have made more managing a fast food restaurant. I ended up not getting my degree because the workload was intense, and the 6 credit hours I needed seemed unimportant.

Eventually that company collapsed under the weight of really poor business decisions. However, one of the higher ups became head of IT somewhere else, and recommended me to one of their software vendors who called me out of the blue with a job offer. I started with that company 8 years ago making 40k. We've been through 3 mergers since then, finally putting us with a NYSE listed company. I now make 87K with a chance at an up to 10% bonus. Usually that rolls in closer to 5% each quarter.

So yeah. You can do it without a degree, but a degree can help you skip the first few years of 60 hour weeks for crap pay. Both paths can take you to the same place as long as you can produce.

>Its all about perspiration

Guys im a highschool student and need guidance. To start. Here in my shithole of a country you have to pick an orientation for your university, theoretical for psych, philosofy, law, history, ancient greek etc., positive for stem basically, and economics for all economic and compsci related stuff. I picked theoretical because I dont know math and parents pretty much push for either law or med. Fast forward to mid october where I decided philosofy is bretty cool (thanks to "small history of philosofy" by nigel warburton) and aim for that. Fast forward to 5 month before the finals and have decided that yes philosofy is bretty cool but it wont put bread on the table and that I want to create, so I decided that engineering is the school for me, but I dont want to risk 3-4 years of my life for something that may or may not happen and decided that programing is something more feasible yet enjoyable and somewhat profitable (still need confirmation on that from you). Should I pursue programming? I also think of picking up carpentry later on (coming from the need to create). Is it feasible and/or sustainable?
Sorry for the wall of text

Wow thats amazing. Yeah idk I'm just lost in life. People keep telling me that I'm still young and have time to figure shit out, but I don't care. I'm already 23 and I feel like an old fuck. I want to get out of this retail shit hole. Fucking high school kids are cancerous.

I'm also kinda skeptical in working as a receptionist. It seems like a mind numbing job, but at the same time it looks more respectable than working in retail or a restaurant.

Am I wrong?

Why wouldn't you guys get into vet school instead? I laugh at all my doctor friends that think they are superior to me because I'm just a mere veterinarian. Meanwhile I work reasonable hours, my pay isnt dictated by the government, and I still get to do all the cool shit doctors do but on animals (less stressful). And in the case of an apocalypse my skills are certainly good enough to be applied in the "field" so to speak. Only shitty part is when you gotta watch people put their poor doggos down for some reason or another.

I work in audit for one of the big four. We have busy and low seasons, although I usually manage to fit in my training sessions.

I'm in the same place as you user, I started studying web design and development and the coding aspect of it has been challenging. I'm sure you can find some kind of office job, maybe as a customer service representative.

If you want a desk job where you do nothing but sit on your ass in an isolated cubicle for 8 hours a day, then yes pursue programming.

Hop on codeacademy and start learning different languages. I would recommend Python for a start, avoid Java unless you wanna confuse yourself.

because vet school is just as expensive as med school and you guys make fucking $60-80k/yr. why the FUCK would anyone want to do that?

You make a lot more when you own your own clinic. Work less hours, less stress, etc. Vet is a better job and no school is not as expensive.

I was actually 24 and working in a Kinko's when I decided to go back to the community college that led to all of this. It took a GFs constant nagging to make me realize any of my potential. But get started, man. If I had kept waiting for something to happen, I'd be managing a Kinko's and driving an Accord. Nobody should be doomed to a career highlight of a middle manager at a copy shop, driving a 10 year old Accord.

>double major in physics and archaeology
>can't get a decent job in the physics field that isn't boring bullshit
>archaeology work is reasonably interesting and fulfilling, but it's poverty-tier and I have no interest in following it into grad school or anything

I'm joining the army as soon as they process my medical shit. Hopefully by the time I'm out I'll have a better idea of what I want to do with my life.

How to attain Andre mode?

>narrow shoulders
>wide hips
>5 inch penis
>pectus excavatum
>bipolar disorder
>completly shit at math
>wagecuck, old parents
What carreer should I pick, /fitlit/ :)?

>tfw you want this life
I would love to have an easy job that just gives me enough money for a 1-man apartment, gains food, utilities and some extra stuff once in a while. That way I can exist while focusing on my writing and self improvement.

>archaeology major
I have a large bone for you to examine

Game designer. I can do it but it means I don't get to do much else.

lol I actually like Hondas, but yeah I get what your saying. I've wasted so many years in college just not knowing what I wanted to do. Since I went to CC and had financial aid, I didn't have to take out too many loans.

I'm thinking of just dripping out of college. I might go back to get a cert in IT at the local CC, but I'm not 100 percent sure. I just started to code. I've been told just to start with HTML and then slowly get into more advance code.

Thanks for the advice man

I've literally never told Veeky Forums what I do for work because of that meme.

I've tried it on a couple girls and they just get annoyed.

Glad I could be of service.

Ok but generally what people do people on these positions they work on?
>inb4 programs

its all the growth hormone being fed to their hamburgers and freedom fries.

Work afternoons/evenings in a toy store

Get plently of time to lift in the mornings, but the only thing I ever read is manga during rest periods

Junior doctor in Scotland. Lift 4 times a week but not read anything but textbooks in years (other than low brow teen fiction...)