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What's the most cost-effective way to eat and also get all your nutrients in?

>inb4 Soylent

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dinner at dorsia as often as possible

the sea urchin ceviche is especially good


I actually lived off soylent for 2 months. Lost a lot of weight. Got pretty old pretty fast though.

Oat smoothies w brotein powder
Homemade chicken skewers
Fish oil

All you really need

Costco membership
>Kirkland organic peanut butter
>Kirkland frozen boneless skinless chicken breast
>frozen broccoli

Resist the pop tarts and granola bars


Let's see Paul Allen's card.

1 gram of protein per lb of bodyweight

50-80grams of fat

The rest is carbs dependent on your caloric needs.

Enjoy your scurvy.

Yes, better boil pine needles.

Why would I get scurvy?

Bug eggs in bulk

Don't believe the cholesterol meme

this desu.

i eat 4-8 eggs a day, tastes great(they can be cooked in numerous ways), great macros and VERY affordable.

Proton powder
Almond milk(less calories than regular milk, cheaper)
Sandwich stuff, but cheap cheese and meats

Literally all I eat, been doing it for a year, I spend about $70 a month on food

>Proton powder

Good, get whey concentrate, harder to mix a bit but much more cost-efficient.

>Almond milk(less calories than regular milk, cheaper)

DO NOT, get this. Like 1/4th the macros of regular milk, tastes like shit, has a BUNCH of fillers usually which at worst will elevate estrogen and at worst just be drinking some weird ass shit.


Good, oats too.



Pretty empty calorie wise, better to get brown rice or oats.

>Sandwich stuff, but cheap cheese and meats


Holy fucking hit you guys are spending way too much on food. I just buy a 5 30 packs of ramen noodles at walmart. Shit will cost me like 10 bucks and it will last me for months.

>I just buy a 5 30 packs of ramen noodles at walmart. Shit will cost me like 10 bucks and it will last me for months

That's not good for you

Do you exercise in any way?

Exercising and dieting are worthless.
watch this

Eggs, chicken breast, multi-vitamin


How exactly is it worthless if it's made me look much better and get stronger the more I've done it? Seems to be working

you are a lazy fat fuck and stupid to boot.

Exercising and dieting will literally transform your life, suck it up for 2 months and go hardcore and watch yourself drop back to a healthy weight where you can actually see your cock without having to suck your gut in.

If you don't go hard then go fucking home, just like in business because you won't see any net benefit otherwise.

Buy lard in bulk and take a generic mulitvitamin

I hear there's a nice Salvadorian bistro opened up near by

What's wrong with granola bars

Could one theoretically live off of soylent forever?

Soylent is a scam. You're paying out the ass for maltodextrin, soy protein, and a crushed up multivitamin.

You're not getting any phytonutrients, micronutrients that are mostly not bioavailable, and all of your carbohydrates are simple sugars.

It's like eating ramen. You can live off of it, but you're going to feel like absolute shit and your long term health is going to suffer.

>Could one theoretically live off of soylent forever?

Enjoy your gynecomastia and looking like a woman, dude.

This shit isn't "Veeky Forums", this is just being a retarded poorfag.

if you can't even spend money on the most important thing - YOURSELF - your BODY, what the fuck CAN you spend money on?

you could live off of a lot of, if not most minimalist diets. you could survive on just rice and sunlight if you wanted to with some fish when your heart starts deteriorating.

forever? you mean for a lifetime? nah probably not. even vegetarians struggle very severely later in life.

This video was geared for fatties to tell them what they want to hear.

I love how it proposes not solution and essentially says to quit, and accept your fat shitty self.

The US has a growing obesity crisis. Has genetics suddenly changed in the past 30 years? Or is it maybe more shitty food and more lazy fucks staring at a screen.

>I am triggered

Why would you want to just "survive"

If you're interested in saving money you clearly want money for some reason, and what is a better reason to spend money on than your personal health?

>hour of cardio
>332 cals burned
>hormones released to make you hungry????????

i really feel like becoming a science journalist just to be the first one in history that can take a study and read it correctly. i could still spin it in a way that is entertaining, just not based on complete bullshit.

literally every. EVERY SINGLE. (HUNDREDS) (MANY MANY TIMES REPEATED), every single time that a study was done monitoring weight under these two conditions, people lost weight, relatively quickly to what was expected: eat less than before, and exercise more. under certain diets you gain more muscle, but people aren't losing weight because they don't fucking care enough to. saying that going for a run for a FAT AS FUCK FATASS can only burn 350 calories an hour over what it would sitting on his ass is like saying that electric cars can run on piss.


>What's wrong with granola bars
There are 60 in a box and I ate over 40 in a little over a week!

It doens't require studies

It's basic thermodynamics.

No matter what "conditions" or metabolism you have your body must follow physics, if you eat less than you consume you will lose weight guaranteed, no other way is possible.

I made my own with the same shit: maltodextrin, oat powder, soy brotein, some almond flour.

You feel shit but you can exactly control your calorie / nutrient intake. It was probably missing a fuckton of vitamins though now that you mention it.

tl;dr no you can't live off it forever, and you wouldn't want to. it was pretty awful in retrospect.

right, but millions of fucks are convinced that their genetics control how often and how much they eat, and i think the whole fucking universe still believes that exercise barely burns any calories, because the first studies on it were done with fucking athletes.

24g bar
1g protein
18g carb
2g fat

Why not just eat jelly beans?

Jelly beans might have a lot more protein than that, you wouldn't want that would you!

You need to elevate your estrogen and have as little testosterone as possible to save money and finally become Veeky Forums

Bacon, eggs, and milk from Costco. I use a induction cooktop. Best $70 investment.

For oil I use coconut oil.

I fast intermittently. Usually a meal in the morning and no eating 'till next morning. Best shape of my life.

how much do u lot pay on food per month?

Probably about $100 (bacon, eggs, guy)

The most egregious expense is the milk (half gallon a day).


Varies a lot because if I buy a bunch of my staples on sale and don't go out much it can get very cheap, but that would be the average

honestly, fasting feels great when done right. Best part is, you look great too

Dorsia? How'd you get reservations?

I spend like $150 - $200. Could be cheaper, but I care about health. Generally eat:

- Chicken Breast
- Vegetables
- Rice
- Eggs
- Cottage Cheese
- Fruit
- Oatmeal

>Why not just eat jelly beans?
I don't really like jelly beans, desu.

Looks like shit.

I get my nutrients from pizza hut.

Agreed. A few times each year I do a protein sparing modified fast and after the 3 day hump I have unlimited energy, all food cravings vanish and I'm content eating for necessity rather than enjoyment. I basically stop when I forget to go shopping, resort to shit food and once you consume a carbohydrate after not having it for so long, you lose your fucking mind

rats, worms, wild animals, insects in general, ...