Veeky Forums were do you see yourself in 10 years?

Veeky Forums were do you see yourself in 10 years?

Owning over 5 companies.

How about you OP?

Tell me about the companies you want to own.

I don't want to say fully due to some of my ideas I don't want to be taken. But the most mundane one is paying a guy I know to manage a bar.

Now tell me what you want op.

>afraid your ideas will be stolen
I'm sure many people have already done what you think is a good idea. Great ideas are worthless what matters is quality of the execution of your idea.

A mid 40's accountant in an apartment with no girlfriend and over 125k in the market.

dead or still alive living with crippling depression and anxiety

living under a bridge, or just not living

If many people have done my idea that is fine. As long as I am the only one doing it in my area or the only one to make the idea well known to all I can profit.

Like apple I guess, they took a bunch of ideas from existing companies and just used them and everyone thought they did it since no one relevant did it first.

(Sorry for poor English little drunk)

That seems miserable and pitiful.

It is and I'm trying to get help. Considering resigning as a Financial Advisor from my firm because of it.

Being a successful NEET and letting my monthly checks from my past work's investments provide for my own cost of living

Please tell me how you manage this. I could go on disability for my depression and anxiety and get 1300$ monthly and pull it off. Are you doing something similar?

2 million in an index fund.

50 Rental properties in Florida

10 coin less 24/7 Laundromats

10 Car Washes

2 - 5 Burger Kings or whatever fast food is hot at the time

If my dog walking business is worth it i'll keep it for the next 15 otherwise it's sold

500k - 1m in the Bank

500k - 1m in the Market

Dead or with a stable job.

>That seems miserable and pitiful.
I'm just an aspie and a NEET, I can't help myself, so I'll probably end up killing myself. just like I've wanted to do since I was 12 or so. I'm not useless, just dumb, and my social environment is of no help.

Doin ya wife

Hopefully not still in my mom's fucking house


> financial advisor
> crippling mental health problems

user... Isn't it obvious what the problem is?

The money ain't worth it bro.

I went from office to working with my hands and am 20x happier.

Dead by sudoku

Still working as a janitor scrubbing shit stains off of hospital toilets for $7 an hour

I'm 46 by the way

Jesus, man. That's depressing. How did you end up being a janitor at age 46?

Heroin, alcohol, dropped out of school at age 14 and just spent my time doing drugs and at 19 I tried to pursue a career as an actor but after being laughed at by everyone for years and getting literally 0 roles in anything I decided to give up at 28 and became a janitor and thats where I've been ever since.

You'll cringe at this but I actually invested $40 in bitcoins in 2009 but sold them for a $2000 profit which paid for my rent for half the month and a bit of alcohol. I could be quite rich right now but oh well.

I plan on blowing my head off with my magnum at work one of these days

Working in taxation, owning my own small team on consultants.

As Lord of War

As an actuarial fellow in property/casualty.

Doin ya... son?

>$2000 for half month's rent
>and some alcohol
What the fuck

I buy a lot of fucking alcohol if you can't tell from me being a janitor at 46

You fucking degenerate what the fuck. Drugs and alcohol; I don't see how people get addicted to this shit. Get some fucking help

You are a janitor and you payed $4000 per month rent in 2009?

>Veeky Forums - Business & Finance

>weekend manager for a 24h call centre
>work 20hr over 2 days
>earn 30000 euro a year
>spend my weekdays fulfilling childhood fantasies like writing a book and learning to skateboard

Either vice president of a mid sized corporation responsible for data intelligence, or owner of my own company providing consulting services around data intelligence.

Working long hours, but half of them from home.

Living in a big fancy suburban house.

Save up enough to be the owner of Veeky Forums

Too late, been doing that for years

Lets see the offical trip hiroki

Pay student debt with TrumpCoins. Actually be happy with products under my belt.

Jumping ship from my full time job to my side business, growing it, and still making good and stable income. More actively investing, and perhaps delving into real estate a bit.

On top of that, house, married, and family.

Whatever, I know I'm a degenerate.

I'm going to empty my head into a toilet bowl with my 357. magnum whilst at work.
I hope whoever finds me is scarred for life too because fuck em

This is Veeky Forums nigga. We are all degenerates.

In ten years I'll hopefully still be retired

Most likely living life as an accountant making a decent salary. I already have a good paid internship (Hint: It's in New England and they are an aerospace manufacturer) lined up for next Summer.

Just leave society? If my life ever goes to shit ill buy a tent and just travel; no point working for 7 dollars an hour at 46

5 years from now

My business is now international. I am selling to different retailers. I've doubled my shop amount from 7 to 14. I own 4 apartments in my city. I do speedballs everyday until I OD

Doing your...son?

Are you doing that today? What town do you live in?

Came here from /b/, whats up Veeky Forums?

Owning a restaurant and being a chef in that restaurant