Current body and book thread

5'10 195lbs trying to get to around 180 by summer

Currently reading a collection of short novels by Dostoyevsky.

beyond good and evil, nietzsche

how many books do you deadlift?

The average hardcover is around 2.5 lbs so I can deadlift
>lmao 186 book

Fucking nice. What's in there, the Demons, the Idiot, Notes from the Undeground? Brothers Karamazov GOAT, shame the other two books in the trilogy will never come out.

You hot! Phewwww.


reading school textbooks only rn hehee

>Already read
The gambler
Notes from underground
>Reading now
Uncle's dream
The eternal husband
The double
The friend of the family

I really wanted the Brothers Karamazov but this was the only Dostoyevsky I could find. Is it worth getting it on Amazon?

7'2 360lbs

>inb4 tiny book
I'm actually huge


>Not deadlifting 200 books
It's like you don't want to make it

more like 170.

I don't think I've been 170 since middle school, I used to be pretty fat

yes i have to cleean my mirror

5'10, 210, The Procrastination Equation and American Gods.

>tfw striving for Patrick Bateman body

How much do I have to bench for my waifu to love me?

(Spoiler holo is a cute but she is not my waifu)

6'0, 215lbs, shooting for 180lbs/Complete and Uncut Edition by summer

Spooky chub skeltal here

Just started ss last week

5'11, 169lbs

You look exactly like the kind of guy that would read that book

R8 me



How many squats do you do to get an ass like that?


not pictured but reading Tom Jones at the moment

Does listening to the joe rogan experience count as reading? kek

> 1 month
>2 weeks random as fuck routine
>2 weeks Greyskull

>OHP - 40kg
>Bench - 50kg
>Squat - 80kg
>Deadlift - 100kg

Steppenwolf - Hermann Hesse p.153 of 252

Only the one with Jordan Peterson. Try listening to audiobooks, a lot of great books like Notes from Underground have free audio versions on YouTube.

Awful picture but I'm looking for a body fat estimate? Also re-reading the Long Walk.

6ft, 180 pounds and readin Starship Troopers

love your pale chest

I'd say around 15 but definitely bulk

Did you use MS paint to draw on your underwear?

ITT: Proof that women don't read


6'3", was almost one week on no-beer, will post tomorrow.
Hit 1pl8 incline bench again yesterday after two years of taking off.

also 210

Yeah but what book tho

it's still a blue board user. i'm not putting on clothes for april fools day

I have this somewhere if it counts, read it a long time ago.


do you think looking like a mouthbreather will make you seem hot?

>a sophisticated bookreading girl is forced to browse Veeky Forums
>sees all the hot bodies and instantly disregards everything and whores around
kek classic women

Well, he is buried in London. That's why there's a park named after him; it's where his memorial was in St James Churchyard.
Not particularly when reading a book with a lot of syphilis in it. They used sell fake noses to mask the fact your nose had crumbled in.
>Veeky Forumsizen reads Veeky Forums for the first time
>thinks he wants a whore from here

68kg 181cm

Been lifting for 8 months, started drinking a lot of milk to get more calories in since I'm tired of being so small.

r8 me

Reading Storm of steel right now

6'3 225lb

>all the hairless chests in here

the fuck is wrong with you Veeky Forums? i thought you were all supposed to be grizzly tough guys.

>hot bodies

Junger is amazing bro, you're gonna make it

You're not a skeleton, you're fat

>Storm of steel
good taste

Thanks bro

no Veeky Forums is actually homoeroticism

makes sense. gays must love gyms

Fit is pretty faggy.. I feel my test going down every time I'm on here

I don't usually post in CBBTs. 6'0 175lbs here, trying to work my way through Don Quixote in the original Spanish. Getting stronger and reading this are both going to take a while. Maybe I'll post my progress next year.

damn son

nice dick sucking lips


P-pls be my waifu.

180/92, stats about 200/140/230

reading the essential tales of chekhov

The bits about his father at the start are insane. He caused an international incident by accidentally jumping high enough to kick a chandelier which shattered and nearly killed the Turkish ambassador in his box. And that's when he was trying to be nice. It's worth buying the book just to read about his dad desu.
Nice dubs
K, meet me at the park and we'll play Hot Codlins on his grave. Ready, go!

Also Julius Evola Meditation on the peaks

I highly recommend The Dream of a Ridiculous Man by Dostoevsky, it's my favorite short story by him. I remember reading it back in 12th grade, huge impact on my life back then

Right now I'm reading through my java book and reviewing material

I'm a fuckwit, I forgot this was a SFW board

>no chest hair

lol faggot

i do want to read that. thoughts?

are you from Veeky Forums or Veeky Forums though?


i'm about to start the remains of the day.
just finished a handmaid's tale (whose universe incidentally seems like Veeky Forums's wet dream)


eat big and lift heavy motherfucker

thats a great short story m8

Looking sexy


That looks like he body of someone who would unironically enjoy Hitchens

read any Douglas Reed?

mein bruder

Junger's ability to fight and write were unmatched. Possibly one of the most /fitlit/ men of all time.

>are you from Veeky Forums or Veeky Forums though?
Veeky Forums
theatre kind of crosses the Veeky Forumsfit/ barrier, only with more casting couch gayness.


fuck is this actually happening

shit it look like it is real

1/10 you look like any random person who doesn't work out. Sorry to say but you have been wasting your time.

is what happening? WAOW A GIRL POSTED ON Veeky [email protected]!!!!!!1111!!!!

>Veeky Forums thinks suspension of disbelief is some weird type of lift
fine i'll prove i'm from Veeky Forums

i'm reading this next if nothing gets in my backlog.

maybe user meant Veeky Forums getting through half a book?

damn,Veeky Forums has traps too

Hey bro I was skinny and weak as fuck before too. Careful next year he could look better and be stronger the you

Nah, at that pace he will never even look like he goes to a gym.

should be reading this version

>Veeky Forums's only able to manage suspension of disbelief with traps
i'll take it. try gore vidal's novel myra brekinridge. Veeky Forums in general has a lot of traps if you need to know that to feel comfy and don't have time for a novel about them. there're just few photo threads or trips.

(really just lost her way from /soc/)
nah, we're all friends here

>he doesn't know grimaldi got his first gf through collecting a full set of blues for her
>he doesn't read nabokov's scientific work
>he doesn't wonder if the butterfly dreamed him
we're not friends right now

I dreamed I was the butterfly, not the other way around.

I don't have it with me atm but I'm currently reading Guenon's Introduction to the Study of the Hindu Doctrines

you'll get there, user.

Thinking you are but a butterfly's dream is a gateway to nihilism. I like having a sense of purpose, so I just deny the possibility.

What's the point of lifting if none of it is real?

Short story master race reporting in

5'7 155lbs

squat: 195
ohp: 95
bench: lmao135
deadlift: 250

lifting for 4 months r8?

158 lbs

I read at a 4th grade level

lifting the thing that seems pointless to lift is as much the way as the gnarled tree unsuitable to be carved which therefore lives longest. try chuang tzu a second time through, it'll teach you to perfect your form before you do yourself a spinal injury.

mirin' that bod but come on man at 5'7" why bother?