>he fell for the high heels meme
>i share a board with these people

no one gives a shit about high heels, most girls hate it anyway and even when it comes to celebrity couples the girl is often taller in high heels.
you got rejected men. hint: its not your height. no girl has a retina scanner in her eyes that would tell the difference between 5'10 and 6'0 when there are so many other factors like frame and clothes you wear and even your fucking posture that can make you appear taller or shorter.
if youre just as tall as her and she is not a midget you get rejected for something else.

>Do this to a fat woman and everyone loses their minds.

either they find some 6'7" dude or become cat ladies


>wasting your alpha white genes on a chink

the only catlady i know is 5'11"

>is 5'7
I love how manlets always try to lower the average height. 6'0 is average for caucasian males, the millions of underfed mexicans is skewing the average

>6'0 is average

More like 5'10, for normal whites (British/German/Slavic ancestory)

Meds, Dutch and Scands fuck things up, height-wise

>mfw I am 6' and love 6'+ women

>implying 5'8 isn't average height

move over lanklets, the revolution is upon you

Shitting on manlets is the only socially acceptable form of discrimination left, and it's one of the most unfair ones. Manlets really can't do shit about their height, unlike fatties and people with other physical issues.

average for most european countries is around 175cm. there are only a very few countries with the average height of 6'0

fake and gay

yeah but manlet in real life has nothing to do with the tumblr-level mental illnes Veeky Forums has

its a girl i literally matched with the other day on tinder.

Average white US male height is 5' 10.5". Exclude all the shrunken old guys and you probably have to be 5' 11" to be average.


You just get used to it after a while, really.

no no NO
It doesn't matter what the average height is
is it 5'11"? yeah maybe
5'10"? probably yeah
5'9"? could be, yes
5'8"? okay no, that's too fucking short
the point is women don't want AVERAGE, they want TALL
so six foot or above is all they want bro
this is the reality short people have to wake up to, sorry bros

>who is 5'8" and is average 6' female

Nice touch there.

>exclude the people who bring the average down to get a real average

what did he mean by this?

They can't reach the higher shelves

>implying anything below 5'9 is average
no way in hell. excluding all ethnics, the average white male height is probably at least 5'10

>DESPITE eventually growing to be 5'7"

lmao you lanklets think its so cut and dry. The fact of the matter is, FACE is what matters most. If youre average height and fucking gorgeous youre gonna be better off than if you were 6'1'' and hideous

You're forgetting a very important fact, average guys are invisible to girls. They're not even sexual beings to them.

To the tall girl there are plenty of great tall guys out there because average men are invisible to them.

>despite eventually growing to be 5'7"

I'm just saying, if you're 20 - 30 years old and trying to get pussy, you're going to have to compare yourself to your peers and not some shrunken old man who got out of the game long ago.

No can come from either side.
My dad is like 5' 3 and so is my mom. Dad's family full of manlets but mum's has some tall fuckers in it.
Thankfully I end up 6' 2" master race.


there was a famous philosopher called mick jagger who once said
>you cant always get what you want

pretty sure everyone want beautiful and smart people as their partner but in reality, everyone will have flaws.


manlet here, you just deal with it really. Though i've never placed any emphasis on getting in a relationship or getting super fit either so it's never really been much of an issue for me, other than some people poking fun at it.

>ignoring the fact that this is obviously photoshopped text and completely fake

average will be affected by both really short and really tall people. median will be a better measure for your redditor redpill study, which will be around 175cm anyway

>this manlet cope

LMAO AT THIS THREAD, you guys must be autistic and ugly im 5'8'' and have never had a problem in my LIFE with girls. Jesus this is sad

desu his face looks like it was hit by a bulldozer anyway

bruh, sorry, this is the truth
girls would rather date a 6'2 average joe than a good looking 5'8", like Zac Efron tier good looking
It's okay man, just accept the cold reality of unfair genes

manlet status doesn't matter to a literary patrician

this goblin was pulling chicks all the time

>ignoring that this is obviously photoshopped text and completely fake for the second time

Thats not a problem. Thats a proudly displayed trophy

>median will be a better measure for your redditor redpill study, which will be around 175cm anyway

For a young white guy? top kek m8, you're coping hard.

no dude you dont get it if youre shorter than the top 15% its mean youre short xD


>manlet coping this hard a second time


ive never seen this word used outside people who cry about not being able to get laid


>still a manlet

Just hit the gym asshole

>lanklets ACTUALLY believe that having a few inches over someone like Efron wills seriously put them ahead of him.

lmao zach efron gets more pussy than every lanklet on fit combined in a day

doesnt matter whether it fits your anecdotal evidence faggot, the median is a better measure of central tendency for bi-modal data compared to the mean

*OHP 3000kg onto your face*

That terrible feeling when you are only 5'9". My mom smoked with me. My 3 brothers are at least 6'3".

>>the feels when you are a runt.

So you avoid using it to dodge the stereotype. Nice thinking my little virgin manlet. :^)

i know im short? thats the point, i still have never had a problem with women. The real world is completely different than this fit meme thats forced by ugly dyel lanklets

Having to get a ladder for shit at work sometimes is annoying. It's mostly just inconvenient though.

5'5" here. Most fucked part? I'm taller than both of my parents.

Those are all low class negroes who cares

also wtf happened to post numbers while I was gone

did we reset?

oh my god, did he actually do leg length surgery
how fucking desperate and insecure do you have to be to do that

>doesnt matter whether it fits your anecdotal evidence faggot

kek alright you coping little manlet, prove to me right now 175cm for a young white guy is more than just your own hopeful anecdotal evidence.

Anything it takes!

5% growth in height

Never walk right again



>Slavic ancestory
Uh nah. Same for the Germans actually. And the keltoi have been known for being tall for millenia.

Over 6' average master races in some places.

>be asian
>5' 5"
>shorter than average in asia but still ok

when I go to europe everyone is taller than me except women, good thing I don't have a taste for white women

im 6'1 bruh, but i know statistics

top fucking kek

>mean as a measure of central tendency when using bi-modal data
sorry no

*benchpresses you then fucks your girl*

You can't waste your genes. You're designed to breed all the women and spread your genes around.

The worst thing is the doctor slouching and bending his knees...

I'd get angry but they are right, why the fuck did this guy didn't close the roof?

>that dodge

top kek nice try little manlet, but I'm going to post it again just to humiliate you

>doesnt matter whether it fits your anecdotal evidence faggot

kek alright you coping little manlet, prove to me right now 175cm for a young white guy is more than just your own hopeful anecdotal evidence.

its hard to avoid you when you rot in a basement all day and dedicate your life to shitpost on this mongolian rice conspiracy imageboard
everytime i check this board, there is a guy like you sperging out in a same tone, giving away the fact he is a sperg in text-based form. hug your mom you failed shit

lmfao was it necessary to have no pants for these pictures or just personal preference

The US is full of manlets who inflate their height on their drivers' licenses. No doubt that is where you get that bullshit from. Vast majority there are manlet af regardless of skin color. You're all short af and fat af.

i feel rn for the manlets, because if i was sub-6 foot tall this might actually feelsbadman.jpg

the scientific literacy on this board is.... sub-par. we should have merged with Veeky Forums f a m

>that dodge
>taking internet arguments this seriously

i can imagine your school shooter face sweating while heavily typing on a keyboard and looking for any kind of response and human interaction


I'm short and I fuck girls all the time
you lanklets are virgins that can't find a gf

I hate heightists. Normies like the idiots they are, are taking these memes seriously.
Lucky thing I have "tall/average" girls hitting on me. 5'8 here.

>Never walk right again
no fuck that
I wouldn't do that if I were 5'4" or even 5'8"
sounds like i'm shitposting, but no joke, the money and time could be spent on working towards a talent, skill, or hobby
but it's this dude's dosh so whatevs i guess

What the fuck, are smaller cameras cheaper or something?

>even more manlet coping


and heightists hate you too, you strange and absurd little pumpkin boy

Dany Devito isn't human, he is Dany Devito and if you'd seen pictures of Downy Jr. you'd know that he's always wearing manlet heels + inserts. Just because popular people are manlets it does not mean it's good to be one.

no one will ever love a guy who is that weak minded and insecure
he will find another flaw in himself anyway. its like watching a car-crash from the outside, its sad and fascinating at the same time

Interesting projection lil manlet buddy, I feel embarrassed for you desu. :^(

lmfao this is 3 different people you are talking to

not him but, take a basic stats course mang

>haha i won this internet argument

simply ebinXD

>>Never walk right again

Whatever you have to tell yourself manlet.

Mishima was a deathlet

probably to distance himself from devito. i am always getting those two confused.

>b-but together we manlets are strong! ;~;


bigger heads relative to body looks bigger on the camera

Also height doesn't matter on camera, only acting ability and how good your face looks

again, 6'1 scientist but this made me audibly kek

Here's that "popular men who are short, so it's okay to be short" image again.
Next you're going to give me a Zac Efron talk about how he gets women all the time.
Why is it so hard to just admit that women and other human beings are more attracted to average 6'2" men than little short dudes who are the same height as a middle school girl?

>when you got bullied for years in school and try to take revange by baiting people on a chinese cartoon site

just stop replying to them
short people are known for having a short temper

Sounds rough, sorry lil guy. :^(

Jesus christ lmao they expec to find somebody that tall? 6'1'' even 6'2'' would be reasonable but 6'3'' are litteral gods that wouldn't waste their time on sluts like that.

Is this what /r9k/ looks like?

fucking hell. caitlyn is extremely, extremely unnattractive.

i wouldnt fuck this person based on the ego inflation that would ensue - i wouldnt want a part in it.

jesus christ, g r o s s

look at the board name

>tfw driving a bunch of manlets nerds from Veeky Forums to suicide by feeding them too many blackpills too quickly

RIIIIP into pieces