She looks like she cut her own bangs in her bathroom

How could he have set this up and not be thinking of all the dumb shit that would happen?

I am so fucking upset right now because of this, literally fuck you for posting it. Fuck. Was he retarded or something? I am so angry.

Probably autistic

If you want funny pictures go browse facebook or reddit then, this is a big boy board.

This is me. I donĀ“t give a fuck.

Sweet jesus no

Never. Gonna. Make it.

Stranger, had to read that book for school, it was freaky how similar i was to the character. I kinda struggle with remembering things i read but when it came to talking about the book i just talked about myself, and the professor complimented me on how well i understood the character.

Stop, don't show this to Veeky Forums it's embarrassing.

This hits too close to home.