60 days, how I doing fitlit?

60 days, how I doing fitlit?

you've made some gainz, too bad chix only care about brain gainz

Is that reviewbrah?

how come your height keeps changing?

At first I was worried because you briefly became a manlet, but you got it all back so it's looking alright.

is this a 60 day review of a spray tan lotion because all that's changed is your tan

eat more

based pusyposter

Veeky Forumsfag here

what do I need to work on to get rounder and bouncier glutes for my boyfriend?

nice hair gains

Your acne is clearing up, that's pretty good. What are you doing for it?

Kyle Bosman?

is this really 60 days? i don't believe those hair gains in 30 days

oh shityou found me

Picture number 2 has the hair slicked back

Are you really this stupid?

did you forget to eat? or lift?

didn't open the image fully and see it. looked like cut hair from the enlarged thumbnail

bro here's a tip: use the phone to cover your face

maybe try reading books op

yeah like Starting Strength

more books

Eat and lift. You will notice gains in 2 years.


nice hips bae


who ze fuck let you out of ze camp ja?

You learnt how to flex. Good job.

Cute cat.

>what do I need to work on to get rounder and bouncier glutes for my boyfriend?
try half cup Clorox as preworkout, massive ass gains brother.

>Veeky Forums fag "humor"

I'm not a litard, is it supposed to be funny?


if it wasn't for the acne I would have assumed all pictures were taken on the same day

You should start with the greeks

Stopped drinking so much milk. Acne has come and gone on like a 2 month period for the last 4 years of my life. I don't even eat processed food, think its just hormones in whole milk and bad genes.

Is Milk really that bad for Acne? Mine has gotten much better now that I'm 24. I'll get some facial shit done to get rid of scars after summer.

Needs more GOMAD

>zero body hair
Never gonna make it.

For some people sure, for others like me it has no effect at all. Acne is mostly hormonal. If you hygiene is on point and adjusting diet has no effect you're pretty much just stuck with it until it goes away.

Very skinny and smooth. How do you feel about Dostoyevsky though?

you look the same.

Okay I guess. You look healthier. Just eat more.

Also, what the fuck are you doing with your hand? You took time to edit the pictures together and didn't think to scribble it out, or even use the phone itself to block it?

I dunno, for the autism I'd maybe read more. I hear David Foster Wallace is good.

mirin cat gainz

Hey man, it really doesn't start to show until the third month. We all will make it user

Nice cat.