Tattoo Thread:

post your ink
if you dont got any post what you wanna get

Around my bum.

tattoos are degenerate, and you're a faggot for having one

but I thought i'm a faggot for eating dicks

pls post more black and white full/semi full body tattoo inspo

Is that Junkrat?

Left ribs or left thigh ?

Another I want in the same place


with that level of detail/linework? Chest or back piece.

who are some good tattoo artists to follow on instagram?

Rate my arm ?

Post original tattoo drawing pls might get in the future I remember seeing this one alot


found this qt on tumblr

This me

>get a tattoo
>local tattoo artist
>nice guy, low 20's
>get a skull on left ribcage area
>check facebook tomorrow to find the artist
>he got into a car crash and died that night he went home
>mfw when I'm wearing the last tattoo he ever did for the rest of my life

nice meme tat sticc man

u on the edge
one foot in one foot out
do not fall

1/10 would not attend your show or hire

eat some food

holy shit user. show tattoo

Ive seen this one so many times
I bet you smoke because you think it makes you look cool with your fellow high school classmates


What do you think lads

I like it bro

do you really want some dudes balls on your thigh for the rest of your life, maybe just get the top half

wow, fucking sick

Tattoos arent Veeky Forums

got this a few years ago

Excellent, nice lines. Any meaning behind a vagina across your arm?

diagram to refer to when the time comes


radiohead? cool

>t.dadcore loser


Haven't gotten this yet but I'm thinking bout getting something from Vagabond like this.

been thinking of getting this on my rib cage/stomach for like 2 year what u guys think hmmmmm i mean its not like anyone whos ever gonna see me without a shirt on wouldnt already know im a massive weeb nerd goober

There was already a thread, learn to use the fucking catalog.

if you've been wanting it for that long i'd just do it desu

Dir en Grey? No?


I got this a week ago

is that ito junji?

>the zapatista
I see you user, good shit

an exact copy of someone elses tattoo?


how do i get someone to design my tattoo if i have no artistic abilities

ask the tattoo artist?...

Might work offset to the side of the front or back of your chest.
A variety of sizes could work, but I'd have it stretch from the lowest rib to the collar-bone on my right side of the front of my chest.

No tatts on this computer, sorry, have some inspo.

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Ya know, your right. I'll go kill myself now

Just got this a couple hours ago.

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dude thats mine... also got this some time ago

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feeling this?

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was feeling of just getting the hand on the left, thoughts?

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lol. you're seriously a fucking joke, dude.

can I get in trouble by having the typical spider web in my elbow?

I know is related to prison time or skinheads, not my thing, but also means you have addiction problems and that's pretty related to me so there's my excuse for having it so it is tempting me so bad, should I go for it?

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last tattoo i got a couple months ago some guy was there getting his spider web on elbow covered up if that says anything

Spider webs are usually last resort fillers for the weird spot that is the elbow. Don't get it as a first tattoo.