What are the rules for the tucked t-shirt style?

What are the rules for the tucked t-shirt style?

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The t-shirt needs to be tucked in your pants

This is the main thing people forget to do. Once you've got that down you're golden, OP.

Be in shape.

wear a belt

high waisted pants only

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>in this thread, homos!



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just stay away from low rise pants if you want to tuck in a t shirt. mid-high rise pants are ideal


what shoes should i go with?

How do i know if my ass is too big for this? Have any pictures from side with good/bad fits?

low waist pants are a no no
looks like shit

Be ottermode like Conor McGregor

only mid or high rise pants. that’s the only rule

Glad this is finally a trend, tucking in tees is a necessity for me
Always been crazy thin, started working for a couple years, went from S to L so the seam properly meets my shoulders. Sadly I'm 5'11 so some L tees look like dresses went untucked.

unrelated but this motherfucker makes traditional tattoos look good, makes everyone else with them seem very numaleish

If he'd had a proper belt buckle and a regular O-neck he'd have looked legit as fuck

That h belt.

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>posts a pic of a person wearing high waisted pants

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Will this be the year people finally remember that t shirts are underwear?

I think this might be my problemo. I have a decently large waste compared to my skeletor belly and it always looks like UTTER FUCKING HORSE SHIT OMGGG ICASNCASNT SLKRJFASD

Buy pants that fit you

>if I pull that off, will he defend it?

Speaking of mid and high rise pants, where are some places to get good ones without going custom?

Who gives a shit. Look at that watch!!

thrift my dude
you'll know for sure it's long lasting, and old people who frequent these places wear high rise trousers more commonly at least where I live

just don't be fat

w2c pants?

as long as they are closed with velcro, you'll be fine. Maybe you can handle big boy tying shoes in a couple of years too :)

be tall

Have physique like Conor

>high,mid (preferably high)
>an actual belt
>suspenders if you're that guy

If you look close enough you see his mooseknuckle because the inseam is too low

Look at the length of that fly. There's no way they are low waisted, but hiked up

be attractive

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I fucking work out everyday and can do easily 100 pushups but I still look frail like this fuck my genetics

I hate this band so much