Veeky Forums authors?

hi /fitlit/ what are some good Veeky Forums authors that were Veeky Forums themselves?
Can be fiction or non fiction but no fatties, skinnyfags or manlets allowed.

thank you

I'm curious how men achieved such bodies back in the day. Even if the sculptors exaggerated, they must have had inspiration from someone.

The ancient greek authors. There ya go.

fucking young boys X failure

Artists just took muscles and placed them where it looked aesthetic, because they lacked knowledge about basic muscle structure

They doped by eating sheep testicles. I'm not kidding.

any comparatively modern ones? They don't have to be completely buff.


How to achieve this mode?

I swear if you lit faggots say the word greeks one more fucking time



Goes without saying. This is where Veeky Forums and Veeky Forums intersect. This is what every man should strive to be, a master of both the sword and the written word.

d-did that work?

Why did Socrates drink the hemlock?

As much as I dislike his writing, Papa Hemingway was reasonably active, and boxed frequently.

>master of both the sword and the written word.

to prove a point and be a martyr. socrates didnt give a fuck. if any of us have the chance to die a martyr, we would only be so lucky.

How do I get the Hemingway bod?

That's paraphrasing Sun and Steel, boy.

mostly with the wife

That's a fine natty body specially for the time user.
Thanks for the first serious answer.

Any particular book?

which is exactly why it sounds so fucking autistic.

mark rippetoe

Oliver Sacks was a beast in his prime and wrote some great books on neuropsychological disorders.

Abuse alcohol and kiss a shotgun x f

That's a pretty nice bearmode, especially for an old man.
Thanks user.

so its not achievable natty?

>d-did that work?
apparently, but they had to be freshly harvested and maybe uncooked (I don't know if heat has any effect on test).

Jew power

what kind?


All Jews are phenotypically good for lifting, if they can keep the mental illness in check. Short limbs, warm brains.

Pic related.


new mishima.

I guess I'll start making these for greek authors then. That's disappointing.