ITT: Who do you trust for your favorite basics?

List brands and/or stores that you prefer for certain kinds of clothes (even if those stores are generally outside of your price range)
>T-shirts: H&M (but looking for an alternative since their company is being run by dipshits, thinking about trying Uniqlo)
>Sweatshirts: H&M
>Dress shirts: Express
>Sweaters: Express
>Chinos: Dockers
>Jeans: Old Navy
>Wool dress pants: Bar III
>Dress shoes: whatever I can find in a thrift store that isn't horrible
>Blazers/sicc jackets: also thrift
>Sneakers: Vans
t. poorfag

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h&m for underwear and sweats to wear at home

Where can I cop one of those wall rack things?
>T-shirts: Uniqlo
>Sweatshirts: Champion
>Dress Shirts: Uniqlo
>Chinos: Don't have any
>Jeans: Levis
>Dress Pants: Uniqlo
>Blazers: Don't have any
>Sneakers: Y-3

I'm boring

Half those things aren't "basics."
>T-shirts: American Giant, American Apparel, others
>Sweatshirts: American Giant
>Dress shirts: Brooks Bros
>Sweaters: Irish or Scottish handmade
>Pants: Various
>Dress shoes: Allen Edmonds
>Jackets: Various (Filson, Carhartt, vintage Levi's and LLBean...)
>Sneakers: New Balance
>Boots: Danner
>Socks: Smartwool

Dress shirts and blazers are basics for me because I don't live solely off neetbux and sometimes I have to leave decent impressions on my superiors. I get that it's different for everyone though

Those things are most definitely basics that everyone should have in their closet.
Most people can't simply live off of t-shirts and jeans.

>T-shirts: No preference, the first one I find that I like
>Sweatshirts: I dont use them
>Dress shirts: Forecast
>Sweaters: Alan Paine
>Chinos: Zara
>Jeans: Pedro del Hierro
>Wool dress pants: I dont use them
>Dress shoes: Castellano
>Blazers/sicc jackets: Zara
>Sneakers: El Ganso

What wool dress pants do you get? I'm stuck wearing Chinos right now and I'm trying to find high-rise wool dress pants.

Does anyone know if Massimo Dutti stuff is any good for daily office wear? Shirts, suits, shoes etc.

Isn't leaving an impression the opposite of basic

Basics are shit that are so basic you find them in every ward robe. Essentials.

Tshirt: Calvin Klein, Vineyard Vine, Southern Tide
Sweatshirts: Nike I guess
Dress shirts: Brooks Brothers or Robert Graham/Bugatchi
Sweaters: Varies
Chinos: Varies
Jeans: Silver or Lucky Brand
Dress Shoes: J&M
Blazers: Ralph Lauren
Sneakers: Varies

Was thinking about going to A.P.C for my t-shirts but I don’t see a lot of them here anymore.

Anything change with their production?

So you're telling me that basics are basic? Hang on while I process that. I bet you wear khakis user. Protip: they're not "essential," you just have poor taste.

We aren't talking about specific styles or anything here, just really general items. The guy is probably referring to dress shirts, a blazer/suit jacket, and dress pants don't belong into basics, but quite honestly if you do not consider them something so basic it has to be in everyone's wardrobe you simply do not belong here.

Nah, they’re fine , I love the cuts and the feel of that Egyptian cotton. Otherwise :

Tees: A.P.C. , Alexander Wang , Acne , Norse projects
Shirts: Brunello Cucinelli, Margiela , Tom Ford ,Dries van Noten
Sweatshirts: Thom Browne , Norse Projects , Acne, Margiela , A.P.C.
Sweaters: see sweatshirts , Tom Ford , Howlin , Raf, Dries, Ann D , some Rick turtlenecks
Jeans : Acne , Nudie
Pants : Acne , Margiela, Lanvin
Blazers: Cucinelli, Etro, Lanvin
Jackets: Ermanno Scervino, Visvim, Yohji , Rick , Zegna , Dior
Boots : Trickers , Rick, Dior, Ann D , Balmain, Bottega Veneta
Sneakers : Same as boots ( without Trickers and Dior ) CPs , Visvim, Margiela, Y3 and some other Adidas collabs and some other I can’t be bothered to write anymore lol

>Norse projects
These shirts are made for fucking microvikings, all my other t shirts are M but even their L fits me weirdly tight


>T-shirts: Asket
>Sweatshirts: Asket
>Dress shirts: Stenströms
>Sweaters: Asket
>Chinos: Dockers
>Jeans: Nudie Jeans
>Wool dress pants: /
>Dress shoes: Loake
>Blazers/sicc jackets: /
>Sneakers: Nike

Replace H&M with Uniqlo/Hanes.
Hanes has great EcoSmart T Shirts & Sweatshirts that are ultimate comf.

>T-shirts: Uniqlo
>Sweatshirts: Acne
>Dress shirts: A.P.C.
>Sweaters: Gosha
>Chinos: Uniqlo
>Jeans: Levis
>Wool dress pants: N/A
>Dress shoes: Thom Browne
>Blazers/sicc jackets:
>Sneakers: Nike

It has varied over the years but this is within the last year or so

>T-shirts: plain white/black/heather grey that I’ll wear as undershirts/at home are usually grabbed from TJ Maxx/Marshall’s. Colored shirts from Uniqlo. Graphic/band tees just whatever I find that I like.
>Sweatshirts: Polo/Nautica. Some others if I like them enough.
>Dress shirts: Whatever has nice quality that I can grab on sale from Macy’s/Dillard’s
>Sweaters: Don’t wear sweaters often, but same as Dress Shirts.
>Chinos: Uniqlo. I found one style of their chinos that I like and just bought all the same in different colors.
>Jeans: Uniqlo
>Wool dress pants: Don’t own any.
>Dress shoes: Same as Dress Shirts.
>Blazers/sicc jackets: Any blazer I own is part of a suit, usually also purchased on sale from department store. Jackets include LL Bean, Schott NYC, Uniqlo U
>Sneakers: Most are Nike. Thinking of adding a pair of Karhu to the collection.

>T-shirts: Rick
>Sweatshirts: Rick
>Dress shirts: Ann D
>Sweaters: Rick
>Chinos: don't wear them
>Jeans: won hundred
>Wool dress pants: thrift
>Dress shoes: Ann D
>Blazers/sicc jackets: Rick
>Sneakers: don't wear em much GATs I guess

muji, uniqlo, champion meme, h&m occasionally

>T-shirts: Uniqlo
>Sweatshirts: Uniqlo
>Dress shirts: Uniqlo
>Sweaters: Uniqlo
>Chinos: Uniqlo
>Jeans: Uniqlo
>Wool dress pants: ...Uniqlo
>Dress shoes: Clarks
>Blazers/sicc jackets: Uniqlo
>Sneakers: Uniqlo

fite me

>T-shirts: N/A
>Sweatshirts: N/A
>Dress shirts: N/A
>Sweaters: N/A
>Chinos: N/A
>Jeans: N/A
>Dress shoes: N/A
>Sneakers: N/A
>Dickbag: Dickbag

only patrician post

>my local mall finally opened a uniqlo and a miniso
Yes thank god. H&M was the only really decent and cheap store there. I had to drive or transit 40 mins to get to another mall that had a uniqlo

Old Navy
t. work at Old Navy

B a s e d

the wardrobe of a normie is not effay


me but i don't work at Old Navy. seriously all of my basics that aren't thrifted or gifts are from Old Navy

>50% polyester


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thoughts on the cashmere crew from asket? thinking of copping

is that the Crimson Chin?!

>T-shirts: Gucci
>Sweatshirts: Gucci
>Dress shirts: Gucci
>Sweaters: Gucci
>Chinos: Gucci
>Jeans: Gucci
>Wool dress pants: Gucci
>Dress shoes: Gucci
>Blazers/sicc jackets: Gucci
>Sneakers: Gucci

Somebody give me a quick rundown on Gildan t-shirts.

>New B
Time to kys my man

Why do people hate on Carhartt? they have very durable black pants which hold up for everyday wear

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That guy looks like a PSX era adventure game NPC



combination of H&M and uniqlo basics. The rest I thrift

Uniqlo isn't bad for t shirts, but in my experience they run a bit small and some of their stuff shrinks a good amount, especially all long sleeve t shirts I've bought from them

The t-shirts fit a size small really, but otherwise their lambswool sweaters and sweatshirts are superb. Haven't tried any outerwear yet. They're my favourite brand desu.

I work an office job so my basics include:
Shirts: h&m Hanes and some American apparel
Sweaters: light wool for laying with business casual. I get them from Zara or express
Pants/slacks: Levi’s jeans, slacks from banana republic, Zara or Nordstrom’s.
Shoes: Stacy Adams, Johnston and Murphy, and some various stuff I find that looks good.
Suits: I have a Calvin Klein and Armani suit, the rest are cheap h&m for work.
Coat: Burberry Trench, Bananna Republic Trench and a MK Trench.
Jackets: Straight to Hell leather jacket, Levi’s jacket, and a north face jacket
Sneakers: Van’s, Nike trainers, and converse.

just got a hoodie from them - solid after 5 cycles so it's a keeper. Most of my basics is apc tho.

>if you consider business clothes to be basic you don't belong here
t. fine arts graduate employed at Starbucks

this is what's wrong with this awful board

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Tastelets and poorfriends

Yeah, best part of H&M clothing is getting 1, maybe 2 cycles per "piece". That or the great feeling you get when you know for certain some poor sweatshop worker had to make a piece of shit for some faggot to feel "in".

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how are these good things?

>T-shirts: supreme/uniqlo/twenty
> sweatshirts: supreme/bape
> dress shirts: cerruti 1881 (pretty good desu, also Eton)
> sweaters: CK/Uniqlo/TwentyFiveKent
> chinos: can't remember
> jeans: diesel/uniqlo
> dress shoes: dunes/gh bass
> blazers: uniqlo
> sneakers: adidas

>T-shirts: Cos
>Sweatshirts: Cos
>Dress shirts: Café Coton.
>Sweaters: Usually cos.
>Chinos: Don't wear them, have two from Kenzo and Massimo Dutti
>Jeans: AllSaints, Kenzo.
>Wool dress pants: It's definitely not basic, but I like "oversized"/wide from Cos
>Dress shoes: Finsbury
>Blazers: I have one from Uniqlo and that's all
>Sneakers: CP, SLP, Burberry, Converse.

Bruh, thanks for introduce me to cos, how have I never heard of them?