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>List of Vendors and Social Media

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>What is this thread for?
A thread to discuss, post, create, and review anything related to Automotive Decals and Stickers

>Currently looking for:
>An internet lawyer ( ͠° ͟ʖ ͡°)
Idea Guys (Come up with Sticker Ideas, Veeky Forums club names, etc.) Anons with artistic talent willing to make decals for free. Anons with decal production equipment (Specifically Vinyl Printer Equipment)

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first for non-automotive related adhesive vinyl shapes


>hoon will never ever be removed from blacklist solely because he threatened the osg shadow government
>meanwhile meme sellers such as the faggot who pretends to be a girl and other newfag weebs continue to shill their non automotive related stickers and fail to deliver for months on ends

Someone explain this

>List of Vendors
Violation of a global rule... Have fun

Ordered a night shift tab. Can't wait for it to show up.

Honestly considering picking up a second car as a daily, a Golf GTI VR6 or something. Gonna have to get a mandatory powered by crippling depression sticker for it.

imoutodreams a CUTE!

OK what's your email "Ernst Starvo Blofeld"? I found the Paypal transaction number

Keep it related to Automotive Decals and Stickers

Feb 18 BTW

>it is now march 27
>user has still not received his stickers


>thinking about redoing my stickies layout
>realize I have to ruin R A R E S

I should really start buying 2 of each.

>he doesn't get emails about missing orders made in January
Light grey list at best, desu.

>he doesn't get emails about missing orders made in January
Black list this faggot too


>notepad user
Nice fake image faggot. Keep trying though.

Thanks man.

The one thing I have noticed with most of our guys is they try to fix mistakes and give a little extra.

Shout out to Kawaii, real br/o/.
He's supposed to be doing another run soon btw.

not automotive related content

Any of you good lads know where I can get real or knockoff Grampus Club stickers as seen in pic related?

Does any store have /dbt/ stickers?

w2c user?

Wow, that's pretty autistic to be putting on your car

Kawaii or Die, should be opened back up soon he says.

Yes. Yes it is.

All I've got left. The 80s version will be reprinted.

I missed you senpai, glad you're back

>Violation of a global rule... Have fun
Not a violation. It's a violation to advertise oneself. Thread OPs with pastebins to common vendors are typical in threads in several boards.

>Made the OP
That's twice now. Thanks folks.

nice BRZ you have here

if these go on somthing that has any outwardly visible modifications and makes less than 300 HP people at car meets WILL talk shit

just a quick update: we have some new stuff up for sale, including the 2 stickers that those anons wanted. OSG370 for free shipping, OSG371 for 5%. Look for dirtydrive the pastebin.

>not doing 15% like the other normal osg guys.
>not having free shipping included.

Get out of here you fucking shit shill. Your stickers are shit anyways.


>implying imouto shifting your knob while you cruise on the touge isn't auto related

nice elf, copped

>remembered the guy who said he'll increase the opening day every 24 hours

Say it ain't so pls ;-;

Alright dingdongs, if I don't pass out on the couch when I get home, I'll revert the witch's crew slap to the previous non-border version and it'll be up for grabs for anyone who wants to print it. Otherwise it'll just get tossed in the folder with the rest of the stuff I'll get custom printed for myself some day and I'll send some free ones out to whoever wants em.

Give me an email so we can talk money for the files

seeOnly modifications is a modest lift.
I don't go to car meets to show off my truck anyway, just to take pictures.

Nah. I'll toss the files for free (in exchange for a freebie or two), but no money, if only because on the off chance that I somehow manage to get an actual weeb car group together in my local area I'd like to be able to reprint it myself as needed for other local weebs. If you're cool with that, let me know what vendor you are so I can shoot you the files

Notori, you better not be haunting my phone you lil shit

About time you finished it. Wew. If none of the other vendors grab it, I'll print it.

also very interested in this, need something for my next run. [email protected]

might be a stretch to ask here but is anyone here willing to help me do an itasha? I have zero talent for graphic design but I'm doing some rough stuff on GIMP.

what character and what car? i could be down to make a rough draft

Yukiko Amagi on a 1991 Toyota MR2 Turbo.

I've been using this as a template since theres no offical livery files out there for the car.

Death has come to me, thanks TSR

First, much love to Joe from Calgary.
Gave me free stickies. Actually replacing my jdm america one since I fucked my last one.

Then, seeing my henny design in person is strangely awesome. Thanks BD for sending a couple free ones.
Now I wait on the ones I bought.

Continues to next post cause it's a pic.

Fucking sick that they came to you, dude

When these came back up I had to buy one.
Won't use it on regular keychain tho, didn't realise how large it is making it a tad awkward. Prolly gonna save it for the bike.

Once I get the rest of my BD order in, I'll slap everything on and take a pic.
Got a whole plan, Fucking Awesome one is great, actually a good finishing touch to my plan.

2lewd for my shitbox sorry

w2c BigFatCatBack slap. Someone told me it was notori, but i cant verify bcuz notori abandoned us


Fug, see If you guys are still cool with not suing me if I reprint em on my own later down the line (like, a year or more later) then you guys are welcome to it, although I have no idea who to choose. Rocket league play-off for it?

To be honest I went a little overboard with the idea when I first had it and I've got a notepad file with something like a years worth of sticker runs planned out. Unfortunately I don't have the time or money (or balls) to print my own shit and run my own store, so for now I'm happy just letting someone else print the first slap.

I'd be fine with relinquishing the design back to you later on if you decide to print it yourself. I'll send you a couple if you wanna let me put it in impurethoughts next run

Send me an idea and Ill send you a picture of my butt.

[email protected]

make your butt into a slap after making a big red hand print on your butt

Share your ideas here. I'm sure one of the vendors will pick it up

I need me a satania peek

Dont put them in here just share your stuff with /ourguys/ id say talk to BD maybe you can set up show on his site like tougeboys

vvvv Dont listen to this fag vvvv
Theres posers on here that steal stuff just to have more inventory on their site. /osg/ has gone down hill because of this

Only if you come to my house and slap it bby

post address

Loners crew
67 south bedford street suite 400e
Burlington , MA 01803

Quick question.
Are you legit gay, no judgement, just curious.

As gay as you.

Then you've sucked a dick or two.
Truth, I swing both ways.

Damn that was a loaded question. But for real no im not gay I just find it funny the reactions I get from being gay on Veeky Forums.

Also couldnt care less if you guys thought i was gay or not. But like iv said before lots of anons ask me to send then gay notes and what not, so I oblige.

I feel you.
I love the reaction too, especially when it's in person.
Once went so flamboyantly gay, made a 100% dick sucking homosexual back up and go what the fuck.

never done 100% gay, but if deff made newer friends feel uncomfortable. people who have known me for a long time understand my dumb sense of humor.

the reactions are always great.

Any new good stickers came out in the last month?

Need stickers for my baiku.

check op

It's literally all witch's crew stuff on that notepad; limited summer runs, national slaps, Halloween design ideas, winter runs, couple of lewds here and there. Most other stuff I come up with I already post here, like the black lagoon postcard slap or the area 88 die-cut.

My friends don't know I actually like dick a little bit, so I can still freak them the fuck out.
I'm willing to go to levels of gayness that aren't acceptable in polite society. (It has gotten me into trouble.)

All the stupid faggots in the links keep the out of stock ones in the catalogue and I simply wanna know from someone if anything new and good has come out, or is it a secret?

I don't wanna check 30 stores each week.

twingo peeks came out in the last month but probably wouldnt work well on a bike unless you mounted it on another slap

>putting a cage sticker on a bike
Come on.

I did say it wouldnt work well on a bike

no grip slip clubs stickers are smol enough for bikes i think... at least the anti suicide suicide cult one is

Can I ask what size sticker would work best on a bike? And also what kind of designs would work best with bikes?

Dunno, never used any, I guess about 5x10 cm. I have a naked so I don't have much space.
As for the design it the same, just not a big sticker.

>Can I ask what size sticker would work best on a bike? And also what kind of designs would work best with bikes
That's a loaded question user. What you like and what I like are prolly different. Smaller stuff usually works better because not much space to work with on a bike. Gonna put some slaps on my scratched up fairings when they show up cause it doesn't matter anymore

How about slaps on the gas tank? seen a couple on /dbt/. Will they get worn out too especially from spilled gas?

Put them where you think they look good. I've got a ton of shit all over my helmet. But curved surfaces always fuck me up with wrinkles
>spilling gas on your tank.
What are you doing user


I could cut any of my die-cuts small enough to fit. Just shoot me an email if you'd be interested in anything. [email protected]

Several of the other vendors could do the same. Just ask around.

As for slaps, ive wanted to print some things small for baikus, but I don't know what there would be interest in and what sizes fit best. Maybe you could give me an idea.

Just more support for me not watching this stupid fucking movie. This shit's idiotic.

Don't spill gas on your baiku

the whole movie is idiotic, that's the whole point.

That look like some big CC's boi

Ok, so we got Impurethoughts, BD, and mystery dude who never replied back, am I missing anyone? Also, pic related is the version everyone is happiest with, correct?

Hoon is not scamming dumb ass. You're cherry picking. That sticker was lost in mail, but Hoon has been sending his Gaijin sticker, and it came to me today. He is legit. He's sending me my Show Me a Good Time one when he gets them reprinted from Aimless.

Stop shitting on Hoon.

Hoon did not scam me, I got his sticker today. He even offered to send Gaijin out first, because he didn't want me to wait. No extra charge for shipping when he gets Show Me a Good Time either. One of the most pleasant buying experiences I've ever had is from him.

Thanks, Hoon.

nobody cares about hoon

Looks good to me, bb.

That's because you don't want him to be apart of the circle jerk, but that's not for you to decide faggot.

I don't decide shit nigger

but you grow what you sow

any good stickers for Merrican muscle ?

would print

sounds about right, so BD do you want or can I have it senpai?

Nigga, we're all gonna be in a vidya tourney. It's the only way. Witches Brew creator decided the rules.

you should make a keychain after you get rid of your cancer
everyone else's sucks tbf

does wat make any?

BD has a WAT keychain

Wait, you guys are actually going to play me in rocket league for the sticker? I was only half serious, you guys can hash it out between each other if you'd prefer.