Ur all wrong

ur all wrong

> tanned

Shit taste




What qualities does your ideal woman have?

It's gotta be Miss Olsen.



The way I see it I don't need a brain if I can find a smart person.


She looks familiar, but something's different.

>your ideal woman



/mu/ go home. you only get to post here if you were on one of the boards before today

I'm from both.
Poppy is way more Veeky Forums than /mu/


She was so pretty. Shame she quit after just a few videos.

Or not.

>cute body, voice like a modem



dors feline. i think


My ideal woman is someone that wants me...

Which doesn't exist.



>dates niggers


Ah, the holocaust aesthetic I see

>10/10s don't exist


>big tits
Disgusting. Small tits + big ass = best combo.

>holocaust aesthetic
Best aesthetic tbqh senpai


Find a girl more beautiful than Khia Lopez you can't.



You will indeed user. Good luck.

Press F to pay respects

supremely underrated


But also, would.

>tfw fat fetishist

The cellulite and dimples just makes it hotter for me.

she looks like a reverse teaspoon

Clubbed fingers like that are, oddly enough, often a sign of extreme cardiopulmonary disease

THIS is how you THINN.

You win. I just intellectually blew my load.

I gotchu

tfw she will never be at your side


What do you think of this girl? Do you think she is pretty?

To me, it's like she has amazing features but the whole thing isn't conventionally attractive, but works for some other reason

good taste user

She's pretty but I'm not seeing what you're seeing.

really hot, like unconventional but somehow her face seems more "likeable" than most hot grills
kind of reminds me of willa holland

don't go hollow user

That poor lady. What did she see in John Dunne?

Holy shit this needs to be the banner for this board

Holy shit I've never been able to relate to something on /fit this much, thanks user.