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We can talk about Ace combat as well and puchi posting is fine too.


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Best AC makes for best OP

This man gets it, Cascade Range is the sexiest AC ever made.

>sexiest AC ever made.

That isn't saying much, AC never had good aesthetics.

>AC never had good aesthetics.
Your face never had good aesthetics.


Maybe jumping straight from PS1 to Silent Line was a bad idea, I'm getting my ass kicked by the AC in that firefighting mission.

Not quite sure what to do to avoid him roasting my ass other than hit and run tactics.

If you play Silent Line without a memory card, you'll end up improving strongly.

Also, it's really enjoyable.

Can't say I'm not enjoying it, but it's kind of tedious to go through this one fairly trivial mission just so I can get to the rematch.

Am I missing anything by playing Silent Line instead of starting with 3? I do intend to play 3 eventually but I'd prefer it if I don't feel like something is missing because I played a later entry first.

I'm almost surprised at just how much I instantly took to AC1 after being extremely lukewarm on For Answer, the first one I played. Customising was nowhere near as engaging as it is in AC1 and SIlent Line.

AAAHH I get it now. Yep. we are stuck in this gay earth forever

Jenius girl best girl

>Not playing the games in release order

I don't own a PS2 and got Silent Line Portable

I really should have just started with 3 though

Yes she is, but Ragna women be fine, too.


I agree

Nice dogfight on episode 3. I hope you caught the subtleties

Is there any jazzy Armored Core tunes?

Alright Xez, I need to ask you a question about DaS3. Spoilers for anyone interested.

You found the secret area that is identical to the tutorial area, right? I thought you couldn't access the tower behind the shrine, but someone has put a sign past that point. Any idea how to get there?


Sadly the serie doens't have something like that and there is no fanmade stuff


Just this, ask Sabbath since he knows nico better than us.

The one thing that would make Armored Core the perfect game for me and it doesn't exist.


Talking about it, a jazz song would be great for the garage menu.

White glint is the best ac. Period.


Video cannot be played
That's what I wanted.
If i'm going to spend 80% of my time in the garage I want some jazz.

Well actually that doesn't explain how the guy got his sign in the area I saw, but he probably also abused a glitch of some sort so I won't worry about it.

If this doens't work I am out of ideas


in what sense? Aesthetics, is good but is not the "best", stats are imo above avarage for a middle weight.

Without a memory card? but half the endgame missions are instant kills which make you game over.

Which WG are you talking about?

I'll see what I can dig up later.

Obviously AC4 grint.

>covers and extras
Well that implies you have a full folder or something, share with the class. I'd be interested in something that isn't Reprises or The Answer.

That's what makes it fun.

is just the mega at the end of

Whoops, managed to miss that somehow.

final bump.

One more

>ACFA anime adaptation

Good thing I have a project.

>Enemy AC detected



My god I can hear the sound for this webm.

Armored Core 3 Karasawa.
Armored Core V Boosters
Armored Core 1 Rifle
Armored Core V Laser Blade.

I guess I could bump with a question. Out of all of the games, which one had your favourite sound design?

AC1's footsteps felt to be the best to me. Not that comical stomp effect but not too light as in AC4 and ACV.

Pic related, been playing through the AC1-MoA series as of late. On to the start of PP so far.



ive been replaying the ps2 ones for the first time in like a decade. on aa now, pic is from 2 though.

good day acg

We reached bump limit, people are actually playing games ahhh today's a pretty good day


If they do a ACFA wich ending will they use?

ORCA if they're not faggots.

League ending fucks everyone over.

Old King ending is edgy "hurr durr everyone died" shit.

I will like ORCA as the canon and a OVA for a "what if scenario" with OldKing

knowing nips they will go with the league ending, at least they have Wynne as a waifu there.

Oh shit nigger, what are you doing?

>When was the last time you saw someone say nigger on Veeky Forums?



Honestly, I'm pretty bad at remembering details like that. I missed roughly half the little references in the last episode of Frontier.
That said, I noticed the standard "pull back and shift to Gerwalk to kill your speed and end up behind them" trick, except he shifted one mode too far and just shot her.
I also noticed the Valkyries were red and blue, just like Max and Milia, and that Mirage was in the red. What would be the relation at this point, great grandma?


Mind giving me some tips on Sniper Cannons on VD?

I am using a quadlegs with a sniper cannon and a pulse cannon with battle rifles on back.

This weekend I bought ACFA, thanks to these AC Generals. It's fucking amazing. Clocked the game once as Omer Science (What a bunch of cunts, complete twats) and now playing through for Line Ark. I can honestly say that ACFA is more fun than ACV and ACVD.

TLDR: ACFA creamed my cock, Omer a shit, and thanks /achieve

>Omer a shit

Take that feeling, tresuare it and let it grow in you.


Why? We're they even bigger cunts in AC4? Wish I could get more info on the AC4 story and world. Like who developed assault armour and what caused all the pollution.

I hope they go back to the ACFA world, is mad depressing but so good. Fighting NGIX at the end of ACVD showed the difference in speed and power. Go From Soft make AC6 fucking awesome.

>post yfw AC6 is the best traits of LR, FA and VD AND doubles as a sci-first Souls game when out of your AC


This. This so much. Like some sort of gestalt beast of a game.

First thing's first, you have to understand that what you're trying to build is fundamentally flawed and inherently subpar. That said:
Drop the pulse cannon. There is no such thing as a situation where that's useful on a quad.
You have two choices for cannon, the fast reload single shot model and the triple shot model. The quint shot is too slow and has no range so the damage drops off fast and the super zoom single shot sounds really nice until you realize that super zoom means you're even more blind than you usually would be.
A shield makes for a solid choice for your other hand. It's deployed while you're hunkered down.
If you do the single shot, max out the reload. It gives you a good chance to stunlock somebody.
If you do the triple shot, either go 3-0-0 or 2-1-0. You want damage on this thing. 3-0-0 will crack a KE shield faster but 2-1-0 will give a faster kill against an unshielded target.
Try not to shoot at UNACs, they're cheaters.
Tanks are probably your easiest target, so prioritize them. That doesn't mean they'll just let you hit them, so don't slack.
Actually, no, enemy sniper quads are your easiest target once you get good enough at this. It takes a lot of map memorization to get to this point. If you ever run into Wedge he can tell you what it's like to be on the receiving end of that.
Your scope speed sucks and there's nothing you can do about that. Be thankful, it used to be slower. The closest thing you have to a remedy for this is to unscope, turn your AC, and rescope ahead of the fag you're trying to pop.
Know where the nastiest turrets on each map are and take them out pronto. This helps more than you can fathom. In the case of a special sortie, you'll need to be able to figure out what turrets need to die in about a second.

Actually, let's go over turret priority:
>HUGE missile launcher, this thing ends games
>big long range cannons, a great example is the turret that takes a second to charge before throwing hot death at just under the speed of light at somebody
>the really bulky close range turrets, like the one with the gatling gun on top that can hit you from impossible angles
You need to be able to toss your sniper cannon. Eventually, the fight will come in close enough that you're never going to get another chance to deploy the cannon. You need to be able to recognize when this time is so that you can drop the cannon and get into the fray.
Okay, this one's my super duper awesome pro strat that's so insane it has to be spoilered. Never shoot towards an AC's legs, aim for the crotch or higher. An AC's hit box is a wonky thing and from somewhere around the knees and below there's no hitbox. Shoot someone there and your shot will just pass through them. Interestingly enough, there's also a phantom hitbox above the AC that you can abuse. If you've scared someone into short cover and you can figure out where they are, try to hit them right above their head.
I'll get back to you if I can think of anything else, I'm trying to finish off some homework that was due yesterday.

Also if you think you're good enough without the scope and hate having good armor you could always use the weapon arms, I just think they're fun to use prolly not as good lol

during 4, the protagonist is a mercenary for the independent colony Anatolia, he worked to keep the place up, during the war on 4, the Anatolia's merc and his only friend, Joshua O'Brien (original pilot of White glint) end working for the companies againts rayleonard, the main ones in the conflict being GA and OMER; during the war both of them save the day and destroy Rayleonard and his allies basically alone, giving OMER a gigantic win, BUT OMER fearing they are to strong, blackmail Joshua to attack Anatolia, while using a mech that will kill him, you are forced to kill Joshua and leave Anatolia after everthing is destroyed.


Alright, i replaced the pulse cannon with a TE shield.

I shall test this against other players.


Nah, i ain't good enough for that.

Didn't go well.

Got shredded by autocannon tanks.

I won this time.


Won again.


Three wins and my streak ended with the very same tank team.

Oh well.

I think i like the sniper cannon.

Time to get AC4 I think, probably be it for a couple quid somewhere. Did they ever release any AC4 related books or mangos? Feels like I'm playing Legend of The Galactic Heroes the Mech Simulator.

I hope AC6 goes with the branching story again, that would be nice.

>extra material

I wish.

Shitty AC, but you're welcome.

Are you gonna join us next SNFA?

What does make a good AC on 4A?

I was just busting your balls, your pic was suitable for most of single player. I'm not going to tell you what makes a really good AC because the meta is cancer, so just use whatever you like best.

If you are going to play by the meta, isn't that just LAHIRE?

Lahire and second stage boosting.

Do you know what second and third stage boosting are?

Sure, am super shit but will proper enjoy it. What time is SNFA usually? Also, am playing on PS3, if that's helpful.

Btw, which parts should I exchange? I picked the Head for the Camera Performance, and the Arms for the Maneuverability. Don't really know what I'm doing with the Generator/Boosters situation.

>Do you know what second and third stage boosting are?

No, help a user out.

Like I said it's probably fine, for multiplayer grenades are only good if someone is on the ground or if you fire them in their face for a guaranteed hit.

When you push right bumper to quickboost, push it down slowly to make your boosters increase output. It's like revving up a car before a race, you don't just floor the gas pedal when the lights turn green, you keep inching up on the throttle before you floor it. It can make your quickboosts go from 1200km/h to 1600km/h depending on what your setup is. It's just hard to do without thinking about it.

the game have something like that? wow FROM.

FUCK, the Nexus opening CG is so good.

Still angry that VD didn't had a CG opening.

>I hope they go back to the ACFA world
They did. V and VD take place after ACFA. That's why you can see the ruins of cradles in some missions and why the final boss is a Next. The ACs in the V era are just Normals from the 4 era.

>The ACs in the V era are just Normals from the 4 era.

With a inferior quickboost system on it.

Best opening compared to others.

>mixing your souls with your cores

From already did that.

The game itself was shit, but the concept was there. Customizable robutts that had access to various melee weapons and magic spells as well as all their guns.


Looks neat
>The game itself was shit
oh a-alright

Oh shit. The penny dropped. So my ACV Strekosa packing killing machine was actually just a Normal. Well fug.

Lol, I'm a cancer. Have attached a updated pic thanks to the Lahire stuff posted, made a huge difference. Why the meta cancer btw?

I wish too. Don't really read much animu and mango anymore, but enjoyed Blame! (Thanks Omanga), Fist of the North Star and Legend of the Galactic Heroes. Got any /acg recommendations?

Big O
If anyone tells you to watch Gurren Lagann, don't.

For non /acg/ core stuff that's current, check out JoJo if you like FOTNS

Doesn't look cancerous, in fact it looks really energy intensive. People who try too hard online use the Lahire frame, because it's quick and has high PA.


It is, flies for about 4 seconds if I'm shooting the back guns. Fuck trying hard online, got sloth-like reflexes.

Back to the drawing board and killing those sol dios cannons.

Thanks will do, read Stardust Crusaders. Was good. I'm guessing Dio's still a massive bellend.

I wasn't expecting this sorta choose your own adventure progression when I started Nexus. Really digging it; was this also the case for previous entries? Will I have it to look forward to when I inevitably play LR, FA and VD?