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hey Veeky Forums,

i've just graduated college with an english, media and cultural studies degree and i've decided to become an entrepreneur and start my own business.

i live in ireland and i noticed a gap in the market where we have pizza delivery and chinese delivery but no pasta/spaghetti delivery. i honestly believe that with a clever marketing plan and just a bit of finance, i could launch a very successful fast food chain that in the future, could potentially rival places such as dominos and pizza hut.

i have some questions about starting a business in the first place. i dont have any money to start my business - is it possible to get a grant from the government? i'm also not sure where you would even buy the food and i don't really know who to ask. hard to deliver pasta?

i'm currently in the process of finishing my business plan and i hope to then approach investors for potentially 250,000 euro. what i don't get is, do i have to give that money back? and if so, how long do i have?

thanks in advance

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a spaghetti delivery company. jesus man

To tell you the truth it's sounds pretty bad. Even if you take it off I doubt it will turn much profit if any.

could you explain why it seems bad? no other places offer it.

thanks in advance


>is it possible to get a grant from the government?
I doubt there are many paddies on this board so you'll have to do that research yourself.

No places offer it because there's no demand. No one wants to get spaghetti delivered. It's pretty rare I even want to eat spaghetti at a restaurant. Spaghetti is home food.

if spaghetti is a home food then why not deliver it to peoples homes?

Why would I pay you to make spaghetti for me?
If I boil my own water and cook my own spaghetti, it will cost less and take less time.
Spaghetti is cheap and piss-easy to prepare.

well that just as easily applies to pizza so your argument doesn't make any sense.

If you think it's an untapped market and will be a success why the fuck are you posting it online? Literal Idiot

The fact that you think boiling water on a stove is comparable to baking in a brick oven just proves that you have no idea what you're talking about.

Are you people retarded?
Dominoes delivers pasta. They have been doing it for years.

I am italian and wat is dis

you don't NEED a brick oven, they practically sell pizza's already made nowadays the same with spaghetti. if you were to make spaghetti from absolute scratch then it would take years but you aren't.

because there's more to it than what I said. i have a top marketing mix aimed at a distinct market

exactly. that option doesn't exist in Ireland but if it did i'm sure it would be more popular than the pizza itself

None of those look like spaghetti.

>they practically sell pizza's already made nowadays
Which taste worse than fresh pizza because they're kept frozen, dipshit.

>if you were to make spaghetti from absolute scratch then it would take years but you aren't.
You actually have no idea what you're talking about, do you?

should've linked to >if it did i'm sure it would be more popular than the pizza itself
What is wrong with your shithole country?

ummm.... did you get dropped on your head as a child by any chance? spaghetti is nicer and easier to make than pasta. you linked NOODLES

Do you really think it takes years to make spaghetti from scratch?
Even if you're being a pedant and talking about growing your own ingredients, it would take a few months.

>you linked NOODLES
What do you think spaghetti is?

you're so fucking stupid and there's a reason you're a failure just shitposting on fucking Veeky Forums. in three years time i'll likely drive past you in a brand new sports car. maybe i'll even hire you to scrub pasta from people's dishes at below minimum wage. you lack any real attribute but pessimism and nobody will ever find you a good worker because of that. you will be cynical about everything including your own abilities which is why you will be begging to lick my feet for some chance in a couple years time. thanks for trying to get your small minded brain around my business idea though, i sure appreciated the chuckle

You know, I don't think I've ever made a genuine retard this mad before.

Look OP go ahead and try, you may not agree with what we say, but pasta is one of the cheapest highest marked up food at any restaurant. Few people get it at restaurants because how cheaply and easily you can make it at home

Another reason is opportunity cost

There are definitely better (and less risky) ways to employ 250k euros of capital, to get higher returns faster than you would opening your business

that's right - pretend you're a troll when in reality you're a loser. your " wife " is going to be the one on her knees in a few years trying to get a bit more cash so she can just about feed her kids because her worthless husband is jobless because he doesn't understand the most simplest things in relation to a topic as mundane as cooking.

spaghetti is Not noodles. and you're a joke. don't hate my business idea because I promise - you will never come close to it.

how the heck is this risky

Really? Maybe you would have done business or something instead of your meme degree. Restaurants that sell pasta sell it along side other stuff, it's only one item on their vast menus. If you make a sole pasta delivery, you are severely limiting your market to pasta eaters only, which you don't even know how big it is. Maybe do some R&D, surveys, etc. But honestly a brick and mortar business like this in 2016 is difficult to turn a profit, you're not taking everything into account. Ive made several business plans and I must tell you to do your due diligence before going on this venture - play the Devils advocate

>that's right - pretend you're a troll when in reality you're a loser.
No, that's why it's funny. I'm not trolling you. I don't have to fake shit. I'm just stating facts and you're writing out revenge fantasies that hinge on the absurd idea that I'd ever set foot in Ireland.

>spaghetti is Not noodles.
It's adorable that you think this. You even capitalized the first letter instead of the whole word, like you don't fully understand how to add emphasis to something.

>Typically, pasta is a noodle made from an unleavened dough of a durum wheat flour mixed with water or eggs and formed into sheets or various shapes, then cooked by boiling or baking.
>pasta is a noodle

Because it's a terrible idea.

Gotta admit it's definitely one of the better autism fits I've seen too.

switched to my phone so different ID

I like how you criticisemy use of empathising when I'm the one that graduated with an English degree. Also I have conducted surveys and I've found that people would be very open to a pasta delivery and in fact seemed agitated that there wasn't one already. There's a huge market

>and in fact seemed agitated that there wasn't one already
This is how I know you're lying and conducted no such survey.

Then do it user. Don't let the haters bring you down. Although I strongly suggest brainstorming long and hard to make sure you can't do anything better. I honestly think you wouldn't break even for many years, with profit margins very low long term. Like I said you must account for everything including red tape. Businesses like this only succeed due to economies of scale, once they franchise many locations. Honestly OP, this is the best you could come up with?

It's just pasta.

yeah that's just your perspective, one of a Bug. Biggugs bugs in ur food when u order from me

Just copy this business. Brilliant quality food at a fair price. ciaohull.co.uk/

Name it mom's spaghetti and get the viral meme marketing going

>It's just pasta.
That's why you won't make any money, my chum.

Exactly user, that's the down fall.

Ok what can I say. Screenshot this post and in one year look back. In three years realise that you were wrong. Google the name Big Benny's pasta emporium in he future and watch what I will have built. I know what I'm doing and I know that I'm better than some internet trolls

>I know what I'm doing
>i hope to then approach investors for potentially 250,000 euro. what i don't get is, do i have to give that money back? and if so, how long do i have?
Just because your mom told you it was a good idea doesn't mean it is.
Pic related is your future.

Spaghetti/pasta delivery is bullshit.You have to make best pasta in the world to make some money.

I guess you should also pursue gender studies degree clearly you do not know how to make money.

Biz/ is not for you go back where you came from.

>big Benny's pasta emporium

Alright. If I approach you in the future with said screenshot, once you are successful, will you give me a free meal?

guys i still need help with investing

hello ?

>approach investors for potentially 250,000 euro. what i don't get is, do i have to give that money back? and if so, how long do i have?

o boy

you can already get pasta delivered in ireland lmao. this has to be bait

I think it's a bad idea because pasta's such an easy food to cook.

Now what I think would be a great takeaway idea is a proper chippy (i'm English btw) that actually opens as late as a takeaway and delivers. For some reason all chippys seem to close around 10 and never deliver whereas Chinese, Indians etc. are open till midnight or even till 2-3 on weekends and always deliver. You can order chips from them but they're shit.

Seems like a good idea to me.

I wish there were something in my area that delivered pasta. I get tired of the old chinese or pizza dilemma.

Sounds like you need a loan though. And you'll need a restuarant space to rent and cook out of.

I say go for it OP. good luck.

Yes but the pasta isn't very good and the options are only ground beef or chicken.

I would like to see some of the basic Italian pastas offered:

Chicken marsala
Chicken piccata
Shrimp scampi

OP, check out this restaurant's menu.


They're basically a full pizza/pasta/Italian place that delivers anything on their menu.

You were wrong.

There are different supports - I would check out the local Enterprise board in your area to see what's on offer. Even Citizen's Information would point you in the right direction.

Regarding your business idea - are Deliveroo not filling that niche in the market already? They deliver restaurant orders and have branched out across the country. I don't think your idea would be viable now.

Please be satire, I am pretty sure this is but you also never know around these parts.