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First for peramadeath when?

Breeding with Bushi produces this.. you want to ensure a happy future, right?

RIP old thread

Wildloli best Wildling, Hagling lovers get out

>tfw no EOU3 to make Wildlings not suck

You keep on telling yourself that.

All wildlings are shit.

Motherfuck Gunners are OP in EOU2

10th for forest folk genocide

What the actual fuck?

etrians in 3d





2D is better anyways



These are the renders from last thread.

But the ones I'm posting now are higher res.

Poor Himeko


For the legs I don't even know what's down and what's up.


I can't get over how ridiculous these tengu shoes are.



These are the true faces of evil

>fuckhuge coffins with blades
I bet they're going to be Zodiac spears 2.0. They're too cool not to.

Legit higher res or waifu2x higher res?
I'm not sleeping tonight

I guess the shop will sell dozens of coffin weapons

>Implying they're not just going to be another Staff class



>those armpits
>that shading defining her little tits and babyfat

I didn't go back to fish these out because faganon complained. Not at all.

Legit higher res. They have twitter filenames for a reason.



So we've been reduced to image dumps, and EOV is just looking worse and worse after the initial release. Just end it all already



Expect the other three next week.

For some reason, this and male elf are the only race representatives with very high res. The rest are like the ones posted previously or smaller.

I have no intention of repeating this dump ever again though.

i want to commit a crime

And there. There's no more yet.

Where are the EOV cameltoes

there's still 4 or 5 other classes we don't have portraits for

>no /etrian/, /meiQ/, or some other tagline
New thread when
Fuck you

Should we add tags and an edition to that while we're at it?

Fuck off

Haha we're so much better than all the other generals, am I right /b/ros XD

Here's an idea
Search 'etrian' in the catalog
You'll find this thread.

#rekt #umadbro #trump2016

>looking worse and worse


If that's how people from outside this general post, then I'm inclined to say yes, we are

ctrl + f
not hard

Kill yourself.

foul mastery edition

is there any stratum worse than golden lair?

forgotten library

Primitive Jungle because it's just boring

>The Yggdrasil Tea triples the EXP reward from completing missions and quests too

Holy shit, okay then. 33860 EXP for delivering the Fire Plume, and 101580 for doing it with the Ygg Tea active. Nice to know.

Molten Caves
Undersea Grotto
vanilla Heavenly Keep

>buying pay to win DLC

Kill thyself

fuck off mobileposter

Pretty useful for levelling up benched members, though.

Lost Shinjuku

You must be American

>love sarashi
>they suck early EOU2 and mediocre at high levels
... feels really bad

Awesome music though

How was anyone supposed to figure out all the conditional drops in the original EO1? The game gives you zero hints.

Trial and Error

you just autistically tried everything instead of getting hints from lesbians at the bar

Please do not troll the Etrian Odyssey general thread

>Golden Lair
>Forgotten Library
>Undersea Grotto


>acquire Divine Gift in EOU1
>start duping
>get back to town
>Rosa's cordial has increased rare breed

git gud

>visible cleavage
This bitch can't even bind her chest right

It's hard to get them completely flat. Not everyone is as small as you, user-chan.


Blue necro girls are the cutest.

is this how girls trash talk each other?

It's like she's shooting me irl

>select raquna to revive simon outside of battle


>I think I get it now

>Rest up
>Hear that over. And over. And over again

Better than just grunting like Highlander does.

I see...

>Skeleton archers

Spooky graveyard's gonna be great.


I'm really hoping it's just the resolution but that looks like fucking shite m8.

That's literally 3DS's resolution. Movement and actual 3D change things a lot though.
Still, that design is quite lacking... not like EO has notably good monster designs anyways, most tend to be incredibly bland.




>same clothes as eo4 sniper

why does this sound different ingame?