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reminder that, on Veeky Forums, exclamations marks are a shibboleth of a gigaNEET

nth for Traxex is the best waif/u/

What went wrong?!?!

>Glimmer Cape is still the most broken Item in the game

post new meta builds


>literally fucking SCAN
>literally fucking spell damage scaling with int

Go fuck yourself!

>my team is always full of beaners

so if scan is read that means there are enemies right?


also it doesn't work on rosh pit so it's basically fucking useless

>support thinks he's allowed to use allchat

How is arc warden supposed to be played now?

>Everyfucking NA qualifier a team with less than 3 games gets invited

using a time machine so you can go back to when he was good

you dont play him at all now. the hero just might as well not have been ported. just give pitlord

We are literally League of Legends now aren't we senpai?

You don't. He's gutted. Techies 6.85 gutted

You're a shitty hero but there's two of you so if you're really good it might add up to slightly better than one normal hero.

he's a position 4 support who farms abyssal blade

>shitters don't build a shitload of disables on him now and double up on the amount of times they can disable enemies in teamfights

It's like you don't want to take advantage of the heavily reduced cooldown on the ultimate itself.

I've always wanted to be Tresdin's squire. I always enjoy fantasizing about entering the fountain with her after a long battle and slowly removing her armor, starting at the helmet and making my way down to her boots. The embarrassment I feel doing this in front of other female heroes only adds to the allure of the situation. She sits down on a stool and commands me to kneel down and remove her boots one at a time. "Is that a boner?" Rylai says. Akasha licks her lips, Rylai giggles, and Shendelzare glares at me. I try to cover it up out of embarrassment, but Tresdin kicks my hands away. "You haven't finished yet." I don't understand because I had already removed her armor, but after she gives me a look I realize that she wants me to remove her shoes as well. I take off her shoes and reveal her gorgeous feet, surprisingly soft despite her being a strong warrior, and extremely sweaty. "Lick the sweat off my feet, squire," she commands me. I hesitate for a moment and look over to the other girls. They all start giggling at me and whispering. Then I feel Tresdin's foot forced into my mouth with the other one covering my nose. The smell and taste of her sweaty feet causes my raging boner to grow even more. "Alright, squire, stand up and remove your clothes." Although embarrassed, I take all my clothes off. Suddenly I feel my position swapped with that of Shendelzare. Suddenly I'm lying beneath Akasha and Rylai, who had both taken their boots off, and were pressing their feet against my member. "No," Tresdin said, "He's mine." She runs over and gets on top of me. It's only now that I realize that she's holding Aghanim's Scepter, and I understand that nobody will be able to interfere with us. Her technique gets more and more intense until I am unable to hold back. I cum inside her pussy with the force of a hundred megacreeps. She gets off of me, and as I lay there quivering in pleasure she gets dressed and begins to chuckle. "Only 9 inches? Pathetic."

>want to use scan strategically
>team keeps puting it in enemy jungle every time it is off cooldown
>even if there is an enemy there we are in no position to do anything about it

why is her left tit bleeding?

>Lion mek instead of a Dagger.
>ES Shadow Blade instead of a dagger
>ES Aghas meme
>Riki Tranquils and Basher meme

I've seen enough shit for today.

ring of repick

so uhh

how do you play him in 6.87?

>nobody has any fucking clue what teams are good and what teams are bad

>major right around the corner

>ESL forced valve to cram the patch in a bad time so everything gets fucked up

>ES Shadow Blade instead of a dagger

But he has both, for whatever reason.

Why we have heroes with 3 passives?

ESL is the absolute madman.

essentially this

also build midas farming item (mael/necro) bots into disables

>pike magnus
Absolute madman

>people think echo shitter is good except in niche cases
such a shibboleth of bads

>valve could have literally just released the patch a week after shanghai
>instead they let shitty meme tourneys get in the way

a reminder that over saturation of esports is STILL killing dota

>people still wont stop buying it and ruining my games

>it's a n-new item so it's g-good

>b-but F-FREE stuff

every patch*

* with new items

pretty sure merlini said valve had only just finished it

memes are all well and good, but i'd like to know what icefrog's thought process was behind the changes. He wouldn't just turn the hero into complete shit with no thought behind any sort of plan.

Yep, you're right.

Also BKB Ember against both Legion and Magnus.

Guess the hero /d2g/!

did the valvebro ever follow up with any other posts? was it really all just a ruse? it had to be an imposter, right?

pls dont get my hopes up i dont want to be here any longer

>all these anti-dota changes and mechanics

>STILL falling for the insiderbro meme

more reddit than reddit itself tbqh

Sniper will never EVER be relevant, as long as each time someone picks him, the entire enemy team picks counters

you do realise that the common consensus about the hero on release was that he was made as a joke right?

one question. I want to buy the winter pass, how long before the thing ends?

lol Drow with Dragon Lance just BARELY outranges towers so you can backdoor without taking any damage

four hundred and six results

Don't worry user I'm sure it will be a meme soon

drow doesn't do enough damage to backdoor?

Yes she does?

>i cried for 2 days
>They kicked their boy
>I hope god is gonna make a justice
this cancel faggot is breaking down on stream


user, what is best hero?

I have about as much respect for this patch as I do for the dogshit on my shoe. It is reddit. It is a video game hotpocket. It is capeshit. It is cheeto dust. It is nothing more than memes enjoyed by simplistic redditors. I'm literally screaming right now and slamming my arms down on my desk just thinking about it.

It is the most depraved infantilized manchild degeneracy. It is cellphone games. It is non-neurotypicality. It is memes. It is gamer gear. It is casual. It is League of Legends.

hp = damage now so str

I am the 1v5.

I just played a game of this patch and I spent the entire match repeating the words "This is reddit, this is memes, this is reddit, this is memes..." under my breath.

I fucking hated it. I was writhing around on the floor in front of my chair for the last 30 minutes it was so painful.

Ayy totally not league lmao.
If you like it you're in the wrong place.

Is anyone here good at Brewmaster? What does an ideal Brewmaster game look like? How does he fit into this memeorchid meta where he can't cast split for shit?

this fucking patch

>Dota 2 is League of Legends now
>STILL no loli hero

>no mention of glib facsimile
Shit pasta

With Dota 2 copying LoL, and LoL copying Dota 2, how long until the two coalesce into one?

venomancer jungle with wards

4:30 hand of midas
buy literally anything you want
you can clear the entire jungle once per minute

just lay 2 wards outside each camp and inbetween 2 camps you lay 3 wards
max poison sting and you're just running back and forth aggroing camps and tapping them once with poison sting

each plague ward does 1976 EHP in physical damage during its lifetime. For comparison, a large centaur has 1364 EHP, it can be killed by a single plague ward. Thats not even counting poison sting

you could go fast blink/aghanims/veil, or you could go something crazy like radiance manta octarine travels, or you could build pure dps with silver edge phase bloodthorn bkb


Bounty Hunter or Slardar

>the guy who carried you to victory
thank you sir. have a bunny

deeee twoooooooo fucking geeeeee

this patch mangs

Id give it a year or two. I wonder which is gonna be less shit though.

That's a cute bunny.

>ywn have loli phoenix

>that's a supernormal stimulii
yes it is

>got generic firebird instead

Does watching anime make you better at dota?

thank god

slahsers way am is pretty legit now. Vangaurd > threads > sn/oy > manta > ac/mjolnner / abyssal

you are unkillable almsot throughout the whole game if you play right

You're all WRONG

This is the build of this patch btw

>No aghas

>watch NGNL
>8 game winstreak
>watch Lain
>3 game losing streak
Only fun anime makes you better.

dumb AnimeNEET

Maybe with an Alchemist. You need more slots.

Lich is an alpha male this time around.
Getting so many fucking kills early game I snowball out of control and my team farms for free.

that has nothing to do with your dota performance. masturbating tho...

>you are unkillable almsot throughout the whole game if you play right
your enemies are also unkillable because you have no farm and no damage

>lich is the best support in the game
>clan Iraq was so right it wrapped around to him being right again

alright good night gulag

You ARE on a healthy natural sustainable sleep cycle where you wake up with the sun rising, right user?

new hero bunnie gyaru. discuss

I go to bed with the sun rising desu

Is Diffusal viable on Weaver now that ranged heroes get 40 mana burn on hit?
Seems like the 8 purges would be really useful in case you get dusted.


No damage drow new meta?

>No damage with 60 free agility and a Deso and Vlads damage aura

dumb pedoNEET

Are you ready for the latest and greatest in 6.87's meme hero technology?

>400 damage in the fucking picture right there
>no damage

>Seems like the 8 purges would be really useful in case you get dusted.
not that useful since you still have haste even if they can see you, and your ult purges you

very small damage boost

also no damage

>hurricane pike
terrible damage for its cost

ayy, 15%

mid game item that's more used for pushing

ayy again

You shouldn't be doing this little damage that late into the game with that amount of gold.

Yeah but you can still die when hasted, it's not like Weaver is exceptionally durable.
Plus that's 40 mana burn on hit and he can do two attacks at once, and it's also 36 agility.

And you shouldn't be posting here if you're under 1k mmr.

Why would I play Arc Warden when I could just double midas with Lone Druid?

OK, but dust is already not very good against weaver for the two reasons stated. dusting him doesn't stop him running around at 522 speed with no collision, and he can freely purge it with his ult every 60/50/40 (16 with agh's) seconds.

it'd be like buying diffusal on slark and saying "the purge could be useful to get rid of dust on you". that's technically true, but he already has a purge, and doesn't doesn't stop him from leaping/ulting

arc warden's double midas cost half as much

Fuck my most wanted hero has been pitlord since phoenix was released

Pretty sure the abyssal blade change was made for him.

>You will never get to play the passive-anchorsmash, +25 damage after first wave, +250 damage after a wipe to push, good-macropyre, unique-vacuum/root team bots travel hero

Waiting for the almost double passive 45 second divines after a team diebacks thinking they can damage you

but it takes twice as much time/space to farm