ITT: GOAT movie cars


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>bunch of useless shit glued to an unreliable heap of shit
Even the Wranglers were better, and they only had a paintjob.

This is the GOAT movie car

Second place is a tie between pic related and the general lee

And honorable mention

Literally the coolest car ever to exist

What about TV series? KITT was pretty cool

Not even the best Trans am in this thread

Also, Herbie


Though the movie wasn't as funny as expected, I still prefer Louis de Funes.

>Useless shit
>window bars to protect from Dinos
>brush guards
Yeah I'm sure the open top wranglers were much safer /s


GOAT because you can easily built a replica with a few rally lights and hood straps.

At the time of the Wranglers the park was still a safe installation. Also I doubt those window bars wouldn't done much if a large dinosaur could crush the car, also there's tons of useless shit bolted to the car like the thing on the hood, the things on the doors and the stuff on the roof. Have they even used the winch in the movie?

Yes they use the winch to raise a hide and pull the motorhome off a cliff when T. Rex's attacked

Even the cinema industry thinks that miata owner should kys themselves.


>"quick, how do we make the cars look futuristic?"
>"just take current cars and slap some solar cells on the roof and hood"
>"got it!"

challenger 392 from Nightcrawler

chase scene starts at 2:30




I cri evertiem

Absolutely based

>actually watching the ameriburger jewywood feminist propaganda interpretation


From the TV show and the movie "Munsters Go Home"

Smokey and the bandit was dope
I went and bought a trans am after watching that


>The Lost van from GTA?

Ever heard of the A-team?

Yeah but the joke was that most people would be too young to recognize it
>tfw advanced case of autism


oh, i've never played GTA...

Well a gang uses the A-Team van

>>chick magnet


>GM btfo

>Will they ever recover?


my nigga, the pursuit special is too cool

mmhhh that fake ass blower though


Murdered out Subaru with rally tires from Chappie.

'Burban from Dante's Peak.


great movie

fite me

You the mann

Shit movie, GOAT car.


Icon on the screens and the streets

Droppin' this here...

>DC rails
>doors can be opened

Hammond was a fucking sadist

Stop talking shit about something you don't know jack about
The hivemind here sometimes I swear...

Why couldn't people replicate this, instead of Eleanor

Second one is a Pontiac Trans Am...

Spared no expense!

I still want one

Because the Bullitt Mustang was a truly perfect car that could never be replicated. Every car show in existence has someone trying to but know what those cheap copies are missing? Steve McQueen's holy and perfect touch

The interceptor is so damn cool.
Man, it's a shame we never got to see something like the GTR 32 vs The interceptor.

would it be too edgy to mount a chromed skull on my grille?

>Have they even used the winch in the movie?

have you even watched the movie?


>mfw watching back to the future 2 and seeing all the foxbody Mustangs and Corollas in the background with plastic panels over the wheels to look 'futuristic'
>mfw I have no face

captcha: nissan road


That was a fantastic movie and that car gives a "TransAm Bandit" performance in it. I guarantee that movie sold some Challengers.

That's not the A-Team van; it's a nod to it, but the paint and year don't match.


I don't know how many GMC K-2500s they went thru during 5 seasons of The Fall Guy, but I bet it was a lot, because they jumped the Hell out of that truck..


I'd like to know if this car is still alive now



and for those poor souls tho have no idea what movie this is...

>ywn own a Cherry Red 354 Dodge Coronet.

I think they were going for the premise that he is driving a classic car. Since in the future a well kept miata like that one would be rare and expensive.
Like lotus Elans today, for example.

I've always loved the look of the 1957/1958 Dodge Coronet, but Christine was a 1057 Plymouth Fury

I know, i would just prefer the Coronet over a Fury.

>1057 Plymouth Fury

And the movie shows Christine as having the 350 cubic in

>Miatas will be classics soon.
God help us

>And the movie shows Christine as having the 350 cubic inch Golden Commando V8.
That engine was Chrysler's first big block V8/

holy shit. I'm full of typos tonight.



Sam Raimi's '73 Delta 88

Anyone got the Ash vs Evil Dead WEBMs of when the car gets possessed?

This is best car

The blower is fake so that it can be turned on and off

>8.2 mpg
The future is scary

what? the first M class is by far the worst Mercedes ever built. Probably because it was built in the US.


how about movie trucks?



>Mr. Bean



But the Major is a man...

Thought I was the only one who saw that movie, lol.

I've read the book. Always felt that a non-paranormal story of Arnie becoming a man 'because of his car' would have been better.

Still, fun read.

Do you like to play meat, user?

The Delorean deserves one, sure, but when it comes to BTTF, we all know what the petrol head's choice is.