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14" RPF1 Edition

Ask all your Miata related questions here.

>miata pics and vids
>miata feels
>miata questions and answers
>miata hair styling tips and tricks

Can I fit?
>If you're under 6'2" and aren't obese you can fit without modification. If bigger you can do a foamectomy, modify pedals and replace door pulls.

Can I daily drive one?
>Yes most people can daily drive a Miata no problem.

Even in the snow?
>Yes Miatas can drive well in the snow (with snow tires).

How much should I expect to spend?
>Depends on the area, but for a clean title low mileage car:
3k for an NA6
4.5k for an NA8
5.5-6.5k for an NB1
6-8k for an NB2
9-25k for an NC

I'm going to look at a used Miata, wat do?
wiki.miata.net/tiki-index.php?page=Checking Out a Used Miata

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NA a cute

I need a hardtop tbqh

$100 GC to spend on Amazon, what to get for the Miata?

finally got that goddamn wheel, worth every penny

cosmetic or functional? if later then i recommend getting upper shift boot, if you didn't replace it yet it will most likely need replacing

Interior looks fresh user, great job.

>9-25k for an NC
Bro i'm european so i dunno about US prices but i'd say 9-12 for an NC and 11-16 for an NCFL, i can get used NDs with 23k euros

Yeah that was a typo, meant 15k*, sorry m8s.

thank you my man, the only thing that annoys me is the shift knob which is quite worn out
what do you guys think about pic related?

So why does this car have a reputation of being a 'fag car'

Convertible, 2-seater, Japanese, low power, inexpensive, and I'm sure this didn't help:


I can't even get mad though, it's too funny.

>no airbag

enjoy dying from a fender bender

>5.5-6.5k for an NB1

lol just lol

On a side note, an exhaust makes the Miat far more fun to drive. It's just so much more immersive. It's obnoxious and the note isn't very flattering but fuck those downshifts sound awesome

most people who have a miata run aftermarket wheels.

kill yourself.

>enjoy dying from a fender bender

honestly i don't care, i wouldn't be buying a miata if i cared about safety
not to mention driving a car with a 25 years old airbag is not the smartest idea either

>literally the only modicum of safety left in this death trap of a car
>removes it


Just bought an NB miat with really low miles. I made a fantastic deal considering how prices go over here, I could probably sell it right away for more than I bought it, but I'll stick to it for the time being. No good pics just yet.

The only thing that constantly bothers me is how it's out on the parking near the road and now I'm in constant anxiety about it since it's my first car. I hope that feeling goes away with time.

cum on my safety you withering faggot

do you have a list of components and cost of everything combined?

if I ever get a Miata I want it to look like this

personally not a fan of your interior other than the wheel but its well done. good job mayne.

Where can i find a miata for 1000 dollars or less in the nj area? Nothing is coming up on craigslist



if you do find one for that much itll be a shell, no engine no trans that or itll be a rusty piece of shit that barely runs.

Either stick to playing Forza or save up more money.

want a cheap Miata here.


If you know how to work on cars, this is a deal.

i never bothered to count
but i warn you, this stuff is not cheap
at least with the price comes quality, which my shitty camera can't capture

since it's my recent purchase, i remember the wheel alone costed about 300 in murrcan dollars

yeah, i know it's not for everyone

Is winter the best season to buy a cheap miata?

What are the pros of the VVT 1.8 over the regular 1.8?

you wouldnt even find one for $1000 in the winter.

like the other user said, save up money or stick to forza.


are we really that gay?

why am i poor right now roo roo

;-; this is kiwibux so ~3400 USD
looks real tidy


Damn that's definitely a good look for a 1.8 with a hard top.

what wheels are those

>at mazda dealership getting spares cut for miat
>ask about posters on the wall in pic
>they say they don't sell them anymore but i can have these ones for free if i want
Fuck yeah

oh lawdy it's mine now

c-can i post here

assuming that it's like vtec, better low end and better high end

>car didn't even initially have an airbag
>e-enjoy dying!1!

Gorgeous interior! Is that a start button as well? Is the outside as clean as the inside?

Miss my RPF1s. Sold them to some kid that drove all the way from Vermont to buy them. In a way I wish I hadn't sold them, but at least now I have a set of wheels I've always wanted.


thank you
and yeah, it has a start button, it was done by the previous owner.
i was thinking about removing it but when i looked inside it turned out to be a very clean install so it would be a shame to remove it

>Is the outside as clean as the inside?
of course, wouldn't have it any other way.

fucking sweet, at first i didn't like ND, but the design grew up on me fast
and the rf version looks even better
enjoy it my dude

sorry, you have to go back

Well what do you have now?

O.Z. Turbo

imo rpf1 are better fit for a miata but you shouldn't care about opinion of some random guy on chinese cartoons site, if you like them then that's good

what irks me in these kind of wheels is that they don't go in the same direction on both sides of the car

Me, too. Really wish they were directional. And I'm pretty pissed that Wagen makes knockoffs of them now. Saw some junk Civic a few weeks back with a set of them. They looked like cheap shit though.

Black Forest master race.

Checked. Black forest is my shit, but this year I copped a Tohru air freshener.

Holy fuck from where?

Never mind I'm retarded, just found it.

Haven't opened it yet, so I'm not sure how it smells. Not a big fan of Mango to begin with, but I couldn't pass up. I want to buy a bunch of them, but no way I'm going to a $7 a piece.

Yeah, thanks for the heads up m8.

I have it, but haven't tried it yet. Feels and looks solid, about 1cm shorter than the stock NBFL knob.

>wathcing the sopranos yesterday
>Meadow, Tony's daughter, gets in her schoolmates car
>its a red NB

me: nice.

>watching Cars
>Lightning gets flashed by two NAs
>their names are Mia and Tia


Jeff Gurdon is that you?

Naw. I'm the dude with the 20k mile NA that /mg/ used to like but now hates.

>but now hates
because you are a ricer with shit wheels and terrible body kit

Body kit?

your tail light nonsense

Oh I am not him I just thought I was missing something, or the pics were old.

>he made a conscious decision to go with those wheels

I have a tough time believing that anyone, anywhere has ever liked you.

Just bought this guy for 2500 Ameridollars. What should be the first things I should do maintenence wise besides clean, detail and replace all filters/plugs?

>sunburst yellow

consider me jelly

>oil change
>check the tightening on the serpentine belt
>charge the battery/refill eventual lost acid with battery-water if possible
>replace all faded bulbs
>inspect and bleed all four brakes (replace the brake fluid if you don't know when it was last done)

nice, even if it's just a repaint

Thanks, guys. Just glad to be part of the club. Sidenote: Does anyone here know where I can get a hook up on some not-so desirable cheap hard tops? I'm talking faded paint and dents, I can fix them and paint them myself. Newer ones cost half my car...

For some people, dying might be what they are looking for...

Where do I go,
There's no mr2 thread


They pretty much dont exist. People know if you take a shit hardtop and paint it you can flip it for at least $800, if not more.

I've heard miata facebook groups sometimes have good deals, and kinda drive the market price for hardtops. Could be wrong.

I got mine for $750 in about 8/10 condition (headliner and defrost) and I feel like I robbed the guy.

Damn... I remember some years ago they'd go for 500 bucks easily...

>How do I into water/meth injection???

Anyone do this for a Miat before?


Rude af m8
I bet you're just jealous my car is a better miata than yours

I like your MR2, user. I had a choice between a '91 MR2 and a Miata but the MR2 was automatic...


Been looking for a 2001 for a while. Is it worth it to have the gayest color of them all? First thing I'd pay to change, (well after maintenance stuff), would be the color.

Oh, that's sucks.
I drove a '90 na a couple of times and I have to admit it was fun being able to slide around so easily

>last week
>see first miata in my life, driving by my college, because i don't ever come out of my autistic 1 mile living range
I'm in love with that thing
Hot ass girl behind the wheel
Riced out as fuck
Bodykit if i recall correctly
Japanese decals on the passenger window
It was an NC i think
Although it looked more like a little rx7

NBs are little rx7s for piston cucks

NB's are closing to looking like actual FD Rx7's then NC's are.

NC just looks like a pigfat miata because thats what it is

NC looks like a rectangle with rounded corners.
NA looks like a bar of soap. (Cute!)
NB looks like poor man's FD. (A best!)

I have to admit, the Miata was a better purchase just on the fact that the MR2 was a death trap because of the funky weight distribution. I think your model was more refined though. Shame it never caught on, I actually liked the 2000 model.


While being faster than both the NA and NB in straight lines AND slalom. Except maybe the Mazdaspeed NB.

It's almost like Mazda engineers knew what they were doing.

That's mostly because of the suspension geometry on the sw20. The third gen is the best in almost every way except luggage capacity

its still pigfat and the ugliest Miata

If I post local Craigslist, will someone help me find a good Miat?

Well, at least you won't be seeing it for too long when it passes you.

This caused a lot of butthurt when i posted it in another thread so maybe you guys will appreciate it


yea go ahead

7:58 is utterly bad for BTG
I go close to 8:00 full ring with a 370Z and BTG is something like 20sec shorter.

considering the 370Z has almost twice the power it's not a bad showing from the miat

No, don't get me wrong. It's good for a Miata and I attribute the good time also to the driver.
But compared to other cars in the sub 30k price range it is slow.

cause a lot of fags own Miatas, MR2s, and subarus

I dont know how or why that is, I like mustangs and Mercs

A NC 2.0 like that is more like 10k or less even including the mods he's done to it.

But yes a lot of it's down to the driver. That's Koenigsegg's chief test driver who owns that car.

I sold my mercedes slk 230 kompressor to a gay couple. Mercedes and Mustangs are, in my opinion, gayer than Miatas and Subarus. Gays don't like MR2s because they aren't "cute".


>he thinks a NC with some coilovers and sway bars is $30k