Need to cut down on the soda and fast food guys

Need to cut down on the soda and fast food guys

so does everybody

>Every time I tro keto I fail after a few days because I like rice so much

Last year I weighted about 120 or so kgs.
In February, I started just taking almost daily 10-12 km walks, and cut my eating in half, and I have now lost over 10 kgs.
I only weight 108 kgs now.

Losing weight this way has only really required me to walk around and eat less. I bought ankle weights to intensify my walks yesterday.
Ez pz. I might drop bellow 100 kgs by summer.

Any tips how to improve on this though?

How do i get myself i into the mindset to do it

Carry a backpack full of weights, get walking shoes, try sprinting for 30 seconds every few hundred steps to up your heartrate.

Then don't do keto? Or work up to it by starting with normal calorie restriction, then slowly adjust your protein goal to squeeze out carbs

not wanting to be fat helps

getting into the swing of a new routine is the hardest part
if you can make it two months, you'll make it

Realize that all the sugar in that stuff is going to give you diabetes and lead you to having insulin injections every day, and that living with such a condition makes eating more sugary food forbidden.

Thanks mang.
I got quite good walking shoes and after many years of not being able to sprint due to being fat fuck and my knees hurting like hell, I now can sprint again.

It's wonderful.

Are you counting calories? All fast food places have complete nutritional info, so figure out your calorie goal and then start counting. You'll quickly realize that fast food is super calorie dense and not very filling. If you start viewing calories as a limited daily budget, you'll stop wanting to blow all of them in one meal

pretty sure carrying extra weight is a meme that will just end up fucking up your achilles tendon or back.
If you want to intensify your walks then just walk faster. Jog if you have to. Start actual cardio

almond milk bro
it's like 150 calories in a bowl of cereal

I wouldn't take that shit for a year, that sounds scary as fuck

I ate an entire jar of cake icing, no regrets

Nah nah I mean I had it for a year. I wasn't taking it for a year.

You should maybe have some regrets about that.

you had half a month refeed, if you pull a good calorie deficit now you'll relose that lb and more quick

I wouldn't take that shit for more than a couple of weeks. A year on it is guaranteed death.

no, it doesn't degrade unless you leave it in sunlight

Yeah. 3 weeks on a lowish dose. 250mg for 3 weeks is perfectly safe. Just make sure to drink extra water. I'm actually not retarded.

How can I keep muscle while losing fat and have energy during the day?

I ate it dry

workout and high protein diet even with a calorie deficit


your fat will provide you with energy :^)

Don't forget your supplements and to take a day off every few days or you'll feel like pic related.

I did 10 days at 500mg and the results didn't blow me away
I have enough for another 10 day blast but i'm gonna save it for when the weight is being REALLY stubborn

For real

Thought I'd share a favorite recipe. I have a few other favorites if anyone is interested in them.

I like to eat a half-serving every other day or so. Paired with zero sugar syrup it's fantastic.

They taste just like chicken except a tiny bit softer on the inside. More protein than chicken, give em a try user.

making brisket in the slow cooker right now, the smell is wafting throughout the entire house. my family has been circling the kitchen all day like a pack of hungry dogs, i fear there won't be leftovers. god help us all

>skip brekky
>make it

Choose one.

Have some brisket user-kun, it won't hurt you.

>not intermittent fasting

Read Invictus by W.E. Henley. Works for me.

I would if they didn't cost twice the price of regular tendies and could get them around here.