Which car maker is the "Apple" of the car world?

Which car maker is the "Apple" of the car world?

Criteria I've come up with so far:

>shit specs
>ridiculously overpriced
>overhyped by faggots
>hard or impossible to upgrade
>manufacturer hates people who do their own maintenance/repairs
>fucking ridiculous prices for maintenance and repairs

So far I'm thinking MINI because:

>"lifestyle" car for faggot hipsters
>all the BMW reliability and maintenance bullshit but with even shittier specs than BMW
>bullshit like not having a fucking dipstick on some models
>absolutely retarded usersbase who only pretend to like cars and think their overpriced econo shitbox is a "sports car"

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>dashboard is literally a steering wheel and an iPad

Tesla. While I appreciate what they're doing for electric cars' image to normies, fuck them for everything else.



Holy shit I completely forgot about Tesla

>it's another butthurt teenage poorfag thread


Not much changes year-to-year, yet people worship them.

But the wrx isn't over priced. Is really easy to work on. Has tons of ability to replace and repair stuff. And has great specs

It's Apple in that the engine hasn't changed much and the interior is still shit, yet they sell like hot cakes.

And they took away the hatch version which people loved. That seems like something Apple would do.

Easy peasy.

>bitter poorfag
the thread

Fuck off nerd.

I wonder what kind of person makes a shit thread like this

Apple doesn't have shit specs and they charge fairly reasonable prices for smartphone repair. I can tell you don't know the first fucking thing about engineering because if you did you would appreciate the lengths that Apple goes to in order to make what they think is a good product.

>fa20 is the same as the wrx from yeateryear

You're dumb

you seriously can't be this much of a fag

Apple does overcharge for its shit

It's repair service is fucking garbage for the price. Third party services are always cheaper AND they can actually back up your data and give it to you unlike apple that will wipe your shit even if there's nothing wrong with the drive

T. Computer repair technician servicing Apple computers for the last 12 years straight

Apple have the most removed computers in that they're so unserviceable they'd rather throw away an entire couple outer with a simple problem and give you a brand new one

Do you know the first fucking thing about SoC architecture? No? Then shut the fuck up.

Their repair costs are nothing unusual in the industry. It will always be cheaper to DIY or pay a friend to do repairs. I'm saying that their first party repair services are in line with others. Of course you will do it cheaper because you don't have to deal with scaling up to servicing all RMAs in the US.

And it's normal these days to just give people a refurb and then refurb the device they send back. It's easier from a logistics POV and Tim Cook is all about logistics.

>Someone mentions liking Apple
>That person is immediately called a fag
It's like clockwork.

I used to like Apple before they got complacent and started making horseshit lateral moves. I have an iPhone 5s and zero motivation to upgrade.

Im 3rd line support, i know a thing or two.
you just sound like a massive fanboy
so do you

you can't say anything about holy apple made in china or you guys completely sperg out.
Wonder why they call you fags?

oh look this thread again

was the one last week with over 100 replies just not enough for you?

It's not not tesla morons. Tesla isn't nearly normie enough or cheap enough to be Apple and like it or hate it they're still doing genuine innovation and invention (just not the ones we as enthusiasts like)

>you can't say anything about holy apple made in china or you guys completely sperg out.
>Wonder why they call you fags?
I didn't say anything about Apple you hypersensitive autist.

I will just leave this here.

>cheap enough to be Apple
The 8gb Iphone launched for $599, $703 today. that's with a contract

The Apple III launched for $4340 in 1980, $12,800 today.

The Apple 20th Anniversary Mac retailed for $7500 in 1997.

I would agree that Teslas are out of reach of the "normie" buyer compared to a modest smartphone but that's comparing two very different things. Apples and oranges. but like all things apple did, and yet people still buy them. Just like they do outrageously priced apple products, people love tesla.

Aston Martin




>being anything like Apple in any fucking way

What are you smoking bro?

Beautiful and well-built. Long history of innovation. Hard to service on your own. Recognized by anyone anywhere. Still a status symbol to some extent. Reeed at by poorfags for brand name tax. Loved by sane people who want a nice well-rounded product and don't care about your dirt-cheap shitbox/chinaphone with a couple of mods/ROMs beating it in pointless benchmarks.

pick 2

starting about 4 years ago i could see your point

These levels of impotent poorfaggot rage are unprecedented even for Veeky Forums. Try being less poor, OP.

>sucking marketing cock
the post

Also forgot
>after all those flaws, still makes a nicer product with a much more pleasant user experience

Except mercs are actually good.

I don't even own a single Apple product but I can respect the engineering behind them. I'm just tired of the memes.

>desperately looking for ways to rationalize your inability to afford nice things

as far as im concerned apple died together with steve.


>we're going to sell 400,000 electroshitboxes!
>cancels model S due to lack of demand
it's definitely tesla
>woz doesn't even care, likes chevy EVs better

as far as a ICE vehicles, MINI is the answer
>shitboxes of the highest magnitude
>still hold their value b/c of hey goys remember mini?

ok, change the sparkplugs.

that's where you're wrong, kiddo.


surprised audi isn't in the top 5 posts

Where did all of these Macfags come from?

I thought Veeky Forums was full of /g/entoomen?

>being, unironically, so stupid you can't into similarities.

I know people love to give Apple shit, but in my experience their computers are damn near indestructible.
I've had my MacBook for almost 9 years now and it still works great.
I've had to do some basic fixes like replacing the battery and the cooling fan, but they were super easy and the parts were cheap.
I know the initial investment is steep, but it pays for itself in the long run. How many of you have had your PC for as long?

My last laptop was 7 years old, it only needed a new fan, but I just bought a new one. My current one is 4 years old. No problems at all. Apple uses the SAME PARTS from the SAME COMPANIES as everyone else. Then they mark it up 4x. That's why people hate on them.

Mfw an iPhone has the highest and second highest Antutu score

You're not paying for the parts, you're paying for the OS.
>plus full metal casing
>plus god tier aesthetics
>plus no viruses

>How many of you have had your PC for as long?
I have. Just recently replaced a Dell my parents gave me from 2001.
All hail Dell.

>>shit specs
>>shit specs
>0-60 in 2.3 seconds


You mean an os you can get for free?

>muh straight line speed

>How many of you have had your PC for as long?

The Lenovo laptop I'm currently typing on was gifted to me in 2010.
>Windows 7 (32 bit)
>1.3 GHz
Runs like complete shit, but I have watched a lot of porn on it in the past lol. Smarter browsing woulda done it some good.

>Can drive 300+ miles on electricity
>Can be refueled at home
>National average cost of electricity is half that of gasoline

No other company is that spot on.

>All hail Dell.
All hail.

Slower than a street legal ICE. Ariel a GOAT.

>>Can drive 300+ miles on electricity
Pic related

Just design wise, Audi.

Apple really copied the Audi aesthetics for their products.


>the engine hasn't changed
If it's not broken, why fucking fix it?

Also yes, the FA20 and EJ257 are absolutely the same fucking engine in their entirety. Very astute of you.


>falling for the no virus meme

Back in high school I was voted most likely to be astute. It's all coming together now.

The rabbit hole goes further.

>charge more than anybody else for technology you claim to have pioneered but has really been around before you
>have genuine advances and possibly a more polished product than others
>undermine that with cringeworthy marketing and customers
>push updates and make new features.. Temporarily. Then you have to upgrade.
>one man is the face of the company even though he doesn't develop or really know anything technical about the product
>new products are pandering to the masses instead of being good products

Steve Jobs didn't die. He was just reincarnated. Early..

The correct answer is Tesla. This thread is stupid and whoever made it should feel bad.






You're talking about a Tesla, OP.

actually just posted it cuz I hate BMW and seeing one on fire makes me smile. Besides. BMW did have legit problems with wiring harnesses starting fires for a while.



>He/she says as the Model S breaks the world record for fastest 0-60 of any production car in the world

>can't finish a lap around Nuremberg faster than a prius because it overheats and shits out

Yeah those Teslas are sure fast

>lap around Nuremberg
>tfw you try to be smug but still come off retarded

it is

Harley Davidson, more so than any carmaker.


I don't care about that.

>The only company making 4x4's with ground clearance

Opinion disregarded.


how the fuck is it not Tesla

Because Teslas are extremely advanced. They're not overpriced for the tech you get. In fact, Tesla makes very little profit on each car.

>I don't care about that.

>I only care about things that make me right.

Take your Elon Musk-shaped dildo out of your ass and beat yourself to death with it.

>muh 0-60
>muh 300 mile range

Just replace "Tesla" with "Apple" and it sounds like every other Apple fanboy.

Their fan bases are identical. I imagine they overlap heavily.

it's objectively and by about a lightyear Tesla

>0-60 in 2.3 seconds
and that's all you're going to get 60mph


Bentley and Rolls Royce are closer to Apple than Tesla is.

u wot m8


going over 60mph with a tesla is just asking to be stuck on a highway with a depleted battery

It's obviously the Porsche 935.

>shit specs
>ridiculously overpriced

Teslas are neither of those. P100D Teslas accelerate faster than cars costing several times as much, while being able to seat 7 and having over 30 cubic feet of trunk space. No other cars in existence have that ratio of performance, practicality, and price.


Tesla you dumbass

I wanna see this thing in IBM livery.

It's obviously BMW

>not as fast as other competitors
>but easier to use
>universal appeal
>they hold on to a select few features (straight six engine, M, etc)
>they're expensive for what what they are
>you really can't argue why you bought a BMW with anything objective, it would be all subjective arguments

And before anyone just says 'well then it could be all German cars', not quite. Mercedes builds several of the best cars in the world (S-class, military G-wagons, 18-wheelers, their F1 program, etc) and Audi kinda just sticks with their program, never really changing anything. AWD for everyone and to hell with excitement (except the RS series)

But back to BMW. They don't have a true flagship (same with Apple, they don't produce any sort of a $5000 PC or some sort of super exclusive phones. It's all sort of very polished but still run-of-the-mill hardware for everyman, rich and poor. Apple and BMW have managed to snag that 'attainable symbol of affluence' that says 'i may or may not have money but i can at least afford this one piece of shiny shit'.