What are your red flags when browsing used car listings?

What are your red flags when browsing used car listings?

>mismatched hood and fender on a rwd Japanese car
>"It's not running, but my mechanic said it's an easy $17 fix, I just don't have the time or money to do it"
>any German car with over 200k miles, unless it's a Mercedes diesel
>"99% complete"
>"runs fine" - which is a code phrase for "surprisingly still runs". Why not say that in runs well or runs great?
>se habla español

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A boomer trying to get $8k for pic related because it's a "classic"

Holy fuck that's not ok

Why butcher a nice CL

>ONLY NEEDS $5000 TO BE A $50000 CAR
>$25000 FIRM

>female driver
aka abused to shit

>dat ass
overdone overhang tbqhwyf

t h i s

That is too high-effort to even be called butchering. That is pure sadism

>Like new
>missing a lot of parts but I have all of them here
>Needs (part) and then it will run perfectly
>(X) Edition that you've never heard of

>it's a 1980 with 65k original miles, last ran in 1989. Needs a little TLC

This was a car I checked out recently. At least 30% of the bolts on the engine were rusty to the point where they'd break off if you tried to remove them.

>tfw a low mileage classic gets neglected to the point where it's not worth restoring

whats wrong with vw diesels over 200k?

>any middle eastern or hispanic dude (full hispanic like doesnt speak or barely speaks english)
>over 200k miles unless it has documents to prove its been taken care of
> anything before like 1997 i dont want a fucking car thats older than me
>no picures
>a really short ass description like it will literally just say "2004 tundra" and thats it

>>se habla español
>manuel transmission
>cadillac converter
My Captcha is Antonio Artez, what the fuck.

That's REEEEE-worthy.

>lazy 'phone posting' with short forms, lack of punctuation and capital letters
>super short descriptions
>lazy photos of the car, blurred, too small, taken at night, loaded upside down
>"I'm just putting it up to get a feeler for what offers are out there." fuck you, then you are not committed to sell
>remote starters and security systems (wires have been ripped apart) and to an extent, aftermarket stereos (for same reason)
>mismatched wheels and tires
>one headlight is foggy, the other isn't
>claims original owner or has had it for a while. if you are a license plate fag in your state/province, you'll know they are lying in the plate is a brand new series, and not old.

>BMW 318i NOT 320i 328i 330i M3

That "NOT XYZ" shit rustled my jimmies so fucking hard, like god damn I want to look at ONLY Toyota Supras not fucking GM's and VW's.

Why do they do that?

>four paragraph sob story

>Entire post is in Spanish

>At the bottom of the post: "Keywords: Audi corvette pickuptruck motorcycle Mercedes BMW Dodge Ford Challenger Chevy Isuzu Subaru........"

That shit I hate the most. Yeah, I'm looking for a project car and I TOTALLY want to see your overpriced shitbox civic pop up.

More hits from people searching for things that their car is NOT.

Also, when this ad is posted 5 times in multiple cities and then refreshed at the same time so you have to scroll past 5 overpriced salvage Civics in your search for a Toyota pickup

I report all that shit. assholes. keyword spamming is the worst.

>older than me
jesus what are you like 14?

>[Insert model here] truck for parts - $2000
>rolled over, engine frame trans good
>call fuckstick.

Hello, is this fuckstick?
>jes, what parts do you need from it
>no I'm parting it out.


underage detected

>1997 was 20 fucking years ago

1997 was 20 years ago the fuck

i was making a meme you fuck

Your meme a shit. Bet you really were born in 97




>[email protected]@K!


>checking out an older Corvette
>Mexican seller
>I pull up to the meeting place and he already has it running
>drive it around, seems fine
>"I forgot to mention, about once every 6 months it has a little trouble starting
>decide to test this
>shut off the car
>it won't start again

Within a month:
>checking out 90's Mercedes
>Mexican seller
>"no mechanical problems, drives good"
>I start the car and the CEL is on, transmission slips at speeds over 20mph

And then:
>checking out NA Miata
>Mexican seller
>test drive it, seems fine
>leave to go get money
>come back, give him money
>start driving the car and the diff is whining like crazy
>he thrashed it while I was gone
>text him about it
>"I don't know bro, I'm not a mechanic

Can any Mexanons explain why lying is so acceptable in Mexican culture? I've never had this problem with any other racial group

Anything with new tires and brakes. Usually indicates an abusive driver

because fuck you pay me

also we like money and its hard to sell a car on the truth, especially when its a clapped out pile that we drove into the ground

>Usually indicates an abusive driver

Or someone who maintains their car.

Depends on the miles and the location.

>"Look how much interest my car has you gotta buy it quick before it goes, dude!"

>>any German car with over 200k miles, unless it's a Mercedes diesel
I realize I'm not selling my car, but it has 239k miles almost and runs just as well as any 100k mile car.

What is it?

what is a shitskin doing on my board

1997 was 20 years ago.

You've probably maintained it well. A lot of people will buy them cheap and then not do maintenance because it's too expensive. Then you end up buying a $800 car that needs $2000 in work

What car is this?

I wanna know too

im literally 19 and will be 20 later this year lmao

You're digging yourself deeper

So you ARE underage. Got it

I think it's a CL600

under the age of 21 sure

>>lazy 'phone posting' with short forms, lack of punctuation and capital letters
>>super short descriptions

yea noone cares you are probably one of those fags who would wear a suit to his ikea interview

ok big boy

>needs a battery / AC refill / tune-up
>rear tires need to be replaced, fronts are fine
>mileage listed is for an engine swap, not the body
>car is super dirty inside or outside
>car has just been cleaned, water still on the ground
>pictures are not during a clear sunny day
>car is sitting on grass and they mowed around it
>car has a flat tire in the picture
>ran when parked

yeah you sure got me

>manuel transmichion
>key words
>comma ellipses
>it runs but...
>quick fix
>will not deliver or allow for pickup you have to be there with cash in hand
>entire ad is in spanish

Showing up and the car is already running


>"I know what i got"

>born in 2000
What the fuck are you still in diapers?

>tfw i remember thinking this build was kinda cool

times done changed

That dude is right though, I've not even bothered to go see a ton of cars and bikes because the answer I got was:

"lol ya bike is really fast. tires r ok. bring cables battery is dead because i left it outside in the snow all winter lmao"

>manuel transmission

>implying i dont like money either
>implying lying is the key to a customers heart
i bet you have a mexican flag in yor casa papi

My car faggots

>selling for a friend
>previous owner did x,y,z to the car

>carbon fiber mirrors
>sticker on the windshield
>4 intakes
>2 piece rims

>2/10 elbows too pointy would not bang
Hypercritical jealousy shiggydiggy

This is a listing in my area and sums it up well

Pretty fuckboy, wiggerish.

>everything is black
nigger tier taste

>(black) thumb covering license plate

So was he parting it or not, did you buy parts?

He's probably born in 2000

I'm not jealous about expensive shit, shit doesn't taste better because it's expensive

Not a red flag, but still:
"In good condition, for it's age"
Yeah because every 20yo shitbox must have rusted floor and fucked up interior because no one could take care of it earlier.

>I know what I got
>no interior pictures


>whats wrong with vw diesels over 200k?
They eat heads, injection pumps, and the blocks are a shit alloy that wears out in 250,000 miles.

>one headlight is foggy, the other isn't

You mean that as an indication of it being in an accident? Or am I missing something?


>leave to go get money
Thats your own fault there boyo


ah, mine is at 165k. another reason to dump it in the next few years

>Just want what I put into it
>2x the value of the car

Every. Fucking. Time.

1st to see will buy
genuine barn find

>parts come with the car
>Not the right parts for the car


I just can't stop posting this picture, it's too good