ITT: cars that let you know the owner is a cuck

ITT: cars that let you know the owner is a cuck

I'll start

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kys faggot



Camry owner I'm guessing?


kys faggot


Gr8 thread

Wow op you really went above and beyond with this, jackass


Not my fault if you're getting triggered because you drive a cuck mobile

Per example


any crossover or low end luxury car

>FWD """"""""luxury cars""""""""


Nice job on The Triggering OP

this is by far the most cancerous pepe i have ever seen


Explain "low end"

I'd take a TL type S or a TSX any day of the week.

That isn't a Mustang bud

You're a cuck then

honda fit
chevy cruze
toyota corolla

everytime driven by a mid 20s dude with lumberjack beard and thick rimmed glasses

shit taste desu

Ironically, the name "Corolla" is actually Japanese for "cuck"

How the hell had the Honda crv not come up?

Doesn't get more cucked than that

I know a legit cuck that loves these things


You know you have to be 18 to post here right?

>insecurity: the thread

What if my grandmother gave me this car and im saving up for an mr2?



camry owner here

i think they actually look pretty cool for an econobox. aside from both me and my brother having camrys, i dont see many around

Anything that has an engine with more than 6 cylinders.
Drivers of things like that are always sad old men who look like they've lost the game of life and all they have left is their archaic engines to remind them of a time when they weren't such weak willed faggots

You need to see it in real life to notice how unshapely, feminine and laughable it actually looks.

What's the matter? Big v8 too loud and scary for you? Enjoy your 1.3l bitch box

Haha that was easy

>I don't see many camrys around aside from my brothers

what did he mean by this


Thanks lad

Opinions... if they aren't mine they are wrong.

It's ok op, one day you might get a life. You are still only 14, there is plenty of time.


How anybody can drive or even fit into these abominations is beyond me.

Any newish BMW that's not an M car, C class that's not an AMG, any Audi A series, any luxury crossover, any eco friendly trim of a traditionally large displacement luxury car. You drive any of what was listed, you're likely a cuck or a women.

Yeah, because this car SCREAMS cuck for sure

You sound like a bitter poorfag

>Survived CCCP
>Can survive EMP
Objectively the most based car on Earth.

What about a manual 335xi? That's a car I'm considering because I don't want to spend more than 10k, and I recently learned manual. I don't really care about the badge, but it does seem like the best choice for performance

Forgot pic

It sure does, you might as well slap a bumper sticker on it that says 'Treyshawn fucks my bitch daily and I deal with it by playing with the only big thing I have'
Also, V6 cars are more expensive than that hunk of junk

t. v6 muscle car owning retard who is inferior to literally everyone on the road, including busriders

I drive an egoboost. Why you so butthurt about my opinion?



Stop caring so much about social stigma

Lol okay kid. That's a 2012 zl1 that EASILY costs 30k, not even gonna bother looking up the new ones but I'd guess they are double that price if not more. Why don't you post your cuckbox since you think a camaro is a cuck car

If there's a point you're trying to make, I don't see it and typing in all caps just makes you look like more of a buttblasted retard

His point is driving a ecoboost is literally cuckery at its finest

Hahaha one, it's a used car, and two, you think $30k is a lot? Granted, for that piece of shit it is but either way, kys my man

0/10 you clearly don't even have a car

>any Audi A series
I wouldn't call even a base model A8 "low-end".

Anything from BMW or Audi. These are kind of people that lease cars from German ubercucks because they saw an ad with a crying homosexual or one with a little girl telling them to check their privilege.

Also their companies don't bother with putting dipsticks in their cars anymore since they know their customers are women and skinny-fat feckless numales.

Sure thing my anally ravaged chum, whatever makes it easier for you to achieve your dream of achieving cuck status in the bedroom and on the road

it was the first image posted in the thread.

S class Mercedes is objectively better in every way, only cucks with no taste would disagree.

Explain to me how that car is cucked

>he drives a car made solely for the international market so that some indian street-shitter can buy it and n be like cool american homie g driving most fast car and no have verry small benis

Oh, are we having one of these threads again?

>How anybody can drive or even fit into these abominations is beyond me.
pff you can fit 18 people in a smart car

cucklord car + cucklord color

Doesn't matter, an A8 isn't a low-end car.

do you even know what cuck means

its just a generic peugeot with a generic color

a "generic" yuropoor is a massive cuck

It's a cry of clueless defeat, a man buys that car when he has nothing else going right in his life, so he has to buy something big and rumbly in the hopes that people will pay attention to him as he drives around aimlessly. He wants to stand out to be accepted or envied, even though he has nothing to offer anyone. And instead of accepting that fact, he keeps trying. That is what I see in the eyes of every V8 driver (trucks excepted) I have seen on the road

>My wife let me buy this so I have something to do while her cervix is getting punched

no one in this thread knows what 'cuck' means, that's why it's a fucking stupid thread

t. buttmad amerifat

double dubs confirmed

Agreed. I drive a suzuki x90 and I have a ridiculously huge penis and I am NOT gay and fuck tons of 10s on the reg. Try and keep up kiddo

Sorry it hurts you so much. You should talk to someone about it

Truck drivers are the same, except they have to compensate for a small penis too.

Either that or they're a mexican going to mow your lawn while plowing your wife.

>v8 fag buttmad because he got destroyed by a kei car at the stoplight

Lol come back when you shed some weight kid

Camry drivers have massive penises and tight assholes

Here's an actual cuck

Jesus man

You should work on your reading skills. Also, this is not what I meant when I said you should talk to someone. Not here. At least do yourself that favor

Any standard model with the styling pack from the fast model

>ST line
>M Sport
>AMG Line

>you're fat
>you're also a child
I hate when people make these threads and the actual cucks come out. Like the "girl" car thread where some guy was posting classic muscle cars lol.

Cuck is someone who admires masculinity but doesn't think he is masculine enough so he "settles"

see g35 coupe, see v6 mustang, see 328i


u wanna race (war)?

You're reading into it too much, a cuck is someone who enjoys seeing his property taken from him

>this assblasted his land barge can't compete
>such a cuck he won't even defend himself

I guess there's no replacement for anal displacement

V8 engines. Democrats and Ford trying to get rid of them because they make too much power and use too much gas. Everyone should be cucked down to 4 cylinders even trucks. We dont want people thinking they should strive to have as much engine power as they want. Only the Government can decide how much power you have. Not realizing that the entire economy debate is fascist assault on freedom.

Veeky Forums is truly as dead as the soul of a 4cyl driver..

fucked out of your leverage

I find that definition more elegant

Not a place i'd expect to find anything "elegant," but i'll jot that one down

I have owned lots of 4cyl cars everything from an Aveo to a Miata.

I have owned lots of 8cyl vehicles 79 and 2003 corvettes, three trucks and a 15 passenger van.

Even the giant van with the V8 was more fun to drive. It was faster off the line a toybaru and if you have never felt the massive fun of a giant RWD van in the twisty roads with v8 roaring and the back end swinging, its truly the most fun driving I have ever had.

so not only is the toyobaru slower than a minivan, it's slower than an actual fucking van?
fucking kek

>V8 engines.
>Democrats and Ford trying to get rid of them because they make too much power

The fuck are you talking about?
It is true that V8s are a dying breed but that is mostly because they're inefficient compared to modern (but often not as reliable) alternatives. The concept of having more cylinders ALONE means there's a ton more internal friction.

Even fucking meme inline 4s often produce as much or even more power than 80s or older V8s.
Then you also have stupid fast electric cars that will also get more and more popular.

It is a shame that they vanish and I can't stand inline 4s but the reasoning behind are understandable and you don't have to agree with those reasons but that's how it is at the moment. It is also obvious that the engine shrinking will continue until electric cars completely take off and become cheap enough for the mainstream.

I just don't see the sense of making a smaller engine to move the same amount of weight.

Pushing a 5k pound pickup with a 360 hp V8 seems more efficient than asking a 250 hp V6 push the same weight.

Wouldn't the V6 have to rev higher, or accelerate slower just to do the same amount of work with higher stress and faster engine wear? You could add a turbo and get back up to the same power bit then you are adding more mechanical complexity to a high stress application.

I get why v8s are rare on passenger cars, but for sport coups and sedans it is still more usable power and fun. And the same efficiency equation problem. The 3000 pound car pulled by a v8 can be just as efficient as that car pulled by an i4. The i4 has to work much harder to pull the same weight with not a lot of power in reserve.

But Ford putting turbo 4s in full size trucks? I can't imagine how they are going to be able to sell that to the average truck buyer, most of whom would never even buy a 6 if they didn't have to for price reasons. (Source: Chevy salesman for 10 years). May by Ford Bros will buy that ecoboost but a Chevy truck fag will never want anything less than the great 8, just like dad and gramps had. It's a fucking birth right for gods sake. The Chevy V8 is practically more popular than Jesus in many cultures.

If its not the EPA telling makers to pull smaller engines in the cars then the only other force is consumer demand. I don't see how that demand applies to sports cars and trucks and full sized van. Thus it has to be the EPA putting the fear of Pelosi in the manufactures.

Sorry to sound so Alex Jones. But that's just how it looks.

There is nothing wrong with having a v8 engine. Not everyone wants to drive around in a 3k civic or ecoboost corolla. You honesty sound like a butthurt jelly teenager. Are there people who buy big loud cars because of what you said? Sure, but to suggest everyone who does is insecure or cucked is just ridiculous.

>Either that or they're a mexican going to mow your lawn while plowing your wife

newer ones look alright yeah

Get cucked by mexicans