Friends, neighbours, and American puppets of Euro Night Wave, it's only one week until Brit/o/ has its first track meet of the year. Join us at Shakespeare County Raceway from the 8th of April to the 9th for DRAG MEET II, hosting SHITBOX CUP, the premiere drag racing series for largely standard Nissan Micras and lesser cute cars. Some of us are going down on the 7th to save missing all of Saturday's racing driving up there so feel free to join us for a lot of alcohol.

Shitbox Cup cars are up to 1.3 DOHC or 1.6 SOHC cars that are largely standard. Non-shitboxes can compete but with penalties. Current reigning champion in his "Boyota Rustlet" is rumoured to be competing with a refreshed clutch.

There will be grills like Danny and Sam available.

Also Brit general. How have you found the nice weather? Want to moan about insurance on an M5 at 19? Been crashed into by old people today?

The weather is fucking shit because it's the fucking UK you daft cunt

>up to 1.3l

what about doritos?

Gonna put new wheels on my Celica next week hopefully.

Been sunny as anything in the glorious southeast
It's never come up, do a Mercedes and exploit a loophole
Wat kar

Post pictures bb

Second reminder to get your £20 to Jules very quickly as he is dealing with the tickets. He's already had the organisers on the blower.

Brapppp chavmobile is a go

>getting car 8th
>live in norfolk

its only a ka, but still sucks i wont be able to show up. Then again, i would just lose everything anyway

Biannual reminder not to trust Chris Evans aka Julian aka Tim O'Toole First Group CEO

That's not the point, as long as you enjoy cars and you're not a prick you're welcome to join

Sundays breakfast special will be duck eggs prepared by chef Danny

Shifty lad Tom will provide air pump hire throughout the weekend for all you vehicular needs

What is the story with the bonnet crater

Been a nice day in Notts.
Passed my test on Monday and loving life so far, happy I managed to get insurance at a reasonable amount of money without a cuckbox

yeah, but it means driving halfway across the country in a shitbox with some sort of tapping from the engine (fucking hope its just the valves), on the day i get back from uni.

1.3 Ka? You can adjust the valves easy. It's a pushrod engine so they sound a little tappety but I'll bring a set of feeler gauges and we'll do the tappets at the meet if you fancy

Post an email address if you'd like to join Brit/o/ Slack chat. Easiest way to keep in the know about meets and what traps are going to be where. It can be any email address, personal, anonymous, we don't care.

yeah, got a feeler gauge a couple of days ago, just hoping it is the valves, and nothing i would have to pull the engine for. Honestly, if the rules dont ban it i might just get the train down and buy a car there, and scrap it when im done with it, so i dont have to fuck about with tax/insurance

What dates are the USC meet? I might be able to make that one

Idk if shakeys will be very happy about you running a car that isn't taxed or insured, but I guess if it's MOT'd they can't be too upset.

4-6th august


Tapping or deep knocking

tapping. the oil level looked good, but im going to refill it anyway. it probably is just the valves, they need adjusting every 10k or so, though desu it might be a bit loud to be valves.

Dolomite has two inlet runners from each SU carb, what happens if i weld a balance pipe between the two inlet "manifolds"? Surely it'd run far better

Scaffold pole should do the trick

Why cant you Brits keep a thread up for longer than few hours?

We start them at 11pm or so.

So how fast can the Dolomite go?

Why would the Dolomite go fast? I took it to 70 once but I try to cruise around 50-55 cause it has 4 gears and noisy big ends/mains

They literally have cars racing which aren't Street legal, they just don't want you fucking around on site, they don't give a shit what you do outside

True. Is it a different scrutineering process?

Is it leaking fluids?
Welcome aboard!

hit a child


NW europe here.
Hope you have a nice meet and lots of fun!
Don't forget to beat to the trap

Ty bby. Come down if you have nowt on at the weekend and fancy seeing what the crowds like before LARGE MEET at USC

How much is insurance on an old micra or Starlet? Might buy one for a cheap runabout

I bought it like that but a new bonnet be about £20

k11 micra is insurance group 11. mine still costs fuckloads to insure because i had my licence less than a year. im thinking about selling it and getting a 1.6 capri since it costs around the same to insure.

Starlet a shit Micra a best come to Wales not online and see what happens

Are there going to be any "white people"there?

how long you had your licence for? shit gets a lot cheaper after 1 year, might just be worth waiting until then

I've had my license for 3 years and not much change in the price area

The Based Purple God will not die, it is immortal.

They literally open the bay, look to see it's not a box of chickens or small children. If it goes vroom it's bonza.

The scrutineering is nothing on road rallies, y'know, where they actually check things.

They checked my frunk mate

Only because they want to empty your car as much as possible to give your shitty clutch a chance in your Toyota coffin

Sorry lads, going to GTI Springfest at Pod with some normies. Still down for USC though.

what you driving? Ive just had mine go over the 1 year mark and its gone down by between 1/3 - 1/4, have you tried price comaprison sites/sticking a parent/grandparent on your insurance?

>letting a thug keep threads alive


I wanna see that gti at pod man

I'm very tempted to come to USC now. It does look like some cheeky fun desu

Even if you dont camp with us and go on your own or with your mates/local club you're all very welcome to join us in drunken/sober antics and trap heckling in the xxx tent

Pic related will be there for everyone with their grownup cars to laugh at

Slagposting is haram traps only

pretty cool car desu, you done anything to the engine?


421 manifold, 2" mani back exhaust, cold (hot) air intake that i need to sort out. Currently on the lookout for an almera as a donor car for the ga16de since im running a cg13de. It's got pulsar brakes and apex'i coilovers on so its gonna be a nice lil 120hp NA shitter when im done

>t. Angry starlet owner with 4a ge clutch

>black cat tuning garage
Someone doesn't follow Welsh mountain road crew rivalry

Brit/o/ race team when

We still need to buy a car unfortunately, plus we bicker about everything

what manifold is that? a friend of mine adapted a yamaha motorcycle 4-1 header to his micra

>implying I am not the black moutain pass

>Veeky Forums so diverse now that a literal Welsh touge is posting


[super euro beat intensifies]

Just bought a Ford Focus that I have to collect from North Wales and drive it back to Cardiff, anyone wanna recommend me a route to take?

1) don't go at night
2) don't try and race any Micras
3) duck eggs are larger and more delicious than chicken eggs

throw the 1.0 pistons in and get a better throttle body, you'll be putting down 120hp easy

not the guy you responded to, but do you have any idea how much power 1.0 pistons will give in a 1.3 without any other mods?

It's a micra, there's no power to begin with

Are Autobots and mechs welcome to this meet?

What do i have here

>TFW no Brit mechas

You sure about that?

It's been fucking scorchio down south.

night time is best time

Wales is true Britain! Never conquered!

>Never conquered.

What is 1535?

Wales is not a country

Anything other than 3 or 5 cyl is haram

The fuck are you calling us Puppets for, you damn chav.

Pleased to see you finally got permission to post in our thread

I dont need no damn permission from no one.

Daily reminder that Julian is happy to box a Frenchman, any Frenchman



Holy shit there's an actual trophy?

This time next week we'll be frying up some good food and performing our traditional trap sacrifice

brit boys a sweetest :3

my strong little rocco will be present at usc :)


>TFW Rocco actually kinda cute

Yes there's a real trophy we aren't fucking mugs.

We take shitbox racing very seriously. Interior strips are common just for the event.



rocco is tough and strong and mean. the cute one is driving it.

Hey brit bongs I've never driven a car before but I play a lot of racing games, what should I get as my first car? From playing this Dreamcast game I feel like that civic is a really good car!!!

Don't go anywhere in North Wales unless you plan on coming back in an air ambulance with amnesia and no car.