ITT: We post our life goals/dreams

The balding guy in pic related
Making at least more than 200k a year
A side business selling meme shirts or something
Big house
A lot of young rich entrepreneur friends
A lot of old,rich and experienced entreprenuer friends
1800's Muttonchops

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Free college education
Graduate early or on time with honors
Get job with a reputable company that I'm qualified for, happy at, and somewhere I'm taken care of
Hopefully be noticed for working well and working hard
Be given a chance to grow within the company
Eventually be in a position of high management
Happy wife happy life
Live in nice, roomy home (still undecided on children or not)
Lots of friends, and hopefully still my childhood best friend that I've knows my whole life
Still physically in pretty good shape
Work for as long as I can
start buying stupid shit like a fishing boat for my friends and I, a nice car, etc.
Travel all over the world


Live off a nice chunk of dividend cash
Own a huge plot of land with enough room to farm and family to build on
Give my children an excellent education
Run a nonprofit, charity or run for political office
Positively affect the lives of those around me


Incredibly wealthy, but from hustle, not from luck - don't have to work unless I want to
Well-respected in the business and political world
Live extremely well, likely in an upscale home right outside the city
Married, maybe kids, definitely pets
Involved in a lot of charity and philanthropic things

Basically: get rich, get power, use power to help others.


I used t have goals but I reached half of them and I'm still not happy. Now I aim for wealth and power for the sake of wealth and power.

No Jon, you are the Jew.


currently go to near Ivy uni in murica
worked for my uncle and saw his startup get 250mil investment over a year
going to do academic research for a semester
after college I will apply for a Fulbright scholarship to the Philippines
afterwards target is Mba from u Chicago (hometown)
meanwhile I am trying to work my way up as a DJ(my real passion) - not fly by night,but one with real skills
always dreamed of going to medical school once I am older just to have the satisfaction of calling myself a doctor.

Five years ago I use to work in a warehouse and go to community college. Anything is possible if you work hard enough. If I can do it so can you.



get finance bachelor
get masters
nice job, save money
try to reach the highest branches (for example, minister of finance)


leading the war against imperialism/capitalism
die as a partisan
the movement i made wins
be remembered for the generations to come
songs with my name in them and a holiday for my death anniversary, books written about me and my deeds

tfw i wont achieve either


somehow be able to generate passive income
suddenly have money and time to do the things I love
get more into music and generative art
at some point, generate profit from these as well
become a reference (even if small) in the music industry
live comfortably and semi nomadically
fuck around until I get it out of my system
find a qt who loves me, live together, start a small family
pass on my values to children


get over my retardness and actually become good at coding and love it
start getting into other shit that was beyond me, like electronics
develop alone and start getting involved in advanced technological projects that benefit mankind and may catapult us further into an almost utopia
become known for my contribution (again, even if small)
live happily knowing I have contributed to the advance of the human race

This last one would obviously include the fucking around part and maybe children.


graduate college, commission as an Army officer because of ROTC
serve my four years, hopefully stationed somewhere in the US
get master's in Finance
Use veteran status and education to land sweet job somewhere in the Midwest
Buy my own piece of land in a rural area
Get dogs, wife, maybe kids
Have enough to comfortably live on


Get a good job (check)
attract 7/10qt3.14 wife material (check)
Use that money to start my own buisness
Grow buisness
become filthy rich, diversify
retire 30
homeschool my children

I'm on the edge of having my own buisness in anew open market with much growth and huge margin. I'm getting close to my goals.


homeschool my children

Would that be a good idea? Could work, if they actually interacted with other kids on the regular.


I would put them in sports and choir and band and shit. Maybe have them go to public high school. It's just that public schools are just shit, and they flat out lie about historical events. Raising generations of morons.

"Christopher Columbus discovered America!" That's why it's called Columbia right? Amerigo discovered it, unless you give the credit to the vikings.

I just don't want to spend my days debunking what a pleb teacher tells my children. I'd rather just teach then correctly the first time.


I think the worst wouldn't be history, but the way they teach maths and other related shit.

you have to know this or you'll fail


No shit. American education sucks. I just wish there was a good way to socialize home schooled children. I've got some ideas, but I'm not sure it's sufficient.


homeschool my children
Oh man I can't wait to do this. Except for getting to chill with my buddies, I always hated public school. I used to constantly get in trouble for fidgeting, reading ahead of the class, etc. Public school is designed to hold kids back so everyone is at the same level. So dumb. I want my kids to enjoy learning, not dread going to a brick prison every day. I have a friend who is homeschooling her children and doing a great job. They take lessons like karate or swimming with other kids, do Boy Scouts, etc. They spend their time actually learning instead of cheating their way through a broken system.


join the army
climb through the ranks
become a general
lead my men through the upcoming race war
either live, raise my children and become a teacher or die and go to Valhalla.


It's sad reading this thread, realising that the likelihood is that no one here will achieve their proposed dreams.

Of course, everyone thinks that they're the exception.


Major in economics
Start working at the New York Fed
Get employed at Goldman Sachs
Join the Office of Management and Budget or a similar government economics group (CEA, Treasury, Fed)
Eventually go back into the private sector either at McKinsey or Goldman Sachs as a high ranking economist
join a right wing political movement once my career gets built up

Essentially pic related (Larry Kudlow not Jim Cramer)


What are you, Ulfric Stormcloak? There won't be a race war. There will be a silent coup, you will never get the chance to defend yourself in open combat.


Shoot for the moon, even if you miss you land among the start :)


stars* ;)


I hate to out myself like this, but I was homeschooled as a kid because I moved around a lot. It worked really, really well, at least in my case.

If you divorce homeschooling from the religious groups that usually do it, it's a fucking great way to get your kids to focus on the shit that matters and prepare them for studying in college. I was able to spend a lot of my time learning stuff I gave a shit about (coding, foreign languages, finance, etc.) and not unnecessary stuff. Granted, I slacked on math and regret it to this day (part of the reason I'm getting an engineering degree in my spare time now - making up for it), but it was still valuable. No wasted time, no commuting, just focus.

The only real caveat to non-religious homeschooling I can think of is the socialization aspect. I "grew up" on the Internet, which was probably bad. Social clubs become 300x more important when you homeschool kids, as otherwise they don't socialize much. I spent about 3 years in a remote location with no homeschooling scene, which didn't help, as I went into college pretty much socially inept as FUCK.

Also, the religious kids are fucking intolerable. I can still remember being lectured by my peers for various inane shit - playing violent videogames, talking about porn, listening to metal, etc etc. Lots of them are now married with 12 kids and stuff, their Facebook feeds are unbearable. The girl I had a crush on back in the day now has 10 kids with a man twice her age.


The girl I had a crush on back in the day now has 10 kids with a man twice her age.
Well you really dodged that bullet.

My family isn't religious so no worries there. Like you said, those kids are creepy as fuck.


home schooling makes you miss out on the most important part of school: how to deal with rules / teachers / punk kids / make friends / be exposed to trouble kids AKA REAL LIFE. it is SO much more important then however fucked up you think the education system is. Supplement it if you want with additional work, but home schooling is doom ESPECIALLY for girls.

home schooling is a disaster and is 99% done by religious people. Your precious little shit kids are going to crash and burn when they move into the real world.

Buddy of mine has been fired from every job he's had because he doesnt understand how to relate to people. He's hard working and respectful of authority but doesnt get along with anyone and takes everything personally when coworkers tease him or are assholes. He never learned how to deal with bullies and asshole people because he was homeschooled until highschool.


Public school is designed to hold kids back
Qualified teacher here. It's not 'designed' to hold kids back. The US school system is just so fucking bad because there's a LOT of dumb kids raised by dumb parents, and dumb cunts vote in people who promote 'no child left behind' and so teachers have to teach to the stupid, leaving the smart people stagnating, yet collecting accolades because the retards of the class can participate. School is fucked, but not because it is intentionally 'designed to hold kids back' - it's designed to hold retards hands which in turn holds normal kids back

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