Alternative solutions for a flat tire

I bought my car two months ago and just realized the original spare tire and jack were pulled out, so I put in a spare+jack I had lying around

since then I've noticed my car feels pretty sluggish compared to how it was before and my gas mileage has gotten slightly worse, but if I pull the stuff out again I'm gonna feel kinda paranoid knowing that if I do get a flat, I'll be screwed

what are some alternative, weight-saving remedies for a flat tire, Veeky Forums?

sidenote: if it matters, I have AAA roadside assistance, and I don't intend to road trip this car

Get some tire filling foam shit or whatever.

Drive home or to an auto shop to get a fresh tire/get your flat fixed.

Fix a flat and a pocket tire inflator. I've been told fix a flat will wreck a wheel but I have no idea really

>Get some tire filling foam shit or whatever.
>Fix a flat

No, do not do this. If you''re really that concerned about weight, just get a donut spare that matches your lug pattern.

>Feels slugish
Its what 70 lbs? Get over it fucking retard.

>puts a spare tire in the car
>feels really sluggish

Geez what do you have like 20 hp?

>No, do not do this.
My S2000 came factory with a tire sealant kit instead of a spare to save weight. I'd probably call for a tow instead of using it though, and sealant doesn't fix all kinds of flats.

But still, less weight. Plus the spare tire doesn't fit where it would normally go anyway.

yeah the intent would be to have something that can handle a ride to the tire shop

I'm aware that fix-a-flat makes a huge mess and fucks up your wheels/tires, but has anyone tried that "Slime" stuff? it supposedly works the same way, but it's easier for the tire shop workers to clean off and it won't damage your shit

a full sized spare, plus a set of tools and a jack is gonna weigh more than that, monsieur autiste

nah fampai, 140hp and 2200lbs. shaving off an extra ~100lbs can make a noticeable difference, and I find it kind of annoying that it now takes me a bit longer to get up to speed

Do you notice when you have a single passenger?

I literally don't notice anything in my 1400kg 130hp shitbox until 3-4 people get in. I can't imagine a 35lb spare and a 10lb jack/tire iron make a noticeable difference with a better p/w than I have.

Probably just placebo effect.

>Probably just placebo effect.
When I used to take my Prelude to the drag strip on Fridays, I'd sometimes pull my spare, tools, jack, and other extra stuff when I wasn't feeling lazy. Days I left everything in the car I was about a tenth or so slower (on a mid 15 run).

It was a minor difference, but also a fairly consistent one.

My local drag strip/race track makes you remove anything from the car that isn't tied down and they'll check to make sure you don't have a donut or lug wrench or anything like that.

I got bitched at for having my music player plugged in and "loose"

>My local drag strip/race track makes you remove anything from the car that isn't tied down
Stuff like that is why I miss where I used to race.

Last time I was at Englishtown in my S2000, they made me run exhibition passes alone. Scrutinized every bit of the car, checked the sticker in my helmet, then called the tower to double check. For a 14 second car.

Meanwhile, at Beaver Springs where I used to race my Prelude, tech consisted of writing a number of your windshield. I took passengers down the strip, neither of us with helmets, and no one cared because I was running 15's. Really miss that track, hope it hasn't changed.

> such difference, much time, wow
Just carry a spare you fucking weaboos

Tech where I am is basically remove anything lose, make sure you've got a helmet if you're on the regular race track and that's pretty much it. If you're doing open wheel racing it gets a lot more stringent but for production car races it's not bad.

>it's a placebo effect
>no, there's a measurable difference
Nice discussion.

Just a helmet isn't bad, that's pretty reasonable I suppose. Beaver Springs only required a helmet if you ran 13's, and that was it until you hit 11.49. NHRA requirements and nothing more, it was way better than all the overly-strict strips I live by now. I really should make a trip out there when I finish my Prelude.

>anything lose
Oops, loose

Yeah, I don't think a helmet is too bad of a deal. Then again, I rarely do drags, I usually just do track stuff.

>fill tire with lighter fuel (butane)
>Hold a match near tire
I saw it on top gear it must work

>Weight more than that.

What sized wheels and tires you have?

I have 245/70r16 on steelies and they weigh less than a sack of cement (less than 90lbs) and I can't tell the difference with or without.

Assuming your shitbox is really a shitbox then your wheels are probably tiny.

That works to seat the bead of large sidewall and off road tires onto the wheel not to inflate it tho

I'm not that guy but in my old wagon I could easily feel a 50L difference in fuel load. It was plush and underpowered as hell though.

I notice it in my less old wagon now too but as much because it's only got a 40L tank and the suspension isn't made of a mattress spring and an old bicycle pump.

This. I drive a 800kg (

I didn't mean it makes ZERO difference. The humidity in the air also makes a difference.

I'm just saying you don't actually feel it. If someone removed those items from your trunk without telling you, you wouldn't notice until you looked in the trunk (or, possibly, timed yourself against a baseline to the 10th of a second).

50L of fuel is around 110lbs, much more than a jack and spare. But I still doubt you actually felt it, to be honest. Likely still a placebo effect.

In a 75hp renault Clio you can't feel it in the acceleration but it does make the rear ride smoother. But then that's 90lbs in a sub 2000lbs car.

The extra 130lbs of fuel I stick in the 4000lbs pickup doesn't make a noticeable difference even in ride quality. It takes about 500lbs to affect that and even then the acceleration only starts to take a just noticeable difference.

These days, Chrysler just puts a FLAT low-profile mini-spare and an electric vaccum pump in the back of the Pacifica Van.

And this is an **upgradable** option at the time of purchase.

Meaning, people that buy the base Pacifica have no flat tire of any kind.

>git dat gas mileage low, lol

Er, meaning that people that drive Pacificas never leave the service radius of their friendly tow truck driver.

>Get some tire filling foam shit
>I've been told fix a flat will wreck a wheel
>has anyone tried that "Slime" stuff?

Your TPMS air pressure sensor has a little hole about the size of a pinhead. At least mine does, but there are different TPMS models of course. What happens when leak sealant goes into that hole and after a period of time, solidifies in that hole? Does it make tire pressure sensing less accurate? I know if your ears fill up with liquid, you sense both sound and pressure differently.

>having TPMS
It's only a temporary fix anyway, you still need to properly repair or replace the tire after the sealant is used. The sensor can be replaced at the same time.

That Honda included the sealant as a factory item is notable though, the kit only has that and a small compressor. It needs to be replaced periodically because it does expire, I'm curious how much longer it will be available (I've only replaced mine once).

Spit and see attached

Tire fag here. Fuck off with the fix a flat, that shit is nasty and it's going to take a lot longer to properly fix your tire since you have to get it all off the wheel and get the liquid of of the tire. That tire slime shit is 10x worse than fix a flat, don't use that either.

Just keep your spare in your car and make sure it's at 60 psi. It's a small tire so it's going to fill up really quick.

*Out of the tire.

I guess ama about tires while I'm here.

This guy's right . It won't fuck up your wheel, but it will ruin the pressure sensor if you have them. Also some of that shit makes it difficult to patch the tire when you go to get it fixed. Sometimes it makes the inside lining turn to soft goo so when you'd buff it to prep it for a patch, it just gums all up. They might not be able to find the leak, too. Because sometimes that stuff actually works.

Lmao. What tires worst to dismount? I'd bet we'll agree. They do ride good tho, right? Too bad they rot off the car before they go bald.

Also you ever see those conti with that tar shit inside? Tiger paw calls it "nail gard"... just pull the nail out push the shit over the hole. I don't really do to many tires anymore, but the new kid had a conti yesterday where the thing had like 2 inches thick memory foam or some shit inside the tire attached to the lining. Under that was the nail tar shit. He buffed the foam off with the buffer and tried to buff the tar, too. Fucked the buffer pretty bad with goo. FNGs amiright?

>10kg wheel
>10kg of tools max
>car feels sluggish

May as well lose some weight

> take a shit
> my car is fast now!
> stop at store
> buy jigsaw puzzle, fresh box of crayons
> eat sandwich
> my car is so sluggish now...

>so I put in a spare+jack I had lying around
Did you ever verify the hub of the spare from the old car fits on your current car.?

>just carry a can of slime or whatever

Half of my flats the tires fucking shredded on me beyond what a can of shit could repair

Enjoy being stranded

I really hate high profile sumimotos. Such a shit tire. Mounting them sucks too because even if you put on a lot of tire paste I've had to air them up to 80 psi to seat the bead. Pirellis aren't that great either

Closest I've seen to that was some Goodyear tires off of a Tesla.