*Patiently awaits that Mustang General thread where everyone can post their Mustang, share stories...

*Patiently awaits that Mustang General thread where everyone can post their Mustang, share stories, have good discussions regarding mods and general upgrades*

I've been waiting for 4 months now. It always fails. Ends up as a low reply-count thread mostly composed of shitposters. Sigh.

i cant afford that shit but my car could smoke it anyway

*Patiently waits for that FJ Cruiser general thread that always ends up with me being the only poster and quietly sobbing myself to sleep as my thread crawls to page 10 and dies alone and forgotten*

You know nothing of my struggles OP.

first post and shots already fired

Well, I mean, there aren't that many of those things on the road.
If it helps at all, that is one of the (maybe THE) only modern Toyota that even remotely appeals to me.

If you can't afford a mustang, you probably can't afford a car.

>yfw they don't even make it anymore because burgerclaps would rather own shitpile Jeeps that break down every 10,000 miles and cost you $6,000/year in repairs

Mustangs aren't expensive though

get a better car or at least one worth talking about

Own a 2006 GT and put Flowmaster Outlaw exhaust on it.
Holy fucking shit is it loud! Like, too loud, my family already hates it when I come home late and wake up the entire neighborhood.

R.I.P. you tri-wiper.

I have an svo I need to do something with. I have all the drivetrain but no body. I just found a gutted shell that I guy used to use for road racing so hopefully I can get that. Has a lot of suspension and brake upgrades already. But I need to clean up my life, no room for a project that will just sit for a few years. I miss my fox body, was a fun ride and I got 27mpg without really trying. But I just twiddle my thumbs and watch the world go by. What's my disease Veeky Forums

The only thing stopping me from getting a mustang is seeing them around every corner all day every day.

I know that feel. I have roush axlebacks and leave the house most days at 5am. I cringe and try to get out as fast as possible

>What's my disease Veeky Forums

Chronic depression. Everyone has it now, it's perfectly normal.

If you're not constantly hating yourself and everything around you, there's probably something wrong with you.

We need another World War. Weak times make weak men.

Funny because I live in New York City and I don't see them often at all. Maybe I'll see 1 or 2 in an hour of driving on the highway (and most of those are V6's or ecoboost).

GT's are exceptionally rare here. Maybe if I lived out in the country and saw them everywhere, I'd feel a little differently.

If you have a car that people have created a hate-meme about you probably won't have a good posting about it here.

Maybe one day, OP.

>hood doesn't line up with front quarter panel
>$40,000 car

wew Ford

your 5.0L is nice, but get your shit together

>mfw it lands

They've never had their shit together. Right back to Henry Ford days, Fords were shoddily built. Always have been, always will. And the Ford family is still deeply involved in the company.

If you knew anything about modern mustangs you'd know that's not a 5.0

GT's look the same from the front.

I'm talking about the hood and quarter panel not aligning, I'm not talking about a gap. There's an overlap where there shouldn't be.

No 5.0 badge on the front fender. I applaud your efforts though.

2015+ GTs have triangular "fangs" in the grille and the hood has a more aggressive arch. That's one thing I don't like about them. The difference between the GT and lesser models is subtle, aesthetically speaking.

Those 2005-2014 GT's have those awesome fog lights which give it away.

I don't need a badge to tell people what I've got.

There's no 12.0 tattoo'd on me, but ur mum knows what I'm packin.

Deleted the post after realizing that I lack reading comprehension. The panel gap is painful in a few places.

Do they upgrade the GTs with proper panel alignment? Or are they also an homage to horrid 60's build quality.

dohohoho holy fuck nigga your hood is CROOKED

Jesus Christ. I almost bought one of these.

No the GT has different grilles and it has hood "vents"

Pretty sure it's just shifted towards the driver's side a little, or the actual fenders are misaligned. Wouldn't have stopped me from buying the car though.

I heard the transmissions are Chinese. That should've stopped you.

Tfw bought a v8 with a slushbox.

They should've replace the MT-82 transmission with something else for the sixth generation, but they didn't. It'll be a glorious day when mine decides to obliterate itself.

>automatic V8 Mustang

If it's a convertible I'm killing you.

That's the primary reason I didn't buy one. I was at the dealership and everything last year, but after I started reading about how Ford managed to shit the bed one of the most important components...I decided against it.

Mustangs have been compromising on interiors and comfort for years, but not on engines or transmissions. People will make exceptions if you deliver a good shift and lots of power. But if you start jewing on those things, you're going to lose customers forever. I don't ever see myself in a modern Ford. I'll just keep saving my shekels for a GT390 or a Mach1.

No it's a coupe. The only convertible mustangs that look good are the classic ones IMO.

Hey I put Mustang wheels on my Ford Ranger and I keeps swerving toward crowds of people, how do I stop it from doing that?

But I always wonder: if you spent the money on a classic Mustang, why buy a convertible instead of a coupe?

Unless you have money for multiple Mustangs, coupe should always be first choice. Convertibles are for women, gays, and old men having some kind of emotional crisis.

Yeah my input shaft and throwout bearing have a bit of damage. The switch to Royal purple transmission fluid helps a bit, but its harder to shift when the car is cold.


wrong reply

>inb4 someone calls this a V6

If you really drive a Ford, you should be castrated for that comment.

it's not a V6, it's worse - it's a 4 cylinder

inb4 muh torque muh hp




Feel the wind in your hair? I don't know. It sure isn't to go fast. When I think about classic mustangs, I think about a cherry red 1965 convertible cruising down a desert highway.

Classic Veeky Forums-tier response, nicely done.

In his defense, I giggled like a little bitch after trying out a 2016 ecoboost. It's fun as shit. This was back when I owned a 2011 v6 mustang.

Thanks, I've been here a while.

What is this some Thelma and Louise shit? Fucking faggot, you should be thinking about the red hot engine block of a 429 dropping panties so fast they break the sound barrier. That's SPEED nigga.

I like that with the perf. pack wheels.

nice user.

Post Automobile

Veeky Forumsutist

Yeah, that much displacement definitely displaces my semen. Fuck, imagine a modern day 429 Boss? Hnnnnnngh

Thank you,

I almost got Guard,

but i liked the Deep Impact Blue too much.

Performance pack wheels are nice but if i had to do it again, i would get the california special package then put the wheels on. Even though no 3.55 rear end or ESP & suspension tuning.

Am I the only one who can't stand that color?

oh man I think the differential makes the car. makes it much more punchy. it's a fun as shit DD.

>crooked steering wheel general

Is a $1.5k Mustang really viable or am I better off with a Civic or Integra

also how tune-able is a Mustang

>Is a $1.5k Mustang really viable
Really depends on what mustang it is and what engine is in it.
A i4 fox body or v6 SN95? Sure, probably wasn't thrashed and could be decent. A V8? Thrashed to shit.
>am I better off with a Civic or Integra
In most cases yes
>also how tune-able is a Mustang
Depends on the model. Newer sure, older not so much.

Yeah its a fun car, smiles all the time as long as the tires are warm and its not raining.

Airaid CAI
UPR dual valve catch can
Muffler Deletes
-1 Spark Plugs
Cobb stage 1 california tune
Window tint
Synthetic oils in motor, transmission, and diff
Crankcase vent in place of oil cap

and i vented the recirculation tube to atmosphere, its a zero cost blow off valve.

I bought a V6 2004 Mustang about 5 years ago, before I found out about Veeky Forums.
Feel free to mock me.

No mock, please enjoy.

Many burnouts and hektik skids come your way.

The most beautiful modern day mustang I've ever seen was a V6 SN95.

The exterior was immaculate. Guy put on some very tasteful mods. Car was white with black accents on the most appropriate places.

I can't hate on em.

This is her. Almost at 100k miles.

You're a drug addict

Isnt every mustang owner?

>Merging onto the highway at wide open throttle going 40mph

kek. It's aesthetically please but god damn those old sixers are junk.


I remember a rainy day, California 2011, senior year of high school when an SN95 was my first car.

Cigarettes in the rain, euphoric friends, our mascot was the Mustang too.

no joke.

Power went out and school was cancelled for the day, we got out at about 11:30am.

Spent the day with friends just eating junk food, smoking cigarettes, and chilling by the levee, as the creek began to overflow.


I am looking at a v6 SN95 if not a v8. What's the least I could spend to get a non fucked v8?

I used to own a mustang and I am one now, soooo....yes?

why are you projecting so hard on the convertible?

you are gay as fuck, dude.

Don't listen to that him. All mustangs are abused in some way, shape, or form. You just have to buy them from the right people. A lot of V8 owners are old geezers who kept them in the garage and drove them every other weekend. You just have to know who the previous owner is. Buying private might help with this.

Otherwise get a full inspection before buying. I'd recommend a stealership honestly.

1. How to find stealership?

2. What do you do? Pay for the whole inspection, have the seller pay, go half, what?

65 notch back, with a 302, and waaay to high of gearing

Now if only togues roads

I just sold pic related for $1800. V8, 5 speed, runs and drives


The 70 to 73 mach one's are starting to grow on me.

* 71-73

You're gonna run rich coming off of boost.

Just got it yesterday. Trying to smog tomorrow.

I didn't say anything about the shit tier models not being abused you stupid nigger. Do you honestly think he's going to find a boomer selling a V8 for 1.5k? The ODDS are better for the nonv8 model to not be held together with JB weld than the V8 for that price. Veeky Forums is full of so many stupid faggots.

Le èdge

r8 my mustang pls be gentle
>5.0 roller shortblock with 1966 289 hipo heads and vintage ford aluminum intake
>long tube headers with cherry bombs



Gen 2s get a lot of hatred but there's something endearing about them

Yours is impressively clean user, looks great

Notchback a best.


aka no one likes them so you go hipster mode and like it


Thanks friends

>poor build quality

Posting Mustang Guard v8 MT Master Rice.

I have a 2012 with the borla atak axlebacks and damn its loud as hell, mom hates it when I drive because it's "too loud" but I still love it

anyone else here track their stang?

if so what mods?

Fucking pussies i have an S550 GT long tubes, no cats, catback and i still dont think its loud enough.

you already have a fucking general

I'm waiting for Nissan general.

You don't know suffering until you're a bmw owner on Veeky Forums. Until then don't talk to me about failed generals and shitpost aficionados.



i just bought this one last week. How badly did i fuck up? (other than it's black and going to be a heat pig summer time.)