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just for you chazo and other poster


Xth for cutecina

Do one for the Mii Brawler and his Dair and ill love you forever.
I dont have a reference pic

no boomerangs flying around

I would but its not as general purpose since not many people even know that brawler's dair is good, I would do the custom up b MAYBE

But its for me, so I can use personally.

Welcome to the new Veeky Forums Smash Tournament Series:

The /ssbg/ Smash League

The Smash League will be a new format of competition, a Round Robin Tournament in which everyone plays vs everyone in a point-system ranking.

Points will be achieved by:

Winner of the Set: 3 points
Loser of the Set by 2-1: 1 point
Loser of the Set by 2-0: 0 points

After finishing all the rounds, The Top 8 players with most points participate in Rustlemania a Double Elimination Tournament for the Championship. The Bottom 3 will enter the next tournament with a score of -5

NOTE: The League begins in August 22th but that doesn't mean you have to play that day, you could start playing 3 days later, for example.

You could play 1 set per day, or 5 sets in the weekend, doesn't matter. The objective is to play with anyone and get the highest number of points to pass to the next round.

1. Double Elimination
2. 2 Stocks
3. 6 Minutes
4. No Items
5. Customs NOT allowed
6. Miis and Custom Miis allowed, default size only.
7. No Equipment
8. Best of 3 *NOTE: If players want, best of 5

Join the new ssbg Smash league

Wii U:




The League would be played in the course of 15-30 days, you dont Need to play EVERY match in just one day.

It's expected to be a 18-24 man Tournament, but if more people get in, it will be divided by pools

Let's try to Make /ssbg/ Great Again ®

Can you explain how this works?

tried my best famalam

Sounds complicated

bless you, masketta man

Anyone want to play a few? Wii u

Sure I guess, sent. I'll host a room in a sec

Do NOT post in a chazo thread which only exists for advertising his circejerk discord, real thread with real ssbg discord in the OP here:
Let this one die like his other threads

they are both advertising their own thing, this one was first though.

>their own thing
The ssbg is open without moderation
Chazos discord is just that, CHAZOS discord and he thinks he owns this place

Stop samefagging chazo. You made the thread early on purpose to be "first"

oh wow, really? How did that even happen?

>other thread has 6 (SIX) posters

its not a contest. And bringing that up is just gonna make the other dude start refreshing his phone to generate more new IPs. Its not rocket science.

Alright, I have to stop for now. Thanks for the games.

>that last stock

Reminder that Lucina is actually pretty good and worthy of a character slot

So you are covering stupid (good) moves?
I think that samus Dspecial is in order and Witch time

Her... morphball bomb? Thats not even good in this game. Unless you mean ZSS's flip kick, in which case id say her grab is her main stupid food move.

yeah I meant ZSS
What could be Samus' tho? Screw Attack? Uair?

nothing, except in casuals with her neutral b

zss flip kick is definitely dumber

breddy gud

>three active threads, one of them is saging
Man come on. This is disappointing and pathetic.

I mean this is the first one that was posted, I don't get the people that will go to another one just because of OP

Chazo needs his shitposting hub and attentionwhoring in the OP

We're here

This thread is going to die anyway

Fuck off, this thread was here first, and doesnt have a shitposting OP image

this x 10

Forgotten webm time?


>forcing random posts to fake activity

classic chazo





fucking paranoid



>reposting the same webms over and over

Kill yourself






Which characters would Amethyst and Steven main?

Both Wario

Anti and LTG had a match? I got to see that shit

>jigglypuff mains