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Wild Hugs Edition.

Standalone Gwent is announced!

Blood & Wine and patch 1.22 is released!
New Region trailer: youtube.com/watch?v=ZEJT5XRftOU
Launch trailer: youtube.com/watch?v=OP-ZsLYGJfQ
Patchnotes: wpc.4d7d.edgecastcdn.net/004D7D/mkt/document/Changelog-1.22-ENG.pdf

HoS developer stream: twitch

>Latest patch, free DLCs, The Witcher books(first 5 are official, the remaining fan translations are of varying quality) and short stories
>Experimental first-person perspective mod for TW3

>Pastebin containing Witcher gear locations, TW1+2 and books info
>Console Commands Currently broken
>Where do I find Gwent cards?
>Witcher lore series for newfriends
>All vanilla Gwent cards ready to be printed out
>Gwent Standalone cards
>Redirect to the current thread

Cyberpunk 2077
>First trailer
>Creator about Cyberpunk 2077's world

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First for Iris

>Wild Hugs Edition.

pure love

The purest :3



Last thread had actual discussions, wow, almost brought a tear to my eye, how about more of that, /wtc/?


Is there a way to make Geralt perpetually clean-shaven?

get fucked

fucking this

Ciri was sitting cross-legged on the ground, paying great attention to cards at hand. Geralt tried to teach her some Gwent one lazy afternoon and unfortunately, she didn't seem to understand card games at all. He threw a spy with a backward motion, his superior tactics granting him two additional siege cards. Ciri pouted and threw her deck in the air, then kicked at the match cards and walked off.

Geralt wasn't going to let that one slide. She makes fun of my horse, fine. She insults my beard, fine by me. She drinks all my apple juice? Okay! But disrespecting Gwent? Fuck no.

– Come over here – he barked at her.
– I won't. Your game of chance bores me.
– It's a game of skill, cunt. Come over here.

Ciri approached him exasperated, a her face a mask of shock.

– Did you just call me a cunt?
– I did. You're shit at cards. You insult my superior tactics, call me a lucker. Well guess what, Ciri. You're no longer a kid. I will no longer restrain myself.

Geralt grabbed her by the neck and bent her down, quickly unsheathed his silver sword began smacking ass with the flat of the blade. She shouted in pain for a while, then began moaning. Oh no, thought Geralt. Not again.

– M-more – she begged, some strange obsession in her eyes. Her hands already began unbuttoning her shirt.

The witcher sighed and took off his pants and breeches. Ciri instantly got to his giant mutated cock and began sucking furiously, pulling painfully at his majestic albino bush. Geralt patted her head in a preoccupied manner and thought of Yennefer sucking Triss' tits to make himself hard. His cock instantly hardened, seemingly because of Ciri's tongue covering it with tons of slobber.

She's my daughter, he thought. I have to make her happy, otherwise what kind of a father am I? He thought about Yen playing nude Gwent with Triss, making himself jizz violently. Ciri slurped at his fluorescent semen and let out a muffled gasp of comfort.

It's my duty. My destiny. My daughter.


>nude Gwent with Triss
I want this, me and Triss sitting naked and playing Gwent is my dream.

Kiss me, papa

falka > ciri

Ciri got molested by her papa.

It's not molestation if she likes it

Kindly take a long walk off a short pier, you degenerates.

Goddamn, I wish I was Ciri in that moment

Emhyr is kind of cute tbqh.

Watching that makes me wet

Is it already too late for me?

>not wanting to be Ciri all the time

>Is it already too late for me?

I want Triss to remove her panties, sit on my face and wiggle her ass.

Our discord when ?

It's not gonna make itself.

I genuinely felt bad for her, RIP

I'd suck his dick in a non-homosexual way.

Impossible. Only cute, feminine penises can be sucked non-homosexually.

Roche, pls

You're not fooling anyone

>ywn lick the sweat off Emhyr's chest

This, Emhyr has a massive throbbing penis. Only Ciri knows how to handle it properly.

Speaking from experience?

>look up thread hoping there'd be sick discussion about gwent or lore theories
>see this shit

Which character has the most beautiful penis?

>ywn use your warm saliva to trace circles around his nipples

Here we go.

If you guys want to discuss:

Memes, mutagens and giggles.

... in real time, then join the following link:


where in the books it says that keira is a tranny?

Id fuck her anyways

I think we already established this

Top 10 penises of the witcher world:


>this thread

Keep going

Check previous thread, may be the last discussion heavy thread for this cesspool for a while.

Just before the Thanedd coup. She says to Geralt that she might have a bit more expertise than most when it comes to pleasing a man.

We are 2 and the other guy is a mute.

Cause she is a whore. A WHOOOORE, user.

>Implying a tranny would have more experience in pleasing a man than a gorgeous woman
>Implying a woman being a good lay is somehow a bad thing

Unrelated to the general, but a woman can have an idea of what is pleasurable for a man. A tranny KNOWS it first hand.

Oh how very wrong you are.
Those penises should be ashamed of themselves.

I killed the server. You're nothing but a bunch of faggots.

A tranny might know what works for her, and apparently she didn't like it enough to, you know, want to continue enjoying her own penis.
Also I'm merely shitposting :3

OMG, now I want to get penetrated by Triss' penis.

If you check it out, diameter is 10 cm. It hardly even fits in the damned box! So, might want to rethink that.

It's ok, I have a tight virgin asshole and it's Triss so I'm sure it would be lovely.

You could start with Dettlaff's, work your way up.

Meh, I'm not really a penis aficionado, I'm only interested in Triss' penis, vagina or whatever else she's wielding.

So, what are you guys playing now that The Witcher is over?

I just started playing WoW (Vanilla) for the first time.

Elder Scrolls: Legends

Overwatch mostly. I'm contemplating starting Pillars of Eternity too at some stage.

Avallac'h Ciri

Avallac'h/Ge'els OTP

elven genocide when

Fucking fantastic; at least it's not Triss we are seeing.


Are there underwater enemies that are not drowners or sirens? Like some REAL monsters and not cheap one shot critters?

Geralt and Triss are OTP.




Whales. And ghosts. UuUuUuh~, spooky
Honestly? I'm a jew and ~50€ for the games+DLCs is a good price.
Makes more sense to pirate FO4

>~50€ for the games+DLCs is a good price.

You know what's an even better price?

My dick?

If it's free


Nothing in life is free, mate. You'll discover it someday...

>I'm a jew

>best song
>not in the official soundtrack


Download the game with the latest patches and DLC, pedercino


Novigrad outskirts and that song reached the comfyness levels of Chapter 4

Hows the combat in Witcher 3? I'm temped to buy it since i've heard it's so great but the combat in 1 and 2 really put me off those games.

Most games are

>Implying patches and DLC are not included

Why do you think it's 57 gigs magarče

This one is also damn good


>Going to play Witness and Watch Dogs

I would tell you to kill yourself, but at least you are going to play Witcher, even though you are a piratefag.

>Not trying out games you probably won't like just to see how they're executed, map design etc


combat in 3 is much gooder'n 1 and 2

When does this play?
I don't even remember the track

I really, really want to play tw1 but damn that combat system is shit even with fcr

When he tells the oneiromancer about Ciri.

I am going to crash Triss and Geralt's wedding.

I think I'm about half into the game , is there any point where there are puzzles?

Like the elven place in W2 chapter 3,I think that was really well done, then the riddles with the Golem

There are a couple points where you need to re-orientate statues and things like that, but I'd hesitate to them puzzles in any meaningful sense.

Puzzles in Witcher 3 are dogshit, they simplified that shit so hard for the new fanbase whatever little puzzles you find are just stupid.

well I don't even remember any puzzles from Witcher 1

the one with the estatues in keira's cave its cool

I'd suggest trying to power through it. It's worth it once you get used to it.


Yes, you.

You're waifu is shit. She's poorly written, pandering garbage. I don't care who she is. She's shit. S. H. I. T. Shit. What's that? She's a critically acclaimed well written/acted/whatever character? Well, guess what. She's still shit. Because that character dies the second she enters your jizz-encrusted sock of a brain. Everything that made her interesting to a normal person is cast out, replaced with a shallow masturbatory parody.





Husbandos are good though, right?

F'in drama queen!

Didn't know it could snow in Novigrad/Velen.