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First for bans being tied to your hardware/processor address.

this is the image you are looking for

>still can't pick what mode you want to play

full priced game preventing consumers from choice

great game blizzard

Touch the D.Va


What Player Icon do you use, /owg/?

Fareeha Amari

Corrupted Hana Song as hero or D.Va skin when?

>have no healer
>some asshole junkrat constantly spamming that we need one
>fuck it I switch to Lucio
>"dude we need real heals go mercy"
He was just memeing r-right?

gods showing surefour who the better widowmaker is lol.


On a scale of horrible to git gud, how bad are these stats?

table tennis mei

Depends, did the opposing team have a Mercy?


>tfw so autistic that I can't even talk to people properly on the mic
>tfw they say they can't hear me and I lie saying it's my mic
>tfw playing with a dude that was really cool but the silence was too awkward so quit

What the actual fuck is wrong with me /owg/? I don't even want to go on now.

>Winston shield not being useless
>Winston ultimate not being useless

All I want. If Winston was better then Genji and Zenyatta would be indirectly nerfed.

there are few maps as it is
picking your mode would make that even more jarring
I'm hoping they'll add it once more maps are in

Used D3 Demon Hunter since forever
Recently switched to Symmetra Ribbon
I will use Sylvanas should I ever get it. (I got it in beta REEEEEEEE)

Bad. Those are numbers I pull in a bad QP match.

they are ok, try playing characters that aren't support sometimes.

Just had the worst match ever

>ching chong tower
>pretty evenly matched teams
>winning with 2, they have 1
>the worst fucking tilt ever happens
>their hanzo keeps us in spawn
>their tracer becomes unstoppable (ends match with 52 elims)
>we start switching out the ass, I was doing ok as McCree but was fucking dying at an unbelievable rate, the most I've ever died. I ended the game with an E/d of like 26/24 with silver elims and damage
>it's 2/2 and one member of our team ragequits , we lose

It was unfuckingbelievable how the enemy team suddenly merged into a single unstoppable entity, I'm still salty.

thanks for reading this blog post

When is the new brawl gonna drop?

Post healslut

lol, i saw this on stream. cucked so hard

Mako Rutledge

Post yours.

Say something nice and something mean about the person who goes before you.


i'm scared of what might happen

In a few hours I hope.

She is not a slut. Delete this.

>tfw you spend more time in OW threads than actually playing because you get performance anxiety and stress about failing your team mates

12v12 koth


bombing run


Post hero ideas

>when someone sends you a friend request

War from CoD World at War.

Two-side payload that starts in the middle of the map and both teams need to deliver it to the other team's side

I try to git gud with offense and defense characters to learn their patterns and movements so I can survive and hit them more often when I'm playing support, here's my QP stats. How bad are these?

talon corrupted hana song

Is my Soldier 76 Good?

Lucio/Genji/Hanzo/Pharah Obstacle Course.

12 vs God Unit


Payload race.

d.va but corrupted

no, next

>pick zenyatta
>Stand behind my tank line
>Reaper and Genji keep flanking
>Call it out every time
>They don't do anything
>"Shit Zenyatta" even though I'm the only one who got a card
Kill me...

Pretty much have stayed away from Hanzo since I first played because of his stigma. I don't know why but I tried him out today and he was so fucking fun. I forgot how satisfying nailing people with arrows is in videogames.

Best Hanzo skin bois?

tfw you post in the dead thread on accident

Somebody with a stun mechanic


City Trial from Kirby Air Ride


EnvyUs.Internethulk's incredible on-stream aimbot! Overwatch's #1 competitive team (27-1 in tournaments) has the best aimbots in the esports realm!

Why am I always being put on the fucking new player teams.

It's always fresh

Fuck forgot pic.

How are these stats, they're more accurate since it's over a longer period of time.

lone wolf

>people actually tanking the metacritic score over Blizzard's microtransaction policies

Marco, the Italian Circus Performer/Acrobat/Magician
>Intended to help heroes with vertical mobility
>M1: Shoots spell from wand tip which explodes after a short distance
>M2: Emits stream of energy that travels slowly in the direction first fired, can aim in different directions to create spread
>L-Shift: Dive towards enemy and latch onto them. Kick the enemy a huge distance away with M1 or launch yourself far away with M2
>E: Deploy trampoline that allies can jump on to launch themselves into the air. Disappears after 5 seconds
>Passive: Tight rope walk between gaps. Cancelled by jumping
>Ult: team within the area gets a massive boost to their jumping ability and gain ability to jump off walls


hi friend


I want the Candy Skull icon because I have a fetish for Day of the Dead stuff.

Post more talon tracer

lol fuck off with this ideological bullshit

people like KOTH, people will play KOTH. i dont like KOTH so i wont. but other people will.

and if the community divide is so large then blizzard should look into WHY people dont like whichever mode is severely underplayed.

the answer to stopping a divide isn't by forcing people into not being able to pick between vastly different modes, but to actually understand why people wouldn't want to play them

it's just lazy, shitty development and they can do it because dumb people think the way you do.

plus they brag about millions of people playing the game at any given time. any mode would be large enough.

>Guy on team says he sucks with Zenyatta after choosing him
>First time he dies he sobs into his mic and asks why zenyatta is so shit
>Every other death he either sobs or lets out an autistic shriek
>Screams when he only gets one vote on his card

Just make a vertical map and it'll be like a new gamemode.

nerf to widowmakers ass

Zenyatta is fucking ruining this game's meta.

Please nerf this faggot robot, Blizzard.

I wanna like Okami, but the white and gold isn't as good of a color combination as Lone Wolf, which does look sick. If it was white and red, it would be goat.

I noticed a lot of Legendary skins usually have one of them with an obviously inferior color palette.

That's a pretty fucked thing to have a fetish for, really.


It says
>Background Download
>An update for the game is downloading in advance so it will be ready on patch day.
It means:
>There's a patch on wednesday, we are predownloading this stuff to reduce server load on the actual patch day

fixing lucioball shit and minor bugfixes probably

>Screams when he only gets one vote on his card
*>Screams when he's the only vote on his card

>keeps playing it

true autism

That is no jokin matter user!
buff it

Who is this mysterious man? Did you get his name?

Replace Zenyatta with Zarya, than sure 100%

>bottom tier roadhog


Soundquake. CC Tank.

>600 Health, all armor
>Uniquely slow at -10% movement speed
>Primary fire is a punch like Rien but you have to aim. 75 damage and very strong knockback.
>E to fire rocket fist. Fast projectile. Hitting someone with rocket fist does 50 damage and continues to travel along a straight line with a grabbed character until they hit a wall for a brief stun. Long cool down.
>Shift smacks the ground and forces all people around him in a short AoE to be knocked back strongly.
>Ultimate forces him to sit still for a second before pulling all players in a large AoE directly towards him before firing them in a direction of his choosing a second later. All players pulled take 50 damage.

>Winston is S Tier again

What crosshair do you use, /owg/?


on koth he is

short crosshair, yellow with no bloom


He's literally always been S tier in koth. His ability to cheese the point will never not be good. It's honestly an inherently bad game mode, but Zen makes it even worse.


>tfw flanking with this absolute qt
>fucking up supports
>tfw the Pulse Bomb sticks just right
I love Tracer.

It's Lucio ball sticking around all summer event?

>2/3s of the heroes in the game literally never used.
Pretty sure that's a bigger problem than Zenyatta...

Oh look, it's the joke that is Blizzard balancing again. The only game they've managed to keep balanced is WoW and only during times of a content drought and only after the game existing for 7+ years.

Is it true ronnie is a mod for ster's stream

I want Tracer obstacle races.

I read there was an event for Tracer and zarya as well, but I read it here so...

they need to start releasing balance changes frequently on ptr

I think it was this guy

>playing junkrat
>get a clutch last moment ultimate off on attack
>blow up roadhog and soldier, and kill myself
>team wins as i watch the replay
>say "clutch junkrat suicide"
>it's the POTG
>soldier tells me to play a "real character"

Haha, my 100% defence pickrate in competitive brother, I hope you see the error in your ignorance :^)

Defending towers in chokepoints, with areas full of robot creeps but allow for flanks

>want to use QP for practice
>can't even carry retards on my good heroes

>leave ranked to get away from ultra-tryhard rank 80 6stacks that abuse ana-genji and zenyatta-genji

>play quickplay, maybe i can try out some new heroes

>rank 70 6stack of genji-genji-genji-ana-ana-ana

Winston isn't even good. He's just the only answer for abusing overtime and giving Zenyatta a hard time.

>teammate mad at me because I couldn't get ebin team wipe tier high noons like the enemy Mccree did

You were graviton surged AND hammered down, meanwhile we didn't really have any setup ults at all.

Fucking shit