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Patch Notes:

Discord: Ask in the thread for an invite link.

8x/4x/6x v174+ (Updates alongside GMS). Shit. Don't listen to shills.
Apply to Spooky and/or memeboi.

5x/1x/2x v162.4 Dream server. IT'S BACK THE MEAT WAS JUST BEING SLOWCOOKED.
Guide to connect for current players: pastebin.com/PwhQ3Euc
>BUDDY KEKCRO FOR HELP(and mail but idk his ign)

Apply to Waifus/Casuals on Windia - Pay2Win/LOVE on Reboot.

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Actual updated pastebin, our household autist decided to change the link.

image is also a threadly reminder

Aiiro's desperate attention whoring is nothing short of irredeemably pathetic.

3rd for my sides, please call 911


>There are people in the year of our Lord 2016 that STILL pay attention to A*ir* and his attention whoring

>implying you didn't just overfeed someone a balanced breakfast of honey nut (You)'s last thread
How does it feel being the biggest fucking joke online and irl?

I don't know. Why don't you try asking a mirror?
But here have another (You)

>post yfw you will never be /msg/s anthony burch

>always try to do missions when they pop up
>get traces 99% of the time
>need traces now
>only had 3 pop up between the 5 characters I've been logged in on
The game is a struggle.

People still play this game?

Not so much anymore. We're just prisoners now. Curb any interest you have while there's still time

no one in discord even plays, i feel bad for anyone new whos gonna join anywhere and find out they have to play with 1-3 people online a few times a week


If Nexon feels that the populations on each world are fairly low I would think they'd just merge most of them.

For the user asking to join p2w, it's merged with love, apply there there's only a handful of us tho, we can carry you around but for questions about progression and stuff you are better joining the discord.
Consider also joining a normie guild

Nexon can't do shit to save this game
Merge will do nothing in the long run
Even if they make cubes cost meso on GMS like on Reboot it won't be enough to save the game
There's just nothing left

id still like to join


nice try aiiro


You have a serious problem Aiiro.

I'm finding this whole thing funny actually. I figured you all would get your shit together on your own but you continue with this delusional projecting and problem starting. So from now on i'm going back to deleting your posts again if they aren't vidya



What the fuck is going on in this thread? Are HQ dipq gloves worth cubing in repoop?

They're decent to use until you can work up enough self hate to go for tyrant gloves and then boom them

Aren't non-boomed tyrant gloves decent enough

So real talk I dont play Maplestory at all but can you tell me who the character in the OP is and if theres more?

I mean sure but why grind it then. You're better off getting sweetwater gloves

its a picture someone drew of their character, the only art is what they've drawn of themselves

Post cute maples!

Thats a shame. Ill take my leave then. Just tell them I said its cute.

looks like a clown with all that NX shit stacked on her

I play, I just don't want anyone to know I do


Pick one and only one

>Brown girls
>Not cute

Go and stay go

I'm actually a boi

Its okay. I take traps too as long as you're a bottom

futa on male

Anyone know anyone selling a Tyrant Hermes cape on the cheap cheap? Like 600-700 mill cheap? Windia btw

You're out of luck. Wait until marvel

2 cute maples in 1

Damn. Oh well.

come with us on an hmag run next time we stop being shitters and learn to deal with his new dot mechanic

I'd go, but nmag kicks my shit in with his spin move. I doubt I'll survive hmag.

Thanks for the offer though

you wouldn't be an attacker, hmag is so glitchy it's actually better if everyone but the main dps just dies immediately and stays dead, especially since you have to wait to kill him until 15min have passed in order to get any drops. So, you'd barely have to do anything

friend of mine was in that guild for a really long time

FINALLY. THE STAFF IS DONE. KMS only has slots for 1 hammer before you say i'm missing a scroll. Finally I can star enhancing it. the 200 set is gonna be weeks, if not longer, before any start popping up in stores, and it'll be even longer before they're lower than 3 or 4b a piece.

In fact it's sometimes better to have everyone dead on entry, depending on how fast you can kill it

>tfw you forget to open your chests :^(

I wanna open your chest.

B-Be my wife when I come back to bera ;_;

>buy 45 bottles of insulin on Royals
>get five more ap resets every two days
>I can grind smoothly without worrying about not being able to hp wash
Excellent. Time to kill myself.

But that's l-lewd user.

Do come back though.

Who's your msg waifu?



Gaby desu :3c

That one oldboi... Vivian or something? Probably them.

pic and nyaran's brown maple

I like vTabitha :)

What's that 30+8% stat?

boss damage. also got 5% damage and 3% allstat

That's a CRA staff right? How did you get those things on it?

additional options from flames of rebirth, a system that we dont have in gms

>>buy 45 bottles of insulin on Royals

Is elite boss farming the only way to make money other than merching and eventually doing magnus/cra?

The other is taking advantage of whatever exploitable event they have running at the moment.

weekly dojo to turn your honor into tradeable medals
commerci for tattoos/glasses and cubic blades to sell or use
using untradeable cubes/cogs/etc from monster collection exploration, bounty hunter portals, bosses, etc to improve clean equips and flip for a profit

I thought the cubic blade business would be dead after the crafted cubes becoming untradable but chaos cubic didn't really change

Which brown maple?

i want to hug elyi

The oneon the poster in pic related

nice blog`

Thanks man I try really hard to provide quality content and I know my subscriber base really appreciates the updates.

Forgot pi-

Is it worth it to grind for SW tattoo and glasses? I had a power crystal and that one other 110 item, i can always scroll them with whatever and then starforce and eventually prime when I'm rich right?

I don't mind grinding commerci as its kinda fun except for the endless horde episode

definitely. they're so much better, and have a higher potential tier so they give better stats.

I'm still in favor for some kind of system that gives you a pity rank up or pity returned cubes if you fail to rank up after so many. This is ridiculous.
It's worth it. You want the accessories because they can get higher potential tiers than the boss set and I'm pretty sure they start with more stats and can be enhanced further. Plus when you have 2k extra denaro like me you can buy some, yolo a shitload of scrolls real quick and try to sell them.
And you know, Commerci bosses can drop cubes, cubic blades, blah blah blah. It's probably the best thing to grind daily outside of regular bosses.

just keep trying man i've gotten lots of epics to unique it takes time for some but keep dropping those mcc on them (meister for unique>legendary obviously, dont waste ur meisters)

>2k extra denaro
Have you been doing it every day? I get 10-15 profit from using all my energy a day

They're all cute! CUTE!

It's only taken one of my equips this long before. Hopefully the pendant ends up with potential as good as those goddamn cursed ass pants.
Pretty much every day that I'm in the game I'm running it. It's slow to build up but you'll get there eventually, especially when you get the maps and scales and stuff. And upgrading the boat is a waste of denaro so don't fall for their lies.

I don't remember the maps and scales. I unlocked to lith harbor

its not a waste of denaro it pays off in the long run

he means the squid and the dragon can very rarely drop a magic scale or a treasure map that give 50/40 denaro respectively (or close to that) when u trade them, they are like the meat u trade when u do a voyage, well instead of meat u trade scales and maps
why would u sell a map and not go get it urself beats me

They're stupidly rare drops from squids and sea snakes. You use them as trade items and they just give you a lot of buckaroos instead of the usual like 1-2.
It's a real long long run before it pays off.
>200 Roberts for the first one
>doesn't do anything different
>500 more for the second one
>25 more energy and ONE (1) extra slot for trade items
It's just not worth the trouble.

Doing union also help a lot, it's pure profit and there's a higher chance of cube/cubic blade drops

>Four Lith Harbor runs a day is somehow a bad thing
It pays for itself very quickly.


been getting those DETECTED FOR HACK REASON disconnects

too scared to continue macroing kek

wow lad

I thought these were perm

Might as well be if you keep finding one before 90 days is over

Lets maple

Is Aries or Ellinia better? If Ellinia is better, is it worth 200 ping over the 28 I get to Aries?

Can i play on reboot server on EMS? Planning on starting playing ms again

fuck off, sieg

nope, but some time before the end of the year EMS and GMS are being merged and you'll be able to play reboot then.

No. Lets cuddle instead