Deutsch Bank-EU Collapse?

Guys- WTF is going on in EU?

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its ogre. 2008 again and it hasn't even started. Next Italy default and another economic meltdown. I hope that all your wealth is in non euro fiat or gold.


srsly I don't know WHAT is going on know, what will happen the next few days/weeks

Market opening tomorrow is going to be fun.

Which way will it go?

I'm really scared RN, if it really collapses EU is going to be a huge warplace

Why worry? You have no influence in any of this. Just buckle up and enjoy the ride bro.

well I'm in austria->I'm part of the EU-> It will affect me bigtime

something new about this matter?

Honestly Schiff & Maloney are right.

Watch the bond market and precious metals over the next 9 months. The stage is set for a recession being announced in Dec/Feb, if Donald Trump wins the election he'll be one of the many scape goats. It's just fucking obvious at this point.

Up ~5% at open, tanks back down within first 3 hours. Normally how stuff I'm interested in goes.

that doesnt sound that bad, I hope the situation does get better

>if Donald Trump wins the election he'll be one of the many scape goats

He's said that himself. I remember at one of his rallies he went off on a tangent about how we're due for another recession and if it has to happen he hopes it's before he becomes president.

And I'm sure, if he brings it up in a future debate that will impact people's perceptions.

oy vey

Just to double check, is this the part where we panic violently and I burn through my 6 months stock of drugs?

> Britain will suffer economic collapse if Brexit



Why would I even care if I don't live in germany and don't even use german banks?

Because when Germany collapses all the refugees will leave the country and move to yours, collapsing your country as well?

because it wont only be the german bank collapsing if it goes down you total cretin
>one of the biggest banks in the world about to go bankrupt

The UN announced in a report that the next recession will include mass defaults.


This credit and non-stop fiscal deficit growth was retarded to begin with

Can someone just explain wtf happened to the DB to cause this?

It's down 7 percent today as well. Is this it, lads?

now what do i invest in this?

You don't.

Let it collapse.

Gold, TVIX or shorting the euro with, say, the etf EUO.


How is Australia part of the EU? It's not even in Europe... Unless you mean the Emu Union?


dude- AUSTRIA, not australia ....

Austria you fucking pussy

You know, the country named after that meme economic school of thought

hit that 5 euro button boys

Keep in mind that Article 50 has not yet been invoked. We're still a full member of the EU until then. Any apocalyptic predictions won't apply until it actually happens.

Deutsche bank is getting fucked over Ireland Apple tax bill. That's pretty much it.


Yeah that pretty much it. Apart from that they're fine.

Buy ETH and hold

Prepare for civil war my friends


>Guys- WTF is going on in EU?

So if the DB goes belly up what exactly would happen?

It wouldn't affect the goods markets much would it?

So what would change? German gouverment would have a lot less tax money, many people lose their jobs and the rapefugees either chimp out or move away?

>one of the largest banks in the world collapses
>retards keep acting lik it only will hit one country

Refugees wont chimp, Germacucks will continue to give them free stuff even if they have to starve themselves for it.

Ok so the same shit happens all over the world.
Still the goods markets would be pretty much uneffected.

>Refugees wont chimp, Germacucks will continue to give them free stuff even if they have to starve themselves for it.
Yeah no the only reason it even got this far is because of good economy.

DB won't collapse because as some have pointed, it would be apocalyptic for the financial system as a whole

the EU will 100% bail out DB before it collapses,

there's no way Juncker will let it collapse, not after having spent his whole life building a gigantic tax evasion scheme that could be hindered by this collapse

Something new about this matter?, or is everything ,,fine" now

Im buying in bulk. Keep selling you idiots.

It's even lower now than the 2008 crash. This isn't going to be just a big hit on Germany/the EU, this is going to be a big hit on fiat in general. I think the transition to crypto is right around the corner, they are even working on making some changes on the protocol level to implement crypto on a global scale - as far as making transactions.

>captcha: LEADING

But they literally don't have enough money?

Haven't you guys been shorting DB?

So the next crash is obviously about to happen.
I thought it would take til 2019 but whatever.

So, what do?

How many more days/weeks/months can they keep her propped up?

I feel like it's going to dip into the single digits anyday now...

Just a stock price. Doesnt nessecarily mean its going BK just that more people are selling the stock than buying it...

It will tomorrow probably.

Which means a lot of people will sell their shares automatically
Looks like they are going slightly up today, I really hope it doesn't come to the worst case scenario ...
Not that I'm a businessman, but I'm scared about my security, protests against the state etc

The always go up and then down later in the day.
Happened the whole week/last week.

>Not that I'm a businessman, but I'm scared about my security, protests against the state etc
Hell no it's time this happens. No more hand outs for rapists

2008 was shit- I don't want it to repeat, repeat in a greater chatastrophy then it was ...

But this time it will be far bigger than 2008,

Unlike 2008 with shorter shifts+a million more out of a job riots won't be far off.

Best caste Merkel gets sacked and handouts for rapefugees stop which makes them leave.
Worst case Merkel stays, rapefugees still get gibs, government tries to seize private wealth once they completely ran out of tax money and a civil war starts.

Yup! Now to ride it all back up again with a miracle

Bailouts aren't magical things that come from fairy dust, if they bailout DB it's going to cost them a lot more than just the money they don't have.

Well I'm a student and work parttime, but I'm more worried about my family and their workplace security etc

You should be more worried about them if it continues as it does now.

If DB gets bailed out then won't Greece, Spain and Italy rage quit the EU?

Also, haven't seen mention yet of the $14 billion fine about to be levied against DB by the US. Sort of incredible that that alone could sink the bank if they don't try to raise capital.

How can they even be bailed out?
Isn't it impossible by now?

I read an article in the WSJ today about how the housing market is a bubble again.

captcha: click all squares that are part of a bank sign

The Chinese housing market is a even bigger bubble.

Shit is about to go down.
Look up Juglar cycle.

Honestly not sure. Have to wonder if even the Fed could in someway become involved with provided emergency credit along with the ECB. The bankers will figure out a way to help each other, they always do.


This is just a symptom of the bigger underlying issue.

The west has been consuming more than it is consuming, relying upon debt to make up the difference.

Central banks are now issuing credit for free and with negative interest rates, some entities are now effectively paid to take credit. There are non-financial companies that make more money handling this debt than making their product as it does not require R&D, a large amount of employees (with the pension risk), etc. This capital SHOULD be used to stimulate the economy but it is instead being taken out and is increasing asset values.

Take pensions for example. The assumptions used were often based on 6% returns (I am seriously belittling the pension industry here but bear with me). Now that these sorts of returns are unobtainable when many billions are involved they are effectively a pyramid scheme. They require an increasing level of people contributing just to make up for their upcoming or current liabilities.

In short, something will have to give and many people are waiting for the first thing.

Governments, via central banks, are printing money and using negative interest rates to try to limit the damage. History shows that this is not likely to hold long term.

Eventually confidence (the real currency used at the moment) will disappear in something and cause everyone to jump ship. For example, if a sizeable portion of the European upper middle class start holding dollars and pounds instead of Euros.


Guys. this is the time to check how bitcoin holds. i was thinking : now dollar is probably going up, because people are selling investments on euro economy into USD. so bitcoin is going down for a while. but respecting a raising line. i bet on bitcoin, because i think whatever outcome USA elections might have the German economy can cascade a global meltdown. Not even UK can survive it. So its Gold, silver and if im betting right cryptos.

>For example, if a sizeable portion of the European upper middle class start holding dollars and pounds instead of Euros.

why should they? the interest rates for dollars and pounds are almost equally low.

>why should they? the interest rates for dollars and pounds are almost equally low.

Confidence. If they believe that the Euro will be devalued faster than the dollar, for example, if hyperinflation kicks

“The six months under review have seen central bankers continuing what is surely the greatest experiment in monetary policy in the history of the world. We are therefore in uncharted waters and it is impossible to predict the unintended consequences of very low interest rates, with some 30 percent of global government debt at negative yields, combined with quantitative easing on a massive scale,”
- Jacob Rothschild

>greatest experiment in monetary policy in the history of the world
>We are therefore in uncharted waters and it is impossible to predict the unintended consequences
w-w-w-hat did he mean by this

>All of London's banks will move to Frankfurt if we vote for Brexit.


Da joos are goin down bb


>tfw live in Germany and my bank is Deutsche Bank

Just fuck my shit up

least you can do is switch banks

Still won't protect me from the impending fall of Germany

About time. Fuck the EU, fuck Merkel and fuck the rapefugees

Buy puts or bearish turbos on the DAX then

YESS YES!! let it all collapse, than I can finally become a warlord


unless you have more than 100k deposited, your money is safe

What's going to happen when those 'economic migrants' stop receiving their welfare payments?

>Not bankers gambling with loans in pre-2008

I work at DB

What's your favorite color?

Are you and your workmates fully aware you're the laughing stock of the financial world?

When will you finally go belly up?

i wanted to get a loan of about 100k for some flats to rent out
every bank could get me an aproximation of how much i would have to pay back each month

but not DB

the cunt there wanted to know every single detail of my income printed out
when i told her that all the other banks could give an aproximation she was bullshitting me about "laws and bank policies"
fucking fat piece of shit cunt

no wonder DB is fucking up

btw volksbank had really nice conditions


Yea actually and a lot of us just laugh about it and float our resumes around

When the strategy 2020 flops

I don't work in a regional bank but I can tell you other IBs literally hate working with us

they will mortgage the future earnings of the eurozone population to bail DB out. great wailing and gnashing of teeth as eurocucks are indentured to the bailout (((bankers))).

Guess my ID changed since I left work

>2020 flops
So like next week?

It's been failing since at least last year but execs wont admit it till 2021

You in NYC? I am at BAML NYC. I have a buddy starting in S&T soon at DB as a first year right out of college. I always make fun of him saying that he won't have a job soon.

Am I right though? Will he soon not have a job?

I hope desu he's kind of a douche

I would love to fuck a girl like that.

I'm actually in the "rapidly growing" Jax branch
>Inb4 lol retard

Assuming he got stiffed on pay like the rest of the new hires he should survive a layoff or two but we do smell more coming. NY always gets slashed the most with teams becoming smaller and smaller.

Jax as in FL?

Jeez didn't even know they had a location there

But I don't think he got stiffed on pay. Idk though. As an intern he made decent amount. I think $14k for the summer?

I'm dumb, are people going to short them tommorow

You will be at -30 by then.

what's the difference between DB and DBK.DE?