Red pill me on black ops performance Veeky Forums, I've been wanting an R34 so bad...

red pill me on black ops performance Veeky Forums, I've been wanting an R34 so bad, I live in Florida and might just go get one but I want to hear from you guys first

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apparently, they bring the cars over in two pieces and put them together to bypass the law. That's all I know, and I'm not even sure if that's correct

They do? They didn't mention that, they apparently import it, most likely they import them illegally, they then get a state title, and insurance from wherever. What I'm worried about is some cop knocking at my door and telling me my car is going to become scrap, but holy shit I want one so bad my penis is going to explode

I forgot to add, everytime they get asked via social media, or on video, they always say something to the extent of "please contact us to inquire on how it is legal" or they just go "muh state title" muh state title doesn't explain how they are importing them by the dozens and selling them to individuals with no repercussion. Seems odd but like I said, I'm desperate

Their website is very suspicious. I wouldn't buy one unless you want to see it crushed. Get an R32 instead, and buy it from somewhere more respectable.

You should buy one. If it ends up getting crushed it might suck for you but it'll be pretty funny for the rest of us.

It's Florida. Are you in the discord? I think there are some guys with imported cars they might know.

the only way I know an R34 to legally be imported is for it to be a "show car", which means it may only be driven less than 2500 miles per year, the car gets inspected and verified every year and the car carries a six figure price tag.

Get an R32 GTR or wait eight more years.

As cool as it would be to be one of a very few to have an R34, I would not want to be the guy who gets a knock from customs and has their car sent for scrap without compensation and you have no recourse because of the paperwork you signed with the company that says they can't and won't be held liable for anything that happens after the car sale.

I'm sure the likelihood of that happening isn't great, but I would not want to be the guy who has his dream car seized and forfeited in front of him.

>Buying a car thats federally illegal
>buying a non-gtr R34

Just wait a few years you faggot. You're going to regret it when it gets taken from you by the Feds.

CLEARLY they are a shoddy business. Shits not legal AT ALL

bypassing the law to import it is one thing

but as soon as you take it to a state like ohio they are going to ask what make and model the car is

if you say its a kit car then you need to prove its a mishmash of parts through a road worthiness exam done at a state highway patrol outpost by a highway patrolman

they arnt idiots they will know what year make and model it is and will mark it as such on the title which they wont issue to you but instead give to the tow truck driver with the explicit instructions to take it to the nearest salvage yard to be turned into a metal cube

in order for it to be registered as road legal and qualify for any sort of financing it needs that inspection to be a pass

the other other option is to keep it uninsured unregistered and buy it 100% cash and use it as a track only car- think demolition derby car

go ahead and ask my any questions you have reguarding this sort of thing i know the ins and outs of this part of the automotive world

Here's a PDF from the gubmint themselves that's not in awful legalese TO IMPORT SHOW DISPLAY 03022010.pdf

I only know of one R34 GTR in the US that has been imported under these guidelines.

OP is just a stupid underage kid who has a "RIP Paul Walker" sticker on his shitty civic.


Saw one in CA the other day. No idea what loophole he was using. Was driving slow though so probably not a legal one



Fuck fast n furious
fuck paul walker
and fuck the rest of these kiddies that hype up the R34 GT-R

Yup, that's exactly the one I was thinking of. I wanted to go there to check out some of their R32 GTRs and to see the R34 but I decided against it.

Basically, pay way too much for instant gratification that's ruined by regulations anyway, or be patient, wait 8 more years and get one legally.

no shit sherlock. There is no such thing as a legal R34 GT-R in the US.

They have to be 25 years or older. What do you faggots not understand about this?

the only way to get that kinda car in would be to import the shell no engine tranny or anything JUST the body pannels all togeather

then build a frame, source an engine that is non origional and fab a drivetran and tranny

by that point it would be considered a kit car and would thusly be exempt from all emissions and saftey standards that are currently in place

Good luck finding a shell or an exporter in japan who will do just a shell


The only truly legal way to tag an R34 Skyline GT-R in the USA is by importing all of the parts individually (as in not a dissambled car) and getting it vinned and tagged as a kit car.

read this you stupid fuck

register it as an r32

problem solved

no inspections


oh, and importing this car can't still be illegal. that's stupid and you're being scammed. if you read the law , the second one of these non compliant cars are crash tested and approved by the EPA to be on the road, you can sell them.

That's how I interpret it. That's what being compliant means: Passing a crash test and other codes.

The law also has a loophole clause for a "substantially similar" Vehicle. well guess what? Your car is substantially similar to the ones that have been let on the road.

You use a G35 as a chassis.
>you stupid fuck

>ruining R34s

Just stick to your Mustangs and Camaros.

>Wanting a Nissan

>Implying every company doesn't have creative people in it that put their soul into at least one machine.

STEP up to the PLATE kid.

>implying americans
>implying ruining r34s

How do you ruin a skyline? non gtrs are garbage everyday young boys toys in every country that got these

one word

Just because Koreans themselves don't have souls, it doesn't mean their cars don't.

>heart and soul
>cheap stamp steel control arms
Absolute trash

you have no clue what you are talking about

Asians are born soulless
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that would clearly be an item you have to upgrade to bring the r34 up to code. and why it's not allowed in the first place

never cut corners in your work.

actually you don't. which is why you never work toward anything.

you have no idea what you are talking about and are projecting.

Good Job!

So how do they drive around legally? Do they just hope they don't get caught or something?

also thanks to the people who took the time to answer my questions, sucks I can get an R34 but I shoudln't, oh well. shitposters fuck off

you have zero clue. read the law it's literally posted in the thread. it describes the avenues you can use to drive anything you want.

This is America, no car is illegal.

You're a clueless fuck. Clearly you're still in high school.

Stick to playing Forza kiddie. Good Night.

>So how do they drive around legally?

they don't.

>Do they just hope they don't get caught or something?

exactly, if you check google you can find stories where ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) straight up takes people's GT-R's and crush it all while they have to pay a fine as well as serve a sentence

so sad. you are so dependent on the state you can't do anything at all. you can't achieve. you can't exploit loopholes. you just resign yourself to being cattle.

totally clueless.

>bypass the law
Still illegal as fuck to the feds.

The only legal ways
>25 years law
>RARE (show and display) (less than 500 made) and there IS a list of cars the government will approve already
>"substantially similar" clause, most asian cars will not meet this. It's mostly for Mexico/Canada
>crash a fuck load an get the governments approval and make ALL the changes required.

no. the skyline is on the ban list as a show car. because get this - it's not a show car.

wrong. as long as its been through a crash test (it has) and passed (it has) you can get it inspected by the EPA and drive it around.

You act as if you imported a R34 GT-R yourself.

If you have post proof, post it

If you haven't, like I said, shut the fuck up..... exactly.

>hurrr i'm exploiting da gubmint for a shitty overhyped car that paul walker drove.

no user clearly exploiting the goverment is a great idea like this fuckhead thinks


it's not exploitation. it's dilligently bringing your import to EPA standards like the law requires.

you're just an ignorant cattleman who lives life being fed and watching hollywood movies. you have no clue. zero clue.

The "show car" has to meet very specific criteria. But if you find a special model like GTR R34 Nismo Spev V Nurburgring Edition, then you could import it, MAYBE.

NOOOOOOO. Wrong. No.

It's not JUST bringing it to standards. You ALSO have to crash test X amount of R34's and THEN make the changes. And THEN the government will have to give you approval. It can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to do this and STILL be told no. There are no "loop holes." You can bring in RARE models for show/display. That's it. And they are strict on those as well. The rest are titled in Florida, but they aren't LEGAL at all.

Source: I work for a shop that does all the repairs and mods for a car import company, and I can fucking read.

>You ALSO have to crash test X amount of R34
Already been done, you stooge.

I'm going to laugh really hard if you're referring to motorex.

>wrong. as long as its been through a crash test (it has) and passed (it has) you can get it inspected by the EPA and drive it around.
NOOOPPPEEEEEE it has not. Nope. Nope. Nope. You're talking about MotoRex and that won't stand. And there are special editions of the GTR that you can bring over if you get government approval.

It's also doesn't have to be a SHOW CAR idiot, there just needs to be 500 or less of a specific model to BE CONSIDERED. KYS.

it's on a ban list.

build your compliant GTR. it's easy.



Jesus Christ, you fucking idiots.

You are dumb as fuck.

and you will never build anything because you wait to be fed like cattle. you are inept.

LOL, just KYS and do everyone a favor.

you the judge? no?

okay, we're good, then.

is that what they said? seems like you're paraphrasing second hand bullshit you heard because you're clueless...

very truly clueless.

Well considering I work with importers every day, who would ABSOLUTELY import R34's if they could. ANNNDDDD considering the government says specifically the R34 ISN'T legal to import. I'm going to base my posts on those facts and ignore your ignorant, no proof showing, shit. Site/pages/page10.html

"You should note that the petition sought import eligibility for 1990-1999 Nissan GTS and GTR "Skyline" passenger cars. After granting the petition, the agency learned that the modifications identified in the petition were not sufficient to conform certain model and model year vehicles that were covered by the petition. The agency therefore partially rescinded its grant of eligibility, leaving only R33 model Nissan GTS and GTR passenger cars manufactured between January 1, 1996 and June 30, 1998 eligible for importation."

But I;m sure you know more than the NHTSA


OP here to say complete rekt, also does this mean I can import an r33? fucking please can I?

You can if they are between that date listed, you make ALL the emissions and crash changes, AND file the petition/paperwork with the gubbment.

you work with plebs if you don't know how to build a car legally.

>muh nhtsa
here I'm going to quote the relevant text for you since I'm a living God.

>After granting the petition, the agency learned that the modifications identified in the petition were not sufficient to conform certain model and model year vehicles that were covered by the petition.
> the modifications identified in the petition were not sufficient
Make it sufficient and it's yours.

but you can't do that, because you're inept. you sit on your computer all night dreaming of things you want to have, but arguing all day against your ability to ever acquire it.

You are a cuck. Textbook cuck. And clueless.

Is there somebody who does this if I request them? How much? I will satisfy my skyline fetish with an R33 GTR

If you give them a good enough reason to.

Keep in mind that R33s will be legal to import in less than two full years based on the 25 year rule.

Before you jump the gun, go through the process of bureaucracy and pay a premium, an R33 will likely be ready import anyway by the time you get approved.

The R34 will be legal in another 8.

This is Florida, they just take the vin from an Altima and slap it on the R34.

LOL you are so fucking dumb it hurts. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH.
>The agency therefore partially rescinded its grant of eligibility
>partially rescinded its grant of eligibility
>rescinded its grant of eligibility

LOL. Jesus. INB4
>I was just pretending to be retarded.

For anyone else, you if you meet the date the NHTSA listed, you can import THOSE R33's, but you will still need to file and make the changes.

Any car that meets EPA standards can be driven on the road. You can build anything you want as long as it's up to code. Just like a house.

You're just a retard, bro. Accept it.

Just delete this thread already.

This. Just wait a couple years, there will be more companies importing them to buy from domestically, and will generally be easier once the 25 rule is up.

t. waiting one more year to buy my FD a RHD friend

That isn't true. Any R34s imported by Motorex before the the government caught on to them are technically legal

>just wait a couple years
see this is my point. You guys don't want an R34. You want instant gratification. You wouldn't be able to build one if you wanted. You want someone to sell you one, which requires a business moving through too much red tape to be viable.

You're clueless. Like I said. Build the R34 and it's yours. You can't.

And meeting those standards on a car literally means CRASHING "X" amount of them AND GETTING GOVERNMENT APPROVAL TO MAKE THE CHANGES REQUIRED. WHICH HAS NOT BEEN DONE. Holy fuck dude, there is no magic loop hole. I'm done responding to you. You've been proven wrong every step of the way and have not showed one bit of proof.

Yeah but if you're in that price range a readily available GT-R or NSX would be easier to get

>having an actual thread about vehicle legality
>delet dis this isnt another intial d thread :(((

get fucked

RB's are a shit motor
GT-R's are boy racer weeb trash

No you don't have to crash test your own car. You're a nigger who can't even fathom building his own car.

what the fuck are you going to do about a legal VIN number once you've got the R34 assembled, asshole

11 of them. If they are all still around as far as I know.

safety inspection at the DMV, retard.

resorting to childish name calling, racist slurs at that because you realized you were wrong. lmao, sad!

Better not let them do an emissions test.

you're literally wrong though. you're a fucking idiot. no car is illegal in America provided it meets EPA code.

Build your R34, and get it inspected. You will be assigned a VIN.

The problem here is no matter how many times I say this, you're a fucking nigger so it doesn't sink in. You can't fathom that people build cars. You just want a dealership to sell you one.

every manufacture detunes their engines for the emissions test. some even got busted for having a program running in the ECU unit to detect test conditions and reduce performance/emissions.

You have to gimp your engine. That's the reality.

Wasn't there a guy in California who went to jail for building Skyline Kit cars?

That doesn't even matter. This faggot is talking about piecing together an R34. That is still illegal. Period. They have crushed peoples cars that have tried exactly this. He's a fucking moron. There is no way around the laws. It doesn't matter if you import all the parts separately and put them together. You can get it titled in Florida, but it will still be illegal to the Feds. Full stop.

Unless that dumb nigger is talking about some kit car and using the drive line. But then it's not a GTR so his point is triple retarded.

There have been several cars crushed for exactly this. Even some importers getting shut down. This isn't legal, and it doesn't matter what the fuck the DMV says like that moron is saying. The FEDS can/will crush it. They do this to Range Rovers and other cars as well. He's not outsmarting the system, they know ALLLLLL the scams. They are even crushing people swapping the vins with 240's and shit. The only LEGAL ways are the ways listed above ITT, the government is VERY CLEAR on it.

>Build your R34, and get it inspected. You will be assigned a VIN.

Sure, provided the trained monkey at the DMV gets all the requisite information/documentation, which you'll likely have to furnish translations for.

Yeah, I don't have to do any of that shit because I'm not a retard trying to import cars newer than 1995.

>They have crushed peoples cars that have tried exactly this.

they did not build the car from the ground up and go through legal channels at the DMV.

you are so fucking cucked now you're lying. spreading lies like a shill faggot.

Still irrelevant. The FEDS will not recognize it. This has been done before, and crushed before.

That idiot thinks state law trumps federal law. And he thinks the EPA hasn't already said no skylines outside the select few.


I have no clue what you stand to gain from lying, but stop.

Stop lying.

OK so, OP here, this thread became a shit fest, I didn't want to piece together a R34, I didn't want to take a shit on the engine to make it comply with EPA testing, they don't even do emissions testing here in Florida. I just wanted to know if I could get an R34 GTT without it getting crushed, and now I have stopped being retarded, and have accepted that it can't be done without running the risk of it getting crushed. I will just get an R32 GTR, wait the two years, sell it, and import an R33 GTR. Everybody is getting this shit confused

Oh and these videos discouraged me from messing with the fed

think you can hear the guy crying in the r34 vid, poor guy

I'm well aware, dude - shit, criminal charges could even come as a result of what he's planning. Getting the GTR crushed is a secondary concern when this amount of stupidity is involved. Giving this guy the benefit of the doubt, there's nothing but further snags and legality hurdles to jump to come assuming he even manages to get past step 1.

Of course he's never actually done any of this shit he's saying.

KEK rekt again

that's an illegal import, you liar.

they aren't crushing people who build them.

You have been shut down so much ITT with proof, I can't believe you still unironically think you can just piece together an R34 and that magically works.

>got flagged after he filed an insurance claim on the car and State Farm recognized it didn’t have a 17-digit VIN
Didn't go through the DMV like I said.

This is my point. You're all niggers. You can't follow instructions. Simple instructions. Build your car; go to the DMV.

Vlueless niggerfaggots

..........."In this case, the cars were imported by Kaizo under a special exemption for automotive parts. They brought over the shells and drivetrains separately and then reassembled them. They were then, apparently, registered under the law as SB 100, which is for kit/show cars. "

>hey brought over the shells and drivetrains separately and then reassembled them.
>hey brought over the shells and drivetrains separately and then reassembled them.
>hey brought over the shells and drivetrains separately and then reassembled them.