Anyone had a hair transplant in here? I think I'm gonna be looking like Elon in 3-4 years

Anyone had a hair transplant in here? I think I'm gonna be looking like Elon in 3-4 years.

I got the money, so wondering if it's worth it.

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Literally who?

I never knew he had plugs. That's the best money can buy there. Generally they look fake, but if the technology is there, go for it.

I don't have one, but most reviews Ivr read online were positive. It seems like you really need to pick a good clinic.

The definite upside is that unless you're extremely prone to balding, the transplanted hair will stay on your head till you die.

jesus dude look at the news every once in a while

No, I'm not a hairlet.

Also, hair transplants are not 100% effective. Look at poor Rooney.

that's an old one he looks great today, for 10-20k I think it's worth it.


He had to have like 5 transplants though. The average baldcuck can't afford that.

yeah, but, if money wasn't a problem you'd do it, right?

Once I make my first million I am gonna get one.
Until then I aint gonna worry.

Depends, 5-10k isn't that much if you're not a retard and have a job. But you've gotta realise that you still need to have some hair left or you're gonna look like pedo + you'll wastr 10 grand.

I looked into this years ago and they told me around 10k USD per procedure but since i had pretty much the full horseshoe at that point (26, jdimsa) it would take like 3 procedures.

They also showed me a book of photos of people who'd had it done and the guys who were as bald as me still looked like they were thinning even after multiple procedures. I didn't want to pay 30k and look like i was still balding.

Problem is donor hair (the hair they take off the back to move to the bald area). There's a limited amount they can take. I figure it won't be long before they'll be able to clone your hair and grow it on a mouse or something so you'll have your own endless supply of donor hair, but until then there's a limit to how effective it is.

In addition, if you're only receding and you have a surgery to fill in the front, your actual hair behind the transplant will continue falling out unless you take something like fin. This is why some guys are bald but have an "island" of hair near the front.

By the time you need one you should really have kids and so the money can be spent much better elsewhere. Bald in your twenties though and its certainly a consideration.

>I figure it won't be long before they'll be able to clone your hair and grow it on a mouse or something

When will cloning let me grow a luxe champagne ermine pelt on my own scalp?

balding at 21 here m8..... fucking kill me. there is no doubt that I'm getting a hair transplant once the loss stabilizes. I'm on fin right now and minoxidil

FUE transplant is the one you want right now, no scars afterwards

Go to a good doctor in Turkey and pay half the price rather than your local surgeon in the USA

price isn't something i would skimp out on in this situation, or on any surgery for that matter

that's not the point, an amazing surgeon in the third world is still cheaper than an amateur in the US

money's not a problem, so I really don't need some Mickey Mouse doctor operating on me for less money.

>3rd world
>burger education

>in Turkey
sounds risky. maybe poland or ukraine but turkey is too non-white.

My grandfather had a fucking open heart surgery in India. Americucks blowing money on amateur doctors to pay for their Porsches. Be smart

Indian niggas are the real deal when it comes to surgery and medicine.

Isn't it like in the middle east?

It's got two modern cities and the rest of the country is still in the Akkadian era.

Same as Greece. Calling that place first-world is dishonest.

maybe i was wrong lad, lots of sites say turkey is a top choice along with india

I'm 18 and balding. Should I just neck myself now?

Singapore is apparently good too, as are a number of places in EE.

Best to shop around online for a while. A lot of them will also give free consultations via email or online to get a better idea of your specific situation. All depends on what type of surgery you are going for. Some offer great rehabilitation facilities if you're getting legit surgery (not a hair transplant)

Op here, shit, I'm 29 guys. Sounds like a drag balding at that age.

It's bad enough that I'm a manlet at 5'9" with an asymmetrical face but going bald takes the fucking cake.

Just do Minoxidil and peppermint oil.

no kidding. i feel for . its tough when everyone else has full heads. I'm praying that fin and minoxidil will maybe bring some of the density back for me so i can hold out a few years on a transplant until things are more advanced. i know the surgeries are more advanced now than ever before obviously but still, some of these botched transplant pictures scare the shit out of me

shiet, I'm 6'2" with a pretty face, or at least that's what women have told me.
now I feel bad for starting this thread

It doesn't help that I have an older brother who inherited the best genes of my parents looks wise while I was left looking like cave troll.

I really don't know if I was meant to make it.

Nigga at this age most women don't care about hair since they know look to settle. Hair transplant is viabale option when you're 20 and got best years of your life ahead of you but when you 30 it's too late for that. At this age if you do not have wife and kids or at least somebody you can settle with it's over.

But I don't want to settle down , user, I'm having a good time.

that billionaire who launched a rocket today.

Also, just shave your head. All Veeky Forums guys look great with a shaved head

>All Veeky Forums guys look great with a shaved head
No, you only look good with a shaved head if you have a high facial width-to-heigt ratio.

This video explains it somewhat well.

Fuck, wrong video.
Anyway, you get the idea.

Don't be a pussy, just shave your head and get used to it.

I started losing my hair around the same time and was Costanza bald by 23. I shave it now and like the way it looks better than clinging to hair.

Obviously only 25 years old.

>bro science

It's not, this guy looks awful without his wig because he has a low fWHR

And someone like Jeremy Meeks still looks great even though he's balding because he has a high fWHR

More of this

>Veeky Forums guys look great with a shaved head

Nah, BLACK people look good with a shaved head

some in europe and some in asia/middle east

So the answer is to go big lenny mode?

It wasn't the bald that looked bad it was his retarded bald style.

It's because he has the side hair.

IF you have side hair and no top hair you look waaaaaay older. If you have no hair anywhere you look younger, it tricks the brain.

>Elon Musk
>"Literally who?"

That level of ignorance
Congrats user, you have ascended
Pic related >>(You)

Elon would've looked fine if he buzzed the rest of it down instead of letting the hair puff out. He just looks retarded there.

>its the incel sperg teaching everyone with his bro-science episode again

My hairline started receding probably around then, only noticed it when I was 20 though. I'm 26 now and I while I've receded further, I don't have a noticeable bald spot and no one can really tell that I have a receding hairline yet.

Point is, at your age it sucks but please don't waste your early 20's being too preoccupied about it because in all honesty you'll probably look fine for years before you need to buzz it.

Everything is worth it if you have the money.

How is minoxidil been working for you? How long have you been using it?

i had one when i was 25 and really regret it now im 30. my thinning has gotten worse and fin/duta gave me side effects so i had to quit, minox wont work long term or as effecive as i need

i have a similar scar to this guy

anybody know a good scar repair method? im looking at fraxel currently

So fucking happy i have a full head of thick hair and no history of baldness in the family

what kind of hair transplant? was is FUE?

the hair in the scar don't regrow?

>started receeding at 21
>started taking finasteride
>got nearly every last hair back at 23
R8 my progress

that's where the donor hair was taken, it doesn't grow back because the roots are harvested.

yes mate

nope, not in the scar tissue

I've got six boxes of minox on my desk. is this gonna work or nah?

you made no progress, you are insecure and you will lose it again.

Oh shit, great temple progress. Also, you got a nice upgrade in hair style too.

where did you get your fin? I'm look at Dr. Reddy's .

Unless you're loaded, it's not worth it desu. Either shave it or go on Finasteride.

I've been bald/balding since I was 16. It sucks and I would obviously prefer to have hair but life doesn't always work out that way.

Sucks to be you guys. I'm 30 now, dealt with trichotillomania since grade 4, pulled all my hair out until I was completely bald more than once, but got it under control. Full head of hair thick as fuck now, glad it didn't stop growing back

I'd rather shave my head than be scarred for life I quess. Idk yet though.

Shave it and leave humanity behind

Update: I was inspecting my head today and just found out my crown has started balding. It's buzzing time. Goodbye humanity I must leave you now.

Nah fuck that mate. Wash hair more often so it's not so greasy and clumps together. Go to the barber and let him unfuck your shit.

You'd probably get away with a variety of cuts. Could even try leaving/growing the top longer and cutting the sides then slicking that shit back.

You just have a shitty, greasy cut and it makes it look worse than it is.

Actually that's after I got out of the shower

what the fuck is your problem? he clearly made a ton of progress

I'm fucking 20. All my uncles, my dad, grand dads had full hair. I've always eaten well and exercised and I've been fucking trolled

not balding

Tfw 20 and hair is so thin that not even keeping it long can cover my hairline now

same here buddy. Might as well brush it back or keep it dead short

Yeah think I'll shave it and just cop it

rogaine and fin do a pretty good job of keeping what you have. the trick is starting early. im 32 now and ive been on both since i was 24. meanwhile my cousins are looking like justin theroux in their 30s, im holding on a lot better

I had a hair transplant in Turkey. Fue 1500 hairs which cost me 1k usd. I have no scars at all. It was a small filling of the hair loss at the front of my head. They did a good job and it was quick. My only regret is that I did it at age 24 and now the top middle of my head is balding badly. It still looks okay when I trim it short. Tbh just keep your money and fuck hair. You won't get the lush hair of your teens back.

Did you get any sides? I'm spooked about facial bloating and loss of libido

Fuck that's cheap. Where did you go exactly?

Nigga, you mean FUT, not FUE, right?

That is clearly an FUT scar

Estetik international. I went to their office in Ankara. No swelling nor a tough recovery. No scars. This place prides itself on having the least post surgery pains and swelling, and they're pricy due to it.
All hair transplant places in Turkey lie about the price to western people. I had a cousin's friend in Turkey communicate for me. My cousin was able to do 5000 hair grafts for less than 1500 usd at a place called esthetica in Istanbul, but his treatment took long to recover from though no scars.

A billionaire.

>he's a multi billionaire who's insecure

He looked like shit m8 why wouldn't he fix it if he easily could

m8, when you're 0.00000001% rich you shouldn't give more of a fuck than many average joes

Sweet. Thanks for the info. I'm not even balding just have a gross hairline so shouldn't be much to fix. In Australia hair transplants are about 10-18k so fuck that

Some people just pull of bald better than others too don't forget
Like Tom Cruise would be fucked bald but Vin Diesel and the Rock can pull it off

when you're filthy rich it shouldn't be a concern, and I think you owe that to society too

every bitch knows her offspring's offspring's offspring is set for life

Elon broke the unwritten law m8

It's a simple hair transplant not leg lengthening or a nose job

>tfw going bald and have massive forehead
>tfw going to look like this in a few years

If it's not too bad you can keep it for now
The #1 mistake people make however is keeping it for too long.
You'll likely look better shaved than you think, and people will get used to it. If you think your hair is bad, shaved will look better, no matter if you think it will look worse before you've done it.

10k is about a year's mortgage for most people

shave it u insecure faggot