My mom is about to get like ~$55,000 from her divorce. She's paying off all of her shit and giving me ~$1...

My mom is about to get like ~$55,000 from her divorce. She's paying off all of her shit and giving me ~$1,000 just to be nice, I guess, and she's moving away. What should I do with this money? I'm 21.

damn is that OP's mom

that girls name is nicole aniston.

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This is the correct answer.

>making financial choices at the whims of your reproductive organs

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Enjoy your $1,000 bud. I'll be thinking of you while I spend her $54,000, and banging her stretched vadge.

Good luck, "son."

You should feel bad for being sired by degenerates, then either endeavour to better yourself and the world around you, or vote Trump and kill yourself in hate fuelled fury.

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pls help

Alright, man. Do you have any debt? If so, use it to pay off the debt. If not, I'd consider investing it. Not in some meme stock or crypto, unless it's XRP.

Are you in school?

See if Nicole Aniston will give you 15 minutes?

I'm not in school and I have no debt. I have zero responsibilities. My grandmother might be paying for my school, though, so I don't have to worry about that, either.

I just don't know if I should let this sit in my checking account, put it in a vanguard portfolio, or buy something with it that holds its value...

If you don't need the money, and you can let it sit for awhile, I think you're right with the Vanguard. Good thinking, no sarcasm. You can just let it sit and not worry about it. With stocks or crypto, it can consume your mind.

Lol asking about $1000 like it's a lot of money.

It is for me. :( I don't want to waste it.

nicole aniston is your mom? whoooooa dude


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Use it to hire another "mom" for a night.

>"mom" for a night
you can hire 5 of those for 2 hours each with that kind of money
maybe even 10 if you live in some eastern european shit hole but those would probably bite your dick off if you try any of that mom shit

You can't really do anything with it though..

Dude, that's his Mom.

What's the conversion rate for dollarydoos to GBP?

I bet you could get a lotta tendies for 1000

Save it. One grand isn't much. Do you have a job? Do you have a car? Do you have debt you need to pay off? We need more information.

>Having a child with a prostitute

I don't think I need to tell you the many ways this could go wrong.

Invest in any type of dividend paying stock. Make sure they are from somewhat reliable companies that will last for a decent while longer.

Or you could invest slightly in gold, but that is a rather dubious investment.

Congrats OP, your mother is a whore. You should disown her and only negotiate with your father from now on, since hes clearly a non disgraceful productive creature of integrity a polar opposite of your treacherous mother.

you're only 21 once

1,000 isn't much
yeah you could put it in a etf and double it in 7-10 years
but when you're 28 is 2000 going to be a lot?

I'd just spend it, not all in one night, but if you have friends take them out to dinner or buy some drinks a few times

maybe buy something you want, like a pc part

Cryptos. In 6 months you're a millionaire