Success thread

I need encouragement. Tell me your success stories with crypto trading, Veeky Forums.

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>success stories with crypto trading

even my bbc daddy doesnt fuck me as hard as coins do, does that count?

I forgot Veeky Forums is a loser. Fine tell me where is the nearest whaleclub or the nearest shrimp to whale club.

>be me
>23 y/o student
>live in state provided student dorm room
>lurk Veeky Forums
>hear about cryptos and shiiet
>mfw I have free electricity
>decide to start mining ETH
>build a miner (HD 7950s) from ebay and 2nd hand sales (700€)
>pump all that free electricity (> 1,2KWatt/h from the wall)
>during winter my room is warm even with windows open wide
>mine on nanopool
>figure out it's shit and switch to ethermine
>buy ears plugs so I can sleep at night
>can't sleep because I'm afraid to set the whole building on fire
>summer comes, end of the university year, hash difficulty rises, hot weather kicks in
>one of my GPUs breaks (fck the Dual X version of the HD 7950)
>sell all the miner parts back to ebay
>keep my sweet ETH and hold during the DAO crisis
>I have now the same amount in ETC
>dump this shit, buy more ETH
>here I am with my precious 95 ETH for the cost of a 2nd hand GPU - 80€ (and I still have to sell my 1000w psu)

bought 8 USD worth of bitcoin
deposited to poloniex
bought low, sold high
now have 11.50 USD in bitcoin

id say thats pretty succesfull


u mined 95 ETH?!?! i just started two days ago and have only gotten 0.1 ETH from my GTX 1070

More stories?

>Last year of college
>See something about bitcoin online.
>Spend hours reading about it trying to figure out what the deal is
>Think about buying 100 for $3 a piece
>Smoke a fat bong and too many steps to buy bitcoins
>Fuck it I'll just play games bitcoins a fad anyway

>Tell me your success stories with crypto trading, Veeky Forums.
all the cryptoshilling might get Veeky Forums closed down, that is kind of a success

I had a plan to try and convince mods to limit crypto to 1 daily sticky or add some rules to limit it without interfering with free speech, but I guess it is too late for that now.

Ok, I bought BTC at $327, ETH at $6.24.
Currently up $12,346.

i was on the ETC and XMR party before they dumped.. made some good moolah

Its not like these things werent shilled on Veeky Forums before they happened. Just keep your eyes peeled for news.


Here you go, OP:

Went all in at 150 dollars when BTC bottomed in jan 2015, told everyone to do so, few listened. Now I laugh at nocoiners on the daily as my millions go up.
The march towards 2000$+ a coin continues.

>Bought 2000€ of bitcoin in early 2013.
>Switched everything over to ETH early 2016.
>now i have close to 20000 Eur worth of ETH, not counting the split ETC (die already bitch).

you don't have anything until you sell, dude~

but yeah you bought at the right time. step one complete.

You can't mine effectively with a single GPU
You have to build a dedicated computer with enough airflow.
Anyway I would recommand not to start mining right now since the network difficulty is quite high (and it will continue to rise)
You know, I started mining because I wasn't sure ETH was a good oportunity and I thought that I could get some this way and get back my money (selling the computer back) if things went wrong.
If I actually invested my initial 700€ directly into cheap ETH on poloniex at the time, I would have way more ETH already.

I made 100k through alt-coin insider trading. Technically there is no insider trading in alt-coins so this is perfectly legally.

As they say in the crap coin space: if you're not inside you're outside, and outsiders get fucked in the ass.

Now how to do this? Build connections with entrepreneurs. Follow tech progress. Get to know key influencers very deeply ... and most of all - trade directly on information, not on speculation.

Protip: if it's less than 10 billion marketcap then it can be manipulated through single news releases and on social media. A carefully manipulated story could yield profits in the 6 figures or high 5 figures. Alt-coins are the new penny stock my friends and its raining Memecoins daily. There is a reason why Veeky Forums shills coins and its not to make you rich.

>room was so hot I've slept naked on my bed all winter long (continental France so between -5•C and 10•C)
>I woke up everyday with dry mouth,throath and nose because of the hot airflow from miner
>then during the day my I had constant need to clean my snort
>I was stressed to go out because I was afraid to set the building on fire
>even more stressed at being discovered by the residence personel and forced to pay the electricity bill
>stressed about pool failures, miner failures, internet failures, Electric failures...
>stressed that some nigger would rob my computer through the open windows (4 meters high from ground)
>Build a lock system for my open wide windows
>spend a week on holidays, miner shuts down the first day
>call a friend to restart it
>he fails
>6 days without ETH
Mining is a lot of stress, a good amount of work if you're not computer literate nor tech handy.

Lel, does anyone remember the crap coin miner story posted to /g/ a while back where a guy ended up falling asleep in an extremely hot room and had seizures from the heat. I think he got brain damage or something.

>Average crapcoin miner.png

I've never heard about it but I would totaly believe this story.
During spring and early summer I would not sleep at my place but occasionally.
So far I regret nothing because I've learnt so much during those month an I now have few ETH at a good value and with the best growing potential on the long run.
If I had the oportunity to do it again this autumn-winter, I would not but I would invest directly into ETH.

Where does one even start? Regisfer an account on their forums and start charming the coin devs through private messaging?

I remember it, but that was a very small thread a long time ago. He got heat stroke and when he woke up his head was pulsating and he definitely wrote something about brain damage.

Since late 2013 I made around $200k from trading major alts like Litecoin, Dogecoin, MAID, Mondeopump, ETH and a few others. However, it was not fun and took a big toll on my life. I dropped out of an excellent college and now I am in a shit school with mediocre grades. I have no friends and needed to get psychiatric treatment.
Of course this might not all be caused by Altcoin trading but I feel it was a big factor. So watch out what you're getting into.

I made everything the legit way without special sauce insider information except /g/, bitcointalk and good intuition about micro and macro market mechanics but I really hate it and it's not fun anymore.
To proof that I am telling the truth: picture related wallet alone contains 127 BTC and 350k Maid.

>95 ETH

So you only have $1275 after all of that.
$575 after the cost of your computer.