Looking to get a sports car

looking to get a sports car
>budget $40k
>would be used as secondary car
>would like to track every once in awhile but would usually use take on canyon roads and along the california coast
>no understeer whatsoever
>decent aftermarket
>sounds good

some options i found but feel free to suggest
>new nd miat rf (would engine swap after warranty expires)
>new camaro ss 1le
>used 996 turbo
>used e62 m6
>used super low mileage e31 850i/csi
>used e92 m3

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E24 M6?

a civic with some mods would smoke this whole list of fagmobiles

the turbos are awd right? might be some understeer there

Cayman S

996 is cool, little underpowered for a 911 and it has a cheaper interior because those were the years when Porsche was on the brink and they had cost saving measures. But if you dont care for interiors its still a great car.

Also, the m6 is best next chocie.

Visibility is for cucks.

if you want you can take it a step further and ls swap a cayman (it doesnt ruin its balance or weight distribution whatsoever)
the cayman handles well and looks good

Mid 200's Elise?

I love my 996 Turbo. Would definitely recommend so long as you do your homework and get it inspected by a knowledgeable third party.

The nicest 993 c2s with a 6 speed and minimal options that 40k moneys can buy.

Or a slightly used 14 SS 1LE and some money for upgrades.

Or a slightly used 5.7l Challenger with a 6 speed and then mod the tits off that hemi.

>modding a dodge
shiggy diggy


The modern hemi is a powerhouse with very little work, the comfy level of the new Challenger is excellent and it's one of the best looking cars made in the last decade

its a powerhouse with no work at all and I agree the challenger is great looking
but I feel as if modding it would be a bit wasteful when the thing weighs 4200 pounds

>manual 993 in the $40k's
good luck. let me know if you find one.

will check out
9x7 shifters feel real numb while you can feel everything with the 9x6 shifters.....also the 9x7 cars aren't controversial odddballs like the 9x6 cars are which is kinda appealing to me
heard from another owner of a 996 turbo that it doesn't
>993 for $40k
I kinda want something in a bit better condition...I see 993's in acceptable condition for like $60k.. .basically >previous gen 1le
I was looking at the current gen 1le because of the handling qualities of the ats chassis
e62 m6 is already pushing it in terms of weight preference...i'm gonna have to pass
>$40k budget

996 Turbos are AWD unless you bought from someone that did a RWD conversion.

They are great cars though. Fast as hell, easy to drive slowly around town, can hop right on a track and haul ass. Gas mileage isn't great but who cares? They sound great but I just installed a catless turbo back exhaust which sounds awesome as hell.

Parts and maintenance can be expensive if you get them done at a dealership (which is only nice to have them stamp your owners manual for resale value). They aren't impossible to work on by yourself though, and several things you may do might require dropping the engine a few inches.

Last gen 1le handled amazingly. Don't swallow the meme-aid, it was a serious performer.

Sucks that the times have changed but they can't be as pricey as they were two days ago.

One great thing about 'murica is massively over powered land barges that you can shove around corners and do burnouts in.

It's a really fun experience

Forgot to mention, you should look at the maintenance records if you look at any of them. An ideal owner is someone that kept it stock and has all the major milestones stamped in the book from a dealer, or at least a good shop. Either way I would get it inspected (costs ~$100 or so but is worth it if you avoid a money pit).

Doing a boost leak check after you buy (or before if somehow they agree) is definitely worth it too, as the cars are older now and shit wears out over time.

You could get one hell of an SL55 AMG for that budget. 493hp, over 500lbft, hardtop drop, absolutely beautiful. Plus it sounds like a .50cal machine gun

C6 Corvette Z06. A little white trash, but they're pretty fucking fast when you remember they were GM's attempt at a car to beat Porsche 997 Turbos and Ferrari F430s.


As someone who owns a used e92 m3 I can safely say it easily meets and exceeds all of your requirements. Finding a 6 speed can be a bit of a pain since every retard selling one lists it as a manual even if it has the DCT but they're out there. Low mileage clean ones are easily below $40k unless they're the special editions (lime rock, frozen, blahblah).

>would usually take on canyon roads along the california coast
Holy shit that is my dream.
t. eastern european
From your list I'd say the E31
the least sportiest from the bunch as it was mainly produced to make 300+ mile trips daily at autobahn speeds but sporty enough for some turns.

Yeah bro going up and down pch is fun as hell

my dad already has a c6 grand sport and there is a chance I'll be inheriting it
I was looking at e62's on cars.com and set transmission to manual....7/10 of the results were still smg

For that much money you could even consider a used Camaro Z/28

why not get a brz/86 and mod it to the point where it can outrun a minivan?

Second gen Viper

the engine in the nd miata is a more traditional and less vapelord inline 4 which is easier to work on

get a cayman s or even gts

>3k used shitbike would literally rape anything you could buy under $50k
>7k used shitbike would obliterate any car under $100k
>10k used shitbike would pull on any car outside of street-illegal track cars

blasting flips in brz/wrx with a momo steering wheel never gets old, bike looks like shit but is STILL faster than anything young men are able to afford