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doglyn #1

1st for Lolith will never dominate and humilliate in a hot ERP session

xth for purest LynF NA here

Gonna play this shit, is blade master good?

I fucking love swords so I would like to pick this one.

whatever for depression and using bns as just a virtual getaway to get away from my real life problems that cripple me from the inside

Best class in the game at the moment.

yes, broken at the moment


xth for Brownies

The only good thing in that picture is Dys

I only recently started playing and have been paying attention to the story and reading quest dialogue because why not. I just met Yonkai who has been terrorizing the local villagers forcing them to work in a mine and has been killing people who oppose him. Instead of killing him and saving the villagers from tyranny I am forced to start working for him. I no longer plan to pay attention to the story or read quest dialogue. I just came to this general because I wanted to talk about how stupid this was.

I want Lolith to improve her character so I could juice the lewds.

Jinsoyun kills him anyway

apparently it makes a lot more sense in the original versions, you're so focused on revenge and finding Lusung and Jinsoyun you figure it's better to work for him and use his spy network or whatever to your advantage. At least that's what I've been told.

But I wanted to kill him.

Can we get some music posts in here

good one

Yes, this part of the story is pretty dumb, but it just seems like the westernization of the game changed a few plot points and removed others. At the end of this chapter, there's a revelation that in other versions was foreshadowed from the beginning of the arc, but on NA/EU it just comes out of nowhere. They also changed the start of the next arc in Moonwater, not gonna say what now to now spoil it for you.

You gotta admit the lyn uprising was cool. made me want to start a world wide lyn resistance

Is there any way I can watch gyro's vods?
They have all been deleted from his twitch


the main character is basicaly a gigantic, selfish douchebag and acts exactly like jinsoyun herself.
until that dumb lynboi fucks everyone over because he's retarded

You can gas us...IN HELL
>until that dumb lynboi fucks everyone over because he's retarded

That part made me really mad. I actually enjoyed killing him. If I could spit on his corpse I would.

who is the owner of this new discord

Y-you can spit on me instead...

who you

So how do I download and install Honey Select? can someone spoonfeed me, please?

>loudly plots in an echo-y cave in definite earshot
>do nothing anyway

The whole you're-no-better thing is bad enough without being mangled by translation.



hello rusev

who care

when you gonna ditch that loser maku and get with a real winner like me

>no gorl
>no eristic
who care...................................

in case you don't find it amidst the mass of links

>no gorl

That's heaven.

click this thumps up if u think

who fucking care

>new discord
>same people from eristics discord are just going to join it

whats the point?

there's already new people though

>new discord

Hi GT!

the info is who care


for example eristic will be banned if he tries to get in
we are taking a new step with this discord

Sea Shanty 2 is more hardcore my nigga

ily ufi

servers back up fyi

Sup cutie


Should I play a guy like I always do for immersion or a cute grill?


Play a girl for immersion



One of the major appeals to this game are the lewd outfits.

Daily Challenge
NA #185

CoolDude, what is it for? Steamy erp?

What's wrong with gorl?


oh so it's owner is kyoppi
should've guessed

not him but

he's annoying as fuck with that I know everything attitude

he's like that nerd at school everyone hate

One more~

I don't own it

I need a lyn boyfriend. No gays allowed. /ss/ need only apply

Continuing from last thread,
What's the earliest I can get Fragrance of Life without transmuting? I don't recognise those purple valor stones.

Not until you're level 50 at least.

this is /bnsg/, even kilo is 105% gay. Try somewhere else

That's unfortunate.

So you guys are telling me there are not even any straight Gon or Jin males?

Are you slow? This is old news.

I have both an mlyn and mgon on Jiwan and I'm 100% straight. I'd give you more details but I need to head off for work.

post the most annoying player of each race

>They just posted the Table with the new values
>Old news


they made them cheaper accidentally after the nebula stone event.
As said, old news.
german fag lol

Best of luck with your discord ^_~

No fuck you.

fuck me pyceb

Look like arveene?

not even close

>arveene will never pretend to be a slutty flight attendant while you both jet set around the world on her luxury jumbo jet she bought with static money

>Want to play BnS
>Too afraid because there's a thunderstorm going on
Last time that happened it wiped out my old PC, and I don't want that to happen again. My old PC was old as fuck, but I loved it.

Not all upgrades were cheaper.

Where's your surge protector user?

Back off of my waifu you degenerate

calm the fuck down ahoka

ded fucking game
ded fucking thread

>7-10am american time





Nigga that's when normies work.

Should I jerk off before I eat breakfast or jerk off after I eat?


jesus christ rilo

Rilo would never speak like that.



>most likely
There is still a chance you'll get stomped out instead, if youre into that stuff.