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Superdimension Neptune vs Sega Hard Girls releasing in October 18th NA, 21th Europe.


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>you will never prematurely ejcaulate the very instant Tiara touches your dick, as she proudly exclaims "Oh my, was that it?"
Why even FUCKING LIVE bro's?

Tiara is for spanking, not for loving.

Compa, desu!

Vert is best goddess.

Oh yeah, nobody mentioned how the engine probably won't run on a Vita. So this is almost guaranteed PS4, and an eventual port to PC would be quite simple.

So new mainline nep game it is?

>Online RPG like PSO with crossplatform between console and PC
>Action RPG
>Online Coop

If only..

I liked all these moments in HDN1 when Histoire mentions Arfoire.
>all the neps have some of Arfoire's traits
>Histoire mentions she used to bully Arfoire and that she was very girly back then.
Purefooooooire... Come baaaack... We all miss you.

Cool. Can't wait for the inevitable PC port with awful sound balance.

>There will never be a Histoire the Holy Knight DLC for 4GO
Why even bother?

Since we're talking about HDN1, I'm watching youtube.com/watch?v=UshoFLIAHik.

And I don't understand a single thing. I understand that items are used automatically, but Purple Heart can somehow act twice per turn, there's no mana or SP, no EXE, and combos are so damn long.

That's what I was referring to. Most of the porting work was already taken care of by the Unreal guys.

The engine should bridge any differences in OS or platform. Now that they're no longer using their homemade one, it should be much better at it.

>post saber lily from fate
try harder

AP gauge

I really want MomFoire to interact with Nepgear.

I love Nepgear and good night nepgen.

>Why even bother?
Because there will be other characters. I just want a necromancer Rei that's sweet and innocent but only outside of combat.

You set up combos outside of combat. Every attack within them costs some AP, leftover AP is converted into bonus defence when you end your turn.

Transformation and EXE don't use gauges. Instead they can only be the final attack in a 4-hit combo, meaning they cost a lot of AP to execute.

Good Night, nepper of patrician taste
>Normal in conversations
>Batshit crazy in battle
I would pay to see it

>I have two personalities
>sweetest girl you'll ever meet
>twisted fucking psychopath

Literally Rei is a meme

Combos can be setup during battle also just press start

I love Neptune!

Go to sleep with .

>be Arfoire
>it's been centuries since the kids and Histoire left home
>they only come back for the birthday, once in a while
>spent all my time taking it easy and drinking Nep Bull
>suddenly I wonder
>what if they started fighting each others
>decide to go see Lowee first
>cold air will do wonders to my hair of a dog
>holy me what the fuck is this shit
>mushrooms houses everywhere
>go to the basilicom
>straight to Blanc's room
>nobody even tries to stop me
>there are two kids trying to open a locked drawer
>get behind them
>"What are you you doing?"
>"AAAH IT'S A WITCH! Rom, it's time to panic!"
>"... I'm already panicked..."
>ask who they are
>"We're, huh, nobody"
>"... I'm scared, Ram..."
>so their names are Rom and Ram
>"Dammit, Rom, why did you said it?!"
>"... sorry..."
>ask them if they know of a girl named Blanc who's supposed to be in this room
>"Of course we do! Blanc is our..."
>your what?
>a mischevious smile appears on "Ram" face
>"...she's our mother."

>years later, historians would remember the Great Lowee Shriek
>thousand of people jumped as a horrible scream pierced the skies
>I'm still trying to forget
>Neptune has been laughing for years now, and doesn't look like she's stopping anytime soon

>Y-Your mother? Who is the father?
>Duh, can't you see my long hair? It's Vert you old dummy.

>Arfoire in the hospital
>foaming at the mouth
>Histoire arrives
>Arfoire starts yelling "WHAT HAVE YOU DONE OF OUR DAUGHTERS?"

>tfw Vert is actually a shemale secretly lusting for someone to fill his boipussi with dicks

Rei is a qt

You are disgusting

>I have no idea what you're talking about Ar-
>I think you are misunderstandin-
>Arfoire's blood pressure skyrockets "Don't tell me Neptune... Neptune and Noire.. No.. No... if you combine them... I can't..."
>Arfoire tries to smother herself with her own pillow in a panic

>Arfoire tries to smother herself with her own pillow in a panic
Okay, that one here is adorable.


>3 Mb
>Doesn't even move
T-thanks for the free virus, I guess.

>not liking boiz
It's like your some kind of fag. Pathetic


Wouldn't you? Someone as annoying and hyper as Nep can be plus Neps memes plus Noire's tsundere nature and Noire's hard work. Except the hard work would only apply to eating pudding and memes.

I sure hope nobody was suggesting that. She's a naughty woman who needs punishing.

so far it only blinks and yeah that it

Yes she is.

Arfoire's reaction was more intended as a reaction to the she's a grandma and that her daughters she totally doesn't care about did the thing.
Not a reaction to the idea of her daughters multiplying.

You don't want to come home to, and I quote, "a hot dinner and a bath" made by a proper lady every night? What is happening to this place?

Actually, that's Histy according to source at least. pixiv.net/member_illust.php?mode=medium&illust_id=58973916

I want to come home, see that Tiara isn't back from adventuring yet, start preparing the food, have her coming back once it's almost done, eat, and once dinner is finished, I tell her she's going to get spanked for being late.

But as the man of the house its your job to adventure while she cooks and cleans. A trophy wife like her shouldn't be having the harshness of violent battles

If she doesn't have anything to do, she'll cause mischiefs.

I want to see Compa as a Shaman and IF as a Summoner

That would just spice things up, no ?

Shit, you're right.

I love Noire more than anything in the entire world!

That's a little sad.

I don't have a Denzel Washington picture on this machine, but imagine I posted one

>you will never experience the feeling of Noire tenderly wrapping her fingers around your rock hard shaft, working her hand up and down as she blushes and states "i-its not like I like doing this for you or anything!", continuing her gentle yet powerful pumping action, then watching as her eyes light up when you finally ejaculate

This life is truly unbearable

>saw that discussion about weird Neptunia song earlier
>wanted to post Recalled Manager, who sound like it's out of Don't Starve
>find this instead : youtube.com/watch?v=UozjhNFvygQ

Great guy

user, why do you have to do this to me? I love Noire, this is torture.

Wait, you actually want her to do the tsundere routine? I thought the only appeal of such characters was their eventual growth.

It's a paradox. People like tsundere because they're not honest but they grow out of it.

I guess the ideal tsundere is the one that lose all her memories once per year.

Honestly, I find it cute. Maybe I am just weird though.

Because I hate having to suffer alone. Very nice pic btw

In this instance yes, because you will see that she actually genuinely enjoys the climax. You can work on it over time.

They don't all grow out of it m8. I hope Perfect Heart never does

But Orange Heart isn't a tsundere?

>she acts all tsundere the first time she jerks you off
>over time and as you do more sexual activities, she gradually sheds the act, starts to lose all these inhibitions and becomes a complete sexual minx and only shows that side to you
Does that not sound like perfection?

Ayyyyyy well memed brother. Uzume a cute

I'd rather just skip to the end desu. Oh well, to each his own.

In the same way I don't skip a 3 course meal to get to dessert, I will also not skip training my perfect little nep

Sounds exactly like perfection!

I like how UltraNoire looks so fragile and defenseless compared the HyperNoire.

Iris Heart has trained her well.

No, fuck that. Learn the difference between modern tsunderes and classic tsunderes.
Classic tsunderes are love, modern tsunderes are forever a shit.


Don't forget your scarf.

What does neps smell like
after hours of hot yuri sex ?

Nothing because neps aren't lesbo.

Scarf army?

I don't get it.

I like you guys

Infinite stars scattered all over the world...
Time to start our quest for the ultimate video game!

What's the matter, goddess, why so mega giga serious?
Hooked! Obsessed! Get you! I do!
Love scheme, thermal runaway

Here we go! Good to go! Neptune!
I'm gonna select "new game" with no fear
Here we go! Way to go! Neptune!
Pulse wave, echoing love song
Here we go! Good to go! Neptune!
Friendship Love! Bifrost!

Even if we're a madhouse, there are bonds here between us
Good job my sweetheart
See you next week...

Because you're a hipster.

Does /nepgen/ like 3DPD nepnep?

What does knowing the different classes of tsunderes have to do with being a hipster?

That is some serious low grade skirt

Claiming that old shit is better than modern shit is.

>You will never experience sex with Noire
Why live?

user, please, I can't take any more of this.

Nigga please, you have no idea about tsunderes don't you?

I like you, user.

Hi, hipster.
Trying the ghetto slang, are you?

They smell like lesbians

This doesn't make any sense. Why do people write lyrics like this one?

I appreciate the feeling, but I don't swing that way.
I only have intercourse to breed, in the missionary position, while holding hands. I'm not interested in other men.

I didn't mean it like that.

Do you prefer big, black Verts?

We had 2 threads 1012, this is actually 1015.

No, I prefer Noire.

Isn't Noire always using the same controllers since the very first Playstation?
I remember these being handy, but the screw sometimes irritated your hands during long plays.

They changed it for the PS3.
The PS2 however was both backwards and forwards compatible in terms of hardware.
You could use all PS1 hardware on it, PS2 controllers worked on a PS1 and you even could use the AV component cable from the PS3 and play some games at higher quality (namely Jackass and Gran Turismo that could do 1080i)

>be Arfoire
>after recovering of the shock, was explained by Histoire that the CPUs somehow got little sisters, as being raised together and suddenly finding themselves alone would be bad for their psyche
>visited Planeptune
>pretty decent place
>actually surprised that lil' Nep is doing good, she always was the buffoon
>and her sister is actually more mature than her
>visit Lastation
>little Noire's love of oversized engine is still the same
>but she changed her hairstyle
>and she's more shy
>oh wait, that was actually her sister
>they look like each other a lot
>Noire is still the same as always, pretending not to care

>finally visit Leanbox
>find a green-haired woman
>assume she's Vert's candidate
>she's extremely protective of her sister
>well, that's for the best

>suddenly finding themselves alone would be bad for their psyche
This sounds like Overheat now
>assume Chika is Vert's sister
Man, Chika wishes that was the case

The Playstation 2 sounds fun.
Gran Turismo is a piece of shit, tho. These fucking licenses are a pain in the ass.

On the Playstation, you could sometimes get CDs that were sold with magazines that would copy special saves on your memory cards, allowing you to unlock all the licenses.
I don't know how to bypass them licenses on the PS2. There's no cheat codes, nothing. Except a good old hack.

I admit I kinda like that idea. It sounds more logical than "oh yeah, you get a candidate now, she's more or less your little sister, or your clone, I'm not sure, but she's here to replace you if you die".

Serving as physical and emotional support while also being an emergency backup in case something happens to the goddess is basically what Overheat did and it makes a lot more sense than "oh yeah people wanted handhelds and uh, like, shares are magical and convenient and shit so here is an imouto, and like, Blanc gets two and Vert gets none because just yeah, I don't know"
Looking at how Zelena and Vert handle their shit, they didn't seem to really need emotional support.


Vert means Green in another language, Zelena also means green in another language
in Overheat, Victory is basically just the past instead of a separate dimension

I want to ______ Tiara in the _____ until she _____________ and begs for mercy.