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Mainline is dead.


SMT is for casuals.


Bullets of spells?

Post Pascal.

Post fucking working DLCs for undub fuck.


>Fomorian is lost
What am I supposed to do.

Creating a new universe where dogo can be happy


Why would I need her when I have Nozomi and Inanna?

I want to be friends with Dagda.

>why do I need cute when I have retard and fat?

Doggo can only be happy with you user.


>Choosing traitorous sluts as your megami

Anyone with DLC end up with 2x of the earring quests and 2x of the retailer clothes?

I wonder if it's because I used the RF cia, maybe I should change to the US region cia?

>tfw this isn't in the pastebin
Nobody here has it, do they?

Nozomi isn't stupid, she just doesn't understand how human beings work anymore for some reason. Why she thought people other than Skins/Fujiwara would go easy on Nanashi despite the fact that he unleashed the Divine Powers is fucking beyond me.


holy shit this is great, you'll probably never find it though

Asahi was the retard who believed Odin's lies and helped unsealed Krishna with Nanashi.

>Nozomi isn't stupid, she just doesn't understand how human beings work anymore for some reason
Read that sentence again.

She's an autist.


She spent who knows how long away from civilization trying to stop Fairies from going full retard in the forest.

Then by definition she's retarded.

She developed the tism through osmosis hanging out with the faeries

who is best support

Being retarded and being an autist aren't synonymous by the medical definitions.

anticthon fuckin' sucks now
>stat down only via smirk

where the fuck do I get the dress

Random encounters - Toki because instakills
Bosses - Navarre because buffs

Okay, I just finished Twisted Tokyo, got Mother Harlot, she is a decent lv99 Demon (though after seeing the DLC demons, I feel nothing measures up).
But after beating her, I was informed that I could do nothing more until I had

Any idea what that means?
Is it something I get in YHVH's world?

>*Lucifer walks on stage. The crowd becomes energetic just at the sight of him. It is made up of mostly white middle class americans.*

>"You know what I hate?"

>*This single utterance is enough to send uncontrollable snickers throughout the audience as they all brace themselves for whats coming*



>*A roar of laughter emenates immediately, the loudest ones of all are the male audience members. Several of the women slip there fingers into the wetness between their thighs and begin to masturbate*

>"I mean seriously, they think they are entitled to everything. We persecuted black men for centuries, all because we knew we could never compete with Jamal."

>*The laughter begins to sound like screaming as the smell of bodily fluids and and sweat fill the auditorium. Many men are doubled over, there vocal cords to the point of tearing from the constant grating due to there uncontrollable laughter. In one corner, several men have begun voluntarily castrating themselves and piling there white genitalia in a pile. Almost all the women have degenerated into an animalistic state of aggression of lust. They begin to humiliate and mutilate the men, who all willingly take there punishment*


>*The auditorium doors are ripped apart as a horde of muscular black men rush inside many wearing no more than grass skirts and snapbacks with Stars of David embroidered on them. The frantic scene turns into what can no more than be described as an orgy of violence. White women leap onto the black mens erect penises, while the blacks start to rap Zulu chants. The white men all watch delighted, until they bow down to there negro gods. Lucifer was last seen leaping into the audience, squeeling*




After Lucifer/Merkebah
Black Card quest

[x] put it in

gonna bone babylon the great

Queen of Random encounters: Toki
Most boss battles until you can get all buffs/debuffs in one turn on your own): Navarre
End Game boss fights: Asahi
OK in all situations but nothing great: Isabeau
Decent for a couple boss fights: Hallelujiah
You wish the status attacks worked always: Nozomi
Why the fuck would you even bother with this piece of shit: Gaston

>>Being retarded and being an autist aren't synonymous by the medical definitions.

Well let's look up the definitions shall we?

>Retarded - less advanced in mental, physical, or social development than is usual for one's age.

>Autistic - A serious developmental disorder that impairs the ability to communicate and interact.

Autism is merely a type of being retarded.

D-don't say that. It'll pop up, someone has to have it, right?

Let's just settle this, how boneheaded is Nozomi?

No, it's DLC

>End Game boss fights: Asahi

She's gonna get Nanashi's bone by the end of this Massacre route.

Ah, fuck it.
So I guess with all sidequests done and Twisted Tokyo done, I will go to YHVH's world and finish it.
What are the NG+ rewards, if any?

The only one getting a bone is Pascal!

I want to rub her head and call her a good girl.

She'd rather be Danu's cocksleeve than side with Nanashi in Massacre

Does Dark have a Judgement Light equivalent? See: multi-target severe attack.

inb4 "die for me" is the only one

You can fuse shit like that Cat Hallelujah has, Lucifer, Merkabah, some other shit

Mentally impaired.

A patrician I see.

Pretty sure it is desu senpai

Guaranteed smirk has made the difference in beating the fiends fast. An essentially full heal when I devote all moves for a different combo ain't bad either.

Inanna was never really on Nanashi's side. She cared about getting that power back and nothing else.

What was the easiest fiend for you? For me it was Mother Harlot or Trumpeter


Fuck. Can mephisto's shit be transferred?

I dunno. Usually unique moves can't be

The easiest was by far Matador.
Harlot could have been bad, but instead of Almighty attacks, she kept going for normal spells while I had Makarakarn.
Trumpeter was the only one I could not kill in 10 turns because of Silent prayer(since my full buff/debuf and concentrate combos went from 25k damage to 10 k). He had a tendency to kill partner when I used Tetrakarn/Makarakarn, so he was the second hardest.

The hardest one was David, really. Status effect not giving a fuck about smirk is pretty strong and I did not have a maxed out party yet(they got maxed out in the process of finishing Twisted Tokyo).

So: David/Trumpeter>_power gap_>Mother Harlot>Matador

Usually Demon Fusion Lite and a healthy dose of luck is the only way to transfer unique skills.

So how hard is this game in comparison to IV?
I beat King Frost and Asakusa Land and I really haven't had any problems yet, whereas Naraku was a pain in the ass the first time around

David really was hardest since I had no idea what the fuck his weakness was. After I found out it wouldnt have made any difference since I barely had Shock on any of my demons at the time

Demons late in the game can be a pain. It gets challenging around the Marici-Inanna-Maitreya fight, then Krishna, and Azrael in Mikado.

>Trying to figure out retarded fusion chains to make stupid demons
Kill me

why is the cleopatra quest so hard i just want my boner inducing demon

also post for compendium %, 65 here

>literally nothing new in ng+

Oh, does this game ACTUALLY have a compendium % this time around? Fucking SMT IV

I tried to fuse him to transfer Dark Pierce for Alice, but I literally couldn't fuse him with anything, it simply didn't give me any options

>Anno Domini, the year of our lord, two thousand and sixteen
>Atlus is still making me use MP for physical skills

This is objectively worse than using health, fuck you Atlus, you had it so perfect in Nocturne and now you refuse to accept it

She's not at fault since demons need lots of MAG to have physical form in the world.

Good old Odin shined through there for me.

I just adjusted compendium search parameters constantly like
>New demons>that race>use compendium>sort by price

I never learned the actual fusion rules

>Inanna dindu nuffin! She's a gud grill!

Yes it does

44% or something

How do I fuse Thor in Apocalypse?

I'm stuck on Cleo too.
Considering just grinding to an absurd level.


I have 103 ways to do it, give me a level range and a couple demons you have

Post them stats

Level 67, Kudlak, Quetzalcoatl, Feng Huang, and Nidhoggr

Does level act as a defense stat in Apocalypse? I can't remember if it was that way in IV.

Seems like higher level stuff inherently takes less damage compared to lower level stuff from the same attacks and the same resists.

This is literally what I'm missing. I just need to know these things to be good now.

Thor is lv 80 Kishin.
Even with fusion boosted, you probably lack materials.
Easiest way is Marishiten+Gnome.

The other lowest combo level materials are Heimdal+Kartekiya


I think it's purely stats, not level scaling like Devil Survivor

Yeah, I was reading through the last thread and saved that for usefulness. Still, not quite as good as knowing.


Did pumping a shit ton of incenses in IV make you tankier in IV?

I'm grinding for the DLC bosses now.

Is Dagda Nanashi's new dad?

Yes. Now answer the damn question Kid. What'd ya want for dinner?

this final dungeon is fucking huge and i'm loving it but goddamn it's disappointing that i can't recruit shit here. is there a decent place to recruit 80~+ level demons? i wanna do more fusion but i've got fuckall macca

I wondered why I miss so many slots in the compendium and why I could not fuse demons like Hagen, even though I faced him.
There are fusion accident only demons again, right?

What if Nanashi impregnates Asahi?

Nope, not in the main game.
You better start checking on Ginza and Dabai/Breakwater for relics

Try fusion lite, it can pass on Dark Pierce at least, but haven't had any luck with his unique skills.

44% here, about to go fuck with some jars or something.

I'm on the (presumably) first Maltreya fight right now. Am I supposed to lose? This bitch is absolutely savage and I'm barely holding my own right now. Just kinda scared to waste my Charka pots.

>tfw I updated my 3DS too much and can't have piracy fun
Feels bad man. I might just have to buy a new 2DS to get SMT4A and a bunch of other stuff for free.