GT cars

Discuss GT cars
GT cars must:
>Have 2 door body styles (usually a 2 door sedan or 2 door coupe)
>have a large, usable back seat
>have a large usable trunk
>be comfy on long journeys
>have a powerful engine
A performance suspension is preferred but now required.

What's you favorite GT car?
Pic is my second-favorite

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Here's mine

>rock hard suspension
>back seat has virtually no headroom
Not a GT car, sorry. Neat sports car though


My favorite has to be G-body Monte Carlos. You can do a lot if you build them in the Pro Touring style.


>no back seat period
>completely useless trunk
Not a GT car.

Pure sex

This isn't a favorite coupes thread. This is a favorite GT cars thread. Think less about performance, and more about luxury comforts.

M3s count right? I fit all my friends in my E30 comfortably (not an m3)


Lol butthurt

8th gen Accord V6

Cuz reliable, cheap parts and fast enough to roast most shitboxes and old muscle enough to make a point.

E30's don't have enough rear seat space. E36's and newer 3 series count though.



Not a GT car.
Not big enough
Not comfy enough
Not enough rear seat room
Not enough trunk space.

>2 door sedan


I love my long white Probe.

The G-body cars like the Monte Carlo, Regal and Grand Prix are classified as 2 door sedans. Sedan doesn't automatically mean 4 doors. Sedan means a certain about of rear seat room. On 2 door sedans, it's a measurement of headroom and legroom that determines if it's classified as a coupe or sedan.
Pic related is a 2 door sedan.

not enough rear seat room.

Have you ever sat in one?

yes. not enough rear headroom. Be enough rear seat room, I mean sitting full grown adults back there, not children.

Let's add a twist to this

I'm not OP but
What if it had to be 2010+?
What would you pick then?

Your opinion.
Plenty comfy, rear seats are fine, its a fuckin hatchback with enough cargo space, powerful engine for its class (DOHC 1.8L).

You just made this thread to shoot down every fuckin car that gets posted. A 2 door coupe/sedan is only going to have so much rear seat and trunk room. Under your specs an 80s Caprice two door with GT badges would suffice.

I don't get this "no back seat space" thing
I am quite sure that my 300zx twin turbo is a gt car, and the back seats can only fit one person if they sit sideways across them.
Also super gt cars like Aston Martin db9s and the like aren't actually gt cars because they have no back seat?

Ahhh yeah bitches

Sedan for American cars generally means there is a door post not the size of the backseat

No backseat
Not a GT

You were saying?

>>have a large, usable back seat

Immediately disqualifies the car in the OP and 90% of all cars that are considered "GT."


my dude

Not enough legroom
Not enough headroom
Not a GT


>Ferrari FF
>no back seat

Are you some kind of moron?

Oh yeah? A fag like you could fit.

Pic very related

>reaching because he was wrong


A proper GT here.

2018 BMW 4 series

except youre all dumbfucks and autistic. Its a shooting brake

I think you could be mildly autistic.

>hushed interior
>not a raucous sounding v8 m model
>inline 6 silky smooth glory
>cushy straight line goings combined with smart precise handling
>fucking below 10k these days
>4k dollars gets you 600hp (single turbo, tuning, and double walbro 450 setup)

>Also super gt cars like Aston Martin db9s and the like aren't actually gt cars because they have no back seat?
right. The entire point of a GT car is to have fun, go on prolonged roadtrips in comfort, with the family, hence the back seat.

That's a GT car, but that's cutting it close on headroom

That's a GT car

You're thinking of a 2 door post sedan, not a plain 2 door sedan.

Patrician taste coming through

not exactly powerful by today's standards, but comfy non the less

The GTP versions were powerful with the 3.4L DOHC V6.

>no vibration
>c o m f y leather interior
>lots of creature comforts like GPS
>300hp and capable of much more

Cosmo a best

That backseat tho...

Interesting, didn't know they made a GTP version. I always thought the z34 was the only w-body to receive the 3.4

>tfw haven't seen one of these glorious 90s land barges on the road in some time now

Yeah. But damn tho

>Implying you wouldn't fall asleep from the warm hug of leather

I'd wake up from my back aching due to the shit ergonomics of that "backseat"


Nope. the 3.4 was used in:
1991-1994 Chevrolet Lumina Z34
1991-1994 Chevrolet Lumina Euro3.4
1991-1996 Pontiac Grand Prix GTP
1991-1996 Pontiac Grand Prix SE (optional)
1991-1997 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme (They were particularly popular in the Oldsmobile exclusive convertibles)
1995-1997 Chevrolet Monte Carlo Z34
1995-1997 Chevrolet Lumina LS (optional)
1997 Chevrolet Lumina LTZ (optional. Unicorn level rare. There's a record of 7 being built)

That 3.4L sure likes to piss coolant all over the place. Every single one of them ate gaskets

And the timing chain had to be replaced every 60k miles

I had a 3.4. never pissed coolant and never had a problem with the timing chain. I did have problems with the timing belt though (yes, it has both)

This entire thread is for people to post cars and have OP determine if he feels they're a GT car.

Holy cucks.

You're full of shit.

How could you fall asleep in that?

OP isn't the only one here determining if something's a GT car.

Source: I'm OP

Cagers, amirite?

Nice kit car.

>toyota supra
>barely any headroom
>barely any legroom
>still a GT car


I remember sitting in one of the MKIII's, I had to lean into the rearview LoS, no room to lead towards a window.

Move over, peasants

Fite me

I just want to see OP tell me why this isn't a GT car

but it is. I was wonderin when some weeb would post it. I don't like them but it is a GT car.

>Z32 2+2
>GT car
>Z32 2 seater
>not GT car

I think OP just has retarded definitions for a GT car. Keeps talking about rear headroom yet he posts a Soarer which has only enough headroom for an Asian woman.

>built on the W210 E-class platform and the front double-wishbone suspension from the W220 S-class
>485 hp/475 lb-ft 6.4 L V8
>119 inch wheelbase
>3 mode adaptive suspension

Challenger is a pretty great GT car

Taste. Half of these posts are trash

space grace and pace

>4 doors

>GT car
>not focused on the driver and passenger, with space for luggage
uh huh



complains about lack of room and comfort
but does not want a long wheel base
this entire thread is a waste full of dumb asses

you're a fucking idiot who doesn't know what a gt is, now fuck off

no the op is an idiot for thinking a gt even has to have rear seats
>current year
>being specific about a vague term

>with the family
Umm no sweetie x

Hey there OP :^)

>tfw this matches your description

no. On every level.

Trunk space can't be taken up by people. or dead bodies.

Christ, you're dumb. This is alsa a GT car, and nothing you say will change that.

>more than 2 doors

But you're wrong. I mean you are objectively wrong. That is a GT car, and you are fucking retarded.

>doesn't know what a GT car is


Please tell Mazda that their grand touring models are, in fact, not grand tourers.

will do. emailing now.

Just fixed a TT, I'm in love

that noise, that handling, that comfort...

what about the old and new E class coupes and the 6 series
and this one

absolute masterpiece of a car.
I still see them around sometimes

mmm yes....

2 doors.....