This board is basically Ancient Greece now

This board is basically Ancient Greece now

A little worse desu

Nah there's way more homosexuality.

>A little while afterwards they heard the voice of Alcibiades resounding in the court; he was in a great state of intoxication, and kept roaring and shouting ‘Where is Agathon? Lead me to Agathon,’ and at length, supported by the flute-girl and some of his attendants, he found his way to them. ‘Hail, friends,’ he said, appearing at the door crowned with a massive garland of ivy and violets, his head flowing with ribands.


>“No man has the right to be an amateur in the matter of physical training. It is a shame for a man to grow old without seeing the beauty and strength of which his body is capable.”

In ancient greece all the chads lived in sparta and and all the beta artist types lived in Athens

We're all hitting the showers after the book club, right Men?

Even those beta artists were fookin ripped carrying around marble and shit. function strength baby !

love this quote

foucault history of sexuality vol. 2 is the perfect crossover book

You mean it sucks dick?

someone post the socrates was ripped pasta

It's like a dream come true. Post your agoge regimens famalam. Also daily reminder that this is what Veeky Forums hoplites want to fug.


Socrates was not only ripped, he was FUCKING ripped. Pretty much every Greek philosopher, poet, tragedian, and so on would have been, because they were all adult male citizens, and either had to fight in the army or (later) row in the fleet. Or both.

People underestimate the level of physical exertion these things required. These guys worked out EVERY day. They worked out so much that they actually liked working out. They lived to work out. Their entire leisure time was composed of working out and getting gay over how hot their bods were in the balmy Mediterranean sun. The first ten fucking pages in Plato's FIRST dialogue have Socrates lusting over a teenager's sweaty, manly pecs through his toga. Socrates likens himself to a lion that is about to gobble up its prey. He can barely control himself. That is how the Western philosophical tradition starts: homoerotic lust for ripped abs. When Alcibiades, the manliest man in history, bursts into the famous drinking party, at which the guests are discussing the urbane topic of Love, it is to ask Socrates why he never fucked him in the ass when they cuddled. You know how the dialogue ends? Socrates goes to the gym and works out.

Modern recreations and reconstructions have not even succeeded in duplicating the physical feats reported of the Athenian soldiery - that is, the Athenian citizenry. Often, modern historians doubt that these feats are even being accurately reported, for instance the straight dash of the Athenian army across the entire field at Marathon. This is because modern athletes and bodybuilders can't even do these things, even with relatively light gear compared to what the Athenians actually carried. It took a team of Olympic master rowers to even APPROXIMATE the sailing techniques of the Athenian fleet, outside of combat conditions, on a placid sea. The entire Athenian fleet was regularly capable of these maneuvers, season after season, year after year, campaign after campaign. The sole engine of these maneuvers was muscle. Raw, sweaty, heaving Athenian muscle. Athenian men were the envy of the Aegean.

It is understandable that modern historians, coming from a society of flabby, skinnyfat wimps, are unable to comprehend the sheer manliness of Athens. Socrates saved Alciabiades in a hoplite battle in the Peloponnesian War. Aeschylus, the tragic poet, fought at Marathon. And all of them worked out and fucked ass, at every moment they weren't literally inventing Western civilisation.

I think they should have merged /pol/ with Veeky Forums. this homoerotica would have triggered them more than the bronies

No. /Mlpol/ is perfect. Besides gay is not more degenercy that bestiality. Did you forget about the brown shirts too? Far right is closet gay. Mike like the cock get the shock confirms this truth.


>grow old without seeing the beauty and strength
And see it decline? Nah. At least my brain going all spongy might be fun.

If you are dilligent with your fitness regime and don't use drugs you can be lifting in your 70s.

can I be diogenes?

I haven't read a full book in a while.

I only got halfway through An Eternal Golden Braid last fall before finding it a little tiresome


Are these combinations staying on forever? I kinda like /mo/

But I love my decadent, decaying body. I'm pale, soft and hairy, like a sickly fruit. I ooze various smelly, unsavoury liquids and semisolids and I ingest much the same, all to fuel these flitting thoughts. It's this leathery bag of innards'--that I was divinely or haphazardly assigned to--sole merit.

> mfw this is my ideal female body