Was Mishima the epitome of /fitlit/?

Was Mishima the epitome of /fitlit/?

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>YFW this /fitlit/ board combination stunt results in the nerds doing it accidentally unleashing #frogtwitter on the world by exposing a generation of insecure teens seeking beginner lifting advice on Veeky Forums to Mishima


most people on this board dont and wont ever have the balls he did. to stand up for your beliefs are try a coup and killing yourself in samurai fashion is pretty crazy.

his 'sun and steel' book is good. it is what inspired henry rollins to get really into working out.


No, that would be Plato.


You mean a 'coup' that just consisted of him making a flashy speech so he could commit sudoku (and fuck it up)

Is this that homo gook who killed himself because he failed at everything?

What the hell is frogtwitter?

>henry rollins

holy shit i googled him and hes literally an alpha chad if he were 60 years old and didnt get fat/worked out

fuking alfa as fuk boyo

yeah because its not like it doesn't take 'balls' to put a samurai sword into yourself does it?


yes, he was also what every man should aspire to be
my maaaaan
mena must be lurking here somewhere

Mishima= god


>#frogtwitter sees all and has been subverting both Veeky Forums and Veeky Forums from our chateau upon Mount Salo for close to a decade now

hello i am here

i bet Veeky Forums says "mishima" instead of "misima"

love u m8

I was too bored to lift today. Thanks to this thread I will lift and read.
>tfw 4th month of lifting and squatting 75 kg
>tfw I only read Dune last year because slow reader

Wish me luck.

Goddamn, what a qt.


Plato was.

Black Americans have ruined the image of African peoples desu.

Mishima was it all.

It doesn't take brains that's for sure

industrial society and its consequences have been a disaster for the human race

>Too much soy and interracial pornography fuelled the attached poast

You forgot /lgbt/

have yet to get a response from a tindergirl from that
anglo grills are immunised against teddy's charms

That's the holy trinity of greatness desu

i usually get a 50% response rate with that opener, idk what youre doing wrong

'is your uterus ready to birth my champions' is much better for getting girls to actually meet/fuck you though

Nah. Maybe next year he can be the patron saint of /pollit/.

Reminder that Mishima committed seppuku for real, but the guy who was supposed to cut off his head off freaked out and he sat there with his guts spilling out until someone else came to do it.

too bad he's a fucking retard

>anglo grills
>not thicc latinas
>not #conquistadormindset

we only get muzzie brownies in europe check your privilege

>is your uterus ready to birth my champions
strong statement of worth
im stuck in the anglo termite colony for now m8, no thiccness anywhere

I thought he missed and hit him in the shoulder or something and a third guy had to kill both of them

The Sound of Waves adn The Sailor who Fell from Grace with the Sea are soem of my favorite books.

>we only get muzzie brownies in europe

on the other hand,

condolences. (online) dating a shit anyway tho

Socrates - 'No man has the right to be an amateur in the matter of physical training. It is a shame for a man to grow old without seeing the beauty and strength of which his body is capable.'

>not lifting AND reading while pounding little Greek boys

I'll have you know it was merely intercrural sex, totally str8

t.phil ossiferz stone

>see that Veeky Forums and Veeky Forums have been merged
>oh man I hope that there's a Mishima thread

You guys are alright.

>yes, he was also what every man should aspire to be

A self-obsessed manlet homo?

Where should I start with Mishima's works?

The Sea of Fertility tetrology if you're a Veeky Forums guy, or Sun and Steel if you're Veeky Forums.

I'm from Veeky Forums. Thanks, man.

> With a prepared manifesto and a banner listing their demands, Mishima stepped onto the balcony to address the soldiers gathered below. His speech was intended to inspire a coup d'état to restore the power of the emperor. He succeeded only in irritating the soldiers, and was mocked and jeered. He finished his planned speech after a few minutes, returned to the commandant's office and committed seppuku.

Hiraoka truly was /our guy/.

>His speech was intended to inspire a coup d'état to restore the power of the emperor. He succeeded only in irritating the soldiers

It wasn't even really supposed to inspire a coup. Japan was perfectly happy with their postwar society at that point, and everyone involved knew it was just theater to justify his long-planned suicide.

The real fucked up thing is the man who was supposed to cut his head off just couldn't get a clean cut, even after a few tries. Mishima would have been horrified that his glorious death was so botched at the very end.

you've very succinctly described most of Veeky Forums

>makes a movie about sudoku
>commits sudoku years later
Attention whore who wanted to die

He shouldve asked one of those Saudi executioners, these guys are pros.

>he can't into the aesthetics of death


the point is the idealized death not actually overthrowing the government of Japan dumbass

>Mishima would have been horrified that his glorious death was so botched at the very end

Yeah, but decades later and he's got his very own thread on Veeky Forums, so it all balances out.

>screencapped for dissemination

The sword (Veeky Forums) and the chrysanthemum (Veeky Forums) combined will change the world.

>Veeky Forums hasn't heard of the most popular Pubk band of all time aside from the Fucking Sex Pistols
What kind of boring bitches are you Veeky Forums needs even trying to bang?

Rollins is the shits, son. As embarrassing as the Dead Kennedys.

He is also downlow AF (as fuck).

Mishima did nothing _____

His name is pronounced "Mi-Shi-Ma".

That sound is pronounced "shi" in the standart modern japanese, not "si"
t. watch anime

Says the 'man' living a bugman existance behind a desk. YOU ARE GAY!

eat some soy and drink some water out of a BPA nalgene incel