How many years old are you? Why the FUCK are you here?

How many years old are you? Why the FUCK are you here?

These are not rhetorical questions.

No they are not.

nice try, NSA

20; came for the stickshift cars.


I came for the shitboxes




shitposting on a arabian plutonium mining board was a dream since i were a whipper snapper.

Veeky Forums is comfy

24, i came here for dead.


I don't know

I came here to laugh at you.

I came, I saw, I came again

Another user said I'm depressed. Veeky Forums numbs the pain like staring at the sun

Veeky Forums is good because people who own cars have money and are white.


I'm looking for photos of a decent black car design so I can do a halfass paintjob that looks sorta decent on my derby car for the lulz.


Been here since 09 to watch newer generations shit up a perfectly good self sustainable board with knowledable people and respectfull tripfags.
No daily manual threads, no eu vs usa threads, just luls and cars.

I came here to watch the world burn.

Here to masturbate at cars

19, only decent board on Veeky Forums

I am 24 years old and I am here because I like to occasionally blogpost about muh truck in /ccg/ and also find a rare useful piece of knowledge. I also enjoy reading horror stories and seeing car gore.

Sometimes there are interesting threads about interesting things. Unfortunately that doesn't happen that much and I usually just open the page out of boredom.

I enjoy reading and talking about cars, plus it gives me something to do

>been here since 06, no point in leaving now.

Poast proofs

23 came for cars, stay for occasional lol

26, came here 'cause /n/ told me to stop posting cars on their board back when I was 16.

First thread was about Mad Max's V8 Interceptor. Got told to lurk moar as soon as I arrived.



I'm a petrolhead and like shitposting

24, ovg. also, i like cars

also, i'm addicted to browsing random shit and i feel awkward when i have nothong to browse. Veeky Forums is one of least cancerous boards, so that's what i use to calm my browsing needs

I'm still deciding whether to go in to the job I despise.
Im just trying to hide my time

In my country there is obligatory assurance. Fucking expensive. For me it would be something like average monthly salary per year. So i read about cars since i cant affort one

19, for the memes

Won't give exact age to a data collector but early 20s; came from /b/ after my STS got rearended seeking advice, never left.

19, I like cars, my job is in the automotive industry, and I have 3 ASE certs. Most other car forums care too much about muh feefees for my taste, so I shitpost here.

23, been here for 4 years because was already browsing 4chin and discover this board. did some professional mecanic class and drop because fuck being a mecanic for a living, rather wrench the weekend with friends.
I have now felt for the dagumi meme and live for the sole purpose of owning a trueno

I've been here since I was 15, I know no other home.

33, because I like cars, bikes and casual racism

Frenchfag ? I know the feel br/o


I started browsing Veeky Forums in late 2003 and basically never left.


Message board style forums died and reddit car groups are pure cancer.

I'm a beta pussy, who got my license at 21, and got interested in cars with 23, but I'm too scared to drive, so I read a lot of things to dream about.

I like the community & like 80s and 90s japanese cars


Here to learn about cars, tell stories, share driving tips and maybe meet some locals


I believe I first started dabbling in 7th grade, after school in the library. Wasn't even blocked yet. Didn't really know how to deal with it. First started posting about 07 I think.

Been on Veeky Forums awhile

I get bored and the only other unmoderated forum I was on closed


33, and I've been coming here since late 1996, so its become a part of me.

31, been coming to 4 Chan since college. I visit WAY less often, but I that I can find multiple cars on one forum. I mean most of you are dumb as fuck, and I'm not even trolling. 90% of the users that are still here, absolutely stupid and stubborn. Almost none of you know how to accept when you are wrong. Years ago, there was still mustang vs Corvette threads, wut car is good, and whatever car you happened to own was obviously the best car ever built ever. But, people actually discussed the cars, they didn't just move the goal post and ignore proof.

23, this board is a fucking shithole full of salty manchildren who refuse to talk about cars without just shitposting and parroting memes, but I have nowhere else to go.

Mods give no fucks about rule 3

Mods used to get a little out of control on here with banning. They would allow whatever vs Corvette threads and fwd vs rwd threads, but ban you if you posted anything that they didn't like. From a comment to a post about a subject on cars they didn't like. That only lasted about a year but it was horrible.

Because I can't talk about anything other than cars, I'm a weeb, and because I'm an asshole and like to shitpost and call everyone who disagrees with me a nigger.
This has gotten me b& from, clubroadster, miataturbo, and zilvia. I don't take the internet seriously.

I'm from Brazil, so I come here when I want to remember why I hate this shithole of a country.

Buying my firt "real/non shitbox" car tomorrow
An 2009 S2000
I like cars

I remember that. Its why I left for awhile and dropped my trip. I honestly miss the circlejerks, and the daily image dump of vintage drag racing.

where are you from? how did you achieved gathering enough for a s2k at the age

because I was bored real fast of /r/autos

congrats dude


I'm here because I like cars, initial d and shitposting

i want to buy a car soon, but I have no idea which one


Infiniti Parts Manager eating lunch

as long that its RWD, you will be fine


i liek cars

specilly ones with T U R B O S

Also I guess I should probably resume writing Loop Monster for Veeky Forums huh?

21 and i'm here because the forum I go too sucks now, thinking about jumping ship on this board too.

all other car forums are cancer

Switzerland. They are super expensive here, however a 2009 came up 1 day ago for just 22k and i think called them like 1 hour after they published it.

2009 normaly go around 30k+ here

Gonna see the car tomorrow and if it has no issues its a legendary steal.

Thanks lad

I'm 25 now. Been here since 2007 to be honest.

I have a fascination with shitboxes, I work as a mechanic, and my two main hobbies are cars and vidya.

>mostly late teens and early 20s somethings posters

This is not the Veeky Forums I grew up with in the 2000s. My generation is gone, lost, grew up and moved on. Now its full of meme spitting millaniels and gen Z faggots who shitpost from their phone and have never driven a carb'd car with no power steering or brakes and roller windows. You shitheel, coddled, walking on eggshell types are so spoiled rotten with your tech bullshit you don't even know what it is like to drive a car properly, without reliance on so much electronics and computers. All you know how to do is spout cuck from your mothers basement.

got nothing else to do

Because I like cars, motor racing, racing vidya and shitposting.

Post your car faggot. This is mine.

I'm 19.

then fucking leave faggot

btw, im 23 and my first car was a 1967 Mustang. neck yourself.


Because I like to have the occascional good discussion to be found here, and its interesting to read different opinions on different things. I also like to give advice and help to those who need it

My dad bought me a vapemobile so I want to show it off to random strangers on a mongolian shadow puppet forum


I'm procrastinating on writing an essay for a class. I'm already behind a page so I need to get my shit together.

Also used to really be into guns but /k/ is pretty shitty with how large it is and the absolute stagnation of small arms technology and development. Cars are more fun to work on and own as much as I still love guns.

I started Veeky Forums in 2005 (by definition this makes me a newfag).
I was 14. Fuck your shit.


have a love of shitboxes, and 4chin fills some of my down time idk

Because stickers.

Day off of work. Been visiting this faggot site since 2005. It's raining out so I can't fix the rust starting under my meme wing on my vape box.


I don't know anything about cars so I lurk here and watch NEETs argue about them.

>plan on buying a first car when i get enough money
>tfw poor college student

1) Old enough to whoop your ass
2) All legal purposes

Eat shit, fuccboi

20, because when I'm not at work fixing cars, I'm working on my own or a friends car. I can then get on here and talk shit about all these cars and sometimes learn a thing or two.


Funnyjunk > /b/ > /pol/ > now I just cruise random boards because /pol/ is shit

I'm in Veeky Forums to try and learn about cars. I know nothing about them. Can't even drive a manual


Been driving my father's SUV for 2 years now, this board helps with choosing a first car very well.

I'm now close to getting a 2007 Honda Civic Si, exciting stuff.

24, watched initial D.
Now i need a new car but dunno shit about cars or being a mechanic. Came here to fawn over pictures of people who own "cool cars" (read: 98-2005 jdms).

Interested in learning about cars in some capacity. Dunno how. Really wish i took Shop in High School.

Pic related, current dream car. But can't imagine buying a second hand car with 120k+ km. Not knowing shit about maintain cars means it'll just cost me more having to take it to a shop to fix things.



boredom and shitposting


got tired of reddit

Furries deserve to be gassed

I like cars in a very real yet superficial way

>try to drive car with fursuit paws
>they slip everywhere and no grip
I love my fursuit but driving in them and for the most part, posing in thwem outside of conventions is pretty fucking stupid

Can't see shit

I'll bite NSA, but only because It's human nature to want to talk about yourself.
>how old
>why are you here
Just bought my first shitbox and want to see what's going on with my fellow shitbox owners.

i want to discuss ,shit post ,meme ,collect and share cool pics about cars

I don't like to post pics of my suit, at least not on Veeky Forums, actually in general I don't like to do it.

Other than a photo op, I wouldn't wear mine as a driver. A clutch wouldn't be too hard since you can always just wear the partial suit and wear your regular shoes

Power to you brother, you'll get there eventually.

I waited six years for mine, but that's an entirely unrelated story.

Open here. I'm 21 and agree with you but this is my daily driver.

>How many years old are you?
>Why the FUCK are you here?
I was told we could never leave.


came for the muscle cars and cruiser bikes, stayed for the riceboxes and twingos

24, I'm here because I like the community.

Guy I was locked up with recommended Veeky Forums as a good boredom site.

crippling depression
love my shitbox