Exercise - Basketball

Exercise - Basketball
Book - Lolita

i'm not Veeky Forums, but my jumper is wet desu

exercise: pull-ups/chinups

story: the mountains of madness or dagon

Exercise - Squat
Book - The Bible

Exercise - Squat
Book - The Alchemist

Exercise: Bench Press
Book: Wheel of Time Series

Exercise- Swimming
Book- The Picture of Dorian Gray


>the Alchemist
non-Veeky Forums detected

>le basic bitch workout and book

go away normalfag

the magic mountain
16x 200m dash ~22 sec + 200m jog into next dash

Dumbbell press
Crime and Punishment

catch 22

>The Hill of Dreams

>count de monte cristo

Exercise - Deadlift
Book - Demons

Lots of Dostoevsky ITT. I guess fitlit would be the most firm believers in the cult of suffering. What a bunch of sadboys and homos.

Something I've Been Meaning to Tell You

Exercise: Tennis
Book: Freedom

exercise: pushup
book: harry potter

Book-The Complete Chronicles of Conan

> Bench press
> Hangover Square

Squats or Crunches

Infinite Jest

Exercise: Diddlies
Book: Stoner

Excercise - benchpress
Book - Animal Farm

Not because it's a book for children but because I liked the concept.

The Road