It's 00's 10th ani

>It's 00's 10th ani
>expecting something like Reborns RE/100, Exia 2.0, really fucking anything
>lol, here's a P-Bandai PG to go with your P-Bandai Exia R2 Rg.

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Where have those 10 years gone...

In front of your computer fapping to chinese robots.

4K Remaster with this scene added back in please :)

>10 years

>10 years

jesus christ...

We're getting a PG Exia.

Screencap this.


Please Bandai...

No, you're getting a PG 00 Raiser Trans-Am, that was it. That's your 10th anniversary. That's how much they care about 00.

It's Sunrise's second most popular Gundam series after SEED. I'm sure they'll do something...

Technically you have another 7 months. 00 premiered in October.

PG 00 Trans Am I actually just Trans Am conversion parts
Mega House Ptolemy drops in a few months
There's also a few 3rd party 00 kits out now
Don't expect much from Bandai

nope, W is still the 2nd more popular AU after SEED

>There's also a few 3rd party 00 kits out now
I hope dragon momoko makes a fucking Dynames

A one-off OVA special ala Stargazer would ne nice...

Either set before the series during the Solar Wars or a post-AWOT deep space adventure would be my picks.

3rd party MG 0 Gundam when?

In America maybe, not that Bandai cares.

in JAPAN you dumbfuck

Please Bandai

A decade already, where does the time go?


Really? I thought Japanese fans were generally ambivalent towards Wing. It certainly wasn't as big locally as it was in the States.

I bet that alien freak setsuna still hasn't aged.

I'm praying to Bandai

And neither has his Gundam.

Wrong, the top 5 are
SEED Destiny

He's feeding you obvious bullshit.

They didn't make it then, they're not going to make it now.

Worst opening.

>tfw you realize Bandai is giving ZZ more love for it's 30th anniversary than 00 for it's 10th

00 MG release order: Dynames, Kyrios, Virtue, and Exia.

Please a ONA show about some sidestory material (00P, F, I, etc) episodes and between episode adventures added a extended TV version.

Also final battle versions for HG Zabanya and Harute, HG Regnant, HG GNX IV, HG Seravee II, HG Alvatorre, GN Booster equipped HG Gadessa/Garazzo, reissue for Ahead Sakikage, Tieren models and Innovade units, all of them as regular relase please.

Is he the most cucked man?
>constantly trying to make a move on Louise, despite the fact that she's still conflicted with Saji
>kills his based dad
>afterwards he finds out how much of a piece of shit he was towards Sergei
>dies in AWOT
The only one who comes close is Daryl who gave up the Flag for the GN-X just to have his friends die on him and the only way he can even hurt a gundam even with the GN-X is suicide.
At least Billy ends up with a frisky redhead to cope Sumeragi rejecting him.

Tanomu, Bandai!

>It's Sunrise's second most popular Gundam series after SEED

[citation needed]

Are you guys ready for more pachinkos?

Oldfag detected. Your welcome here. Please stay and stay stay.



He started off by trying to hit on marie too but she was out of his league so he tried to make a move on louise which ended in failure

>New product and project



Yo user, I'm really happy for you, Imma let you finish but the Alvaaron is one of the laziest, lamest mecha designs of all time… OF ALL TIME!

P-(lease) BANDAI

Now I feel old.

Speaking of being fucking old, April 1st is 10 years for TTGL

Does Bandai even need pachinko money?

That Full Armor 0 Gundam looks kinda nice, where is it from?

Give us a fucking Metal Build Qan[T] already

We outta devote a thread on the exact day of 00's anniversary where everyone just posts "I AM GUNDAM".

Yeah, what happened to it? There's an announcement last year (pic related) and no news since.

They should animate 00P or 00F.

I liked season 2.
The movie had some cool stuff too, even though it still left a bad taste in my mouth.

30's a bigger number than 10

It'll be out around the same time as the rest of the Wing cast's RGs, the RG Gouf, the MG Age-3 and that 1/100 Leo.


I hate the Drei and I hate Nena as well, but it does look fucking menacing when it's shitting out those red particles.

>Ribbons is Amuro
>Therefore, Amuro is gay

>implying Ribbons is tied down to sexuality

>Thinking Amuro wasn't gay in the first place

Still he sucked some dick.

He'd have to be gay to keep rejecting the sheer amount of pussy getting thrown at him throughout the series'.


Rewatching via dub right now, voice acting is surprisingly decent. Lockon and Graham are bretty gud.



The dub is great, although the excessive use of Scott McNeil is odd

Cure Black turned into a alchoolic christmas cake.


>The dub is great
Miscasts! Miscasts everywhere!

In 00, yes.

In Gundam, no. That honor goes to Glemy.

>deringer posting annoymously

can't fooooool me

Al, Tieria and Ali were good. But yeah Brad Swaile and the guy who played Ribbons should have swapped roles (and keep the joke intact).

Don't forget the Metal Build Lancelot.

At least all of the season 1 suits need MGs. Hell, I think you could upscale the Exia RG frame and get both it and the Dynames out of it. Probably the Virtue too, but that would need way more work to have a working Nadleeh inside.

So this is why Sumeragi did that ridiculous mission in EFSF base just to retrieve Hallelujah.

> I told you I'd do it in one minute!
>It wasn't even two seconds...


Hey, black Scott McNeill was hilarious!

>I was 12 or 13 while 00 aired.

It was fun watching it back then. It's the show that got me into Gundam.

Mighty is he

Good times

Back in the good old days.

There were never any.


At the very least Bandai should allow its licensors to release the show on bluray overseas at non-rape prices.

When saturday, Seiji Mizushima attended to TORUCON and my friend asked him about latest update. Even he insisted didn't give more details than website's message, he hinted such as "it would be a year long -maybe than more a year- event" and "00 merchandise returned with new items"

My group subbed it. We were all heavily involved into Gundam. Real life shit happened. I lost contact. I honestly haven't been to /m/ in years. I watched The Origin OVAs (I think?). I'm outdated as fuck on mecha and anime. Think GM vs a Jegan. I sure do miss those years, though. I'm just an oldfag seeing the tears of time.

BSS/GSS, Menclave or Nyoro~N?

let's do it

Best female captain

What about that age girl?

she was just a tease

drunk titty monster is SSS rank

>rewatch S2
>patrick straight up survives three (3) suicide bombers blowing up on his GN-X III

Anybody got this fake bootleg no-good pirated camrip torrent Chink commie slave labor ripoff kit? I'm sorely tempted.

Also, just how powerful are the movie Gundams/mobile weapons compared to the 00 Raiser? Can the Harute/Zabanya/Pantsonhead take on the 00R? What about the Gadelazza or the Brave Commander Type?

>My group subbed it.
Much appreciated.

At that point is it even a pilotable mech? Is it not just one being fused together by the ELS? Or are Setsuna and his Gundam still separate entities?

Has he truly become Gundam?

Still weaker than Wing Zero Custom EW ver

Pretty sure the cockpit section of the GN-X suits can eject from the main unit when damaged. Also he's not called the Immortal Colasour for nothing.