Are they afraid or just too stupid?

Let's talk about the murican manual-issue.

Can't text and eat and shift at the same time. Americans have made their choices.

Pic related. Automatics are objectively the superior choice for commuter vehicles.

>but muh feel of the road
And that's great, manuals need to be in sports cars. Putting them in basic transportation machines that spend the majority of their time in heavy city traffic doesn't make any sense.

If I can do all those on a busy third world mountain pass why can't a more intelligent white man do that on a straight flat road?

This is also easy in manual if you just apply some common sense.

I've never had a problem driving manual in heavy traffic. I admit its annoying but I don't feel inconvenienced by it. The majority of Americans simply just don't know how to drive it. Stacy getting a new auto Chevy cruze for graduation isn't going to give a shit about driving standard.

I can eat and shift, don't know about texting too because I'm not braindead and put my phone down when I drive.

It's probably lack of access to both a car with a manual and someone to teach them to drive it. Almost nobody has one and they're hard to find if you actually want one.

Commuters having to spend an hour and a half on the road each way don't want to spend large swathes of that time riding the clutch in first gear.

>yurocuck cars still need transmissions

Yes it's easy, driving a manual in any condition is not difficult. However it is very annoying and tiresome to constantly engage 1st gear every 10-20 seconds for 30 minutes. Plus it is more wear on the clutch.

An automatic is much more convenient for a dd especially in large cities and a manual is better for your weekend car.

And so you know I'm not biased I am American with a dd and weekend car that are both manual. But I don't live in a high traffic area.

>If I can do all those on a busy third world mountain pass why can't a more intelligent white man do that on a straight flat road?

Because, we don't have to :^)

Pretty much this. Urban sprawl killed having fun cars by making the commute a walking pace.

Spoken like someone who has never driven a manual. Riding the clutch is not something that you do, even when you are sitting on the fucking beltway.

Depends on your transmission gearing and how much power the engine has, dipshit.

>Riding the clutch

Like I said, apply some common sense and you won't have to do that.

I have driven in heavy American traffic in both LA and NY and while the rental was and automatic I barely had to touch the brakes because I didn't insist on riding ass. In fact when a few unknown travel bros behind me realized what I was doing he/she soon followed suite and while everyone was start stopping inches from each other we were barely stopping when things got rolling. Sure there was times when we sat still for minutes but in those cases I never stand on the brakes and wouldn't a clutch back home.

Hell I have seen just as bad traffic in England and I just play the "stop and the bomb goes off" game.

Just gotta look ahead and not at the license plate in front of you and could stay alive for miles

Then you leave a dab more or less space americuck.

Have you ever ridden a bike?
Below 15mph you don't have a choice but to feather the clutch.

I'd say it's more about grade, gearing and clutch control than power.

I have driven many an anemic shitbox with what I considered too tall first gears and in a few minutes you could find the perfect biting point to get it rolling forward with the throttle cracked open a little and pulling less than 900rpm and slipping the clutch for no more than a second.

I think you just need to git gud

My truck doesn't have any cup holders.

I use those foam 4-cup carriers from McDonalds and it works kinda okay.

But, I'm a neat freak, so I will usually throw it out after a single use, or a few days, so I'm constantly asking for them, despite only ordering a single drink at a time.

>these cucks think that if you don't inch forward with the pack then people won't just pull in front of you.

Have fun literally never moving in traffic.

I am from burgerland and just last year i bought a brand new car with manual transmission. The car i bought new in 2012 also was a manual.

Suck it, yurofag.


That's why you bring a big bucket of gravel and whip little rocks at whoever cut you off.

I have ridden many bikes. I can tell you haven't.

My R1 used to idle at about 8mph

You wouldn't call the dodo intelligent, would you?

That may have happened about 3 times in 7 days.

I was surprised at how true that the "Americans can't drive" meme was. But it is more in passive ignorance than root'n toot'n, gun shoot'n aggressiveness. Hell I hadn't even seen any fabled eco-warriors or xe's like I was expecting. Even walking through the Bronx I felt safe, much safer than home. Even explained to my nignog friend that "this place is nice" and they looked at me in shock stammering "but b-but, nyukka d-d-dis is da Branx! Cant you see dat?"

Mine idles at 11mph technically, but it sputters about horribly and it's just smoother to feather clutch and throttle a bit.

Since mine uses superior carburetors i can set it to idle at whatever speed i want technically, it can go at about 15mph at 1100 rpm.

muh torque, not a Harley

All the blax wish that they were so hard and that they live in the ghetto and it's the streets homie.

This happens in my town so much, crime isn't bad in NYC anymore, well for a city anyway.

The kids in my town keep saying they're street etc. like nigga a crime hasn't happened in this town in 7 years.

I have a 5 speed fiesta here in good ol wisconsin

All three of my vehicles are manual and all three have MPH on the speedometer. What is this thread?

>hard to find
Literally just check "manual" on Craigslist

But that's exactly the point, it depends on power delivery and gearing.

Jesus christ this shitty thread again. please stop. This shit is annoying and you're shitting up the place. who gives a fuck if someone drives manual or auto it's their choice

t. American whom drives manual

That's not what I meant by hard to find. Sure, you can just check "manual" and find some random shitbox with it, but if you're looking for a specific car in manual it can take a while. I waited about a year for my manual Outback XT to show up, because most of them are autotragics. I also had to call about 15 dealerships in several states to find my manual Chevy SS before I found one that wasn't already sold. The autos are probably still there collecting dust.

Ok so your point is - that one time I was in traffic I was able to drive manual by very carefully crawling without bucking the motor in first gear.

Ok now think about that this is your drive every single day morning and afternoon. Why not save yourself the frustration and buy a damn automatic. The "just because you can" arguement is never a good one because can=/=should or optimal for the situation.

I agree that in 90% of driving situations a manual is better and more enjoyable. But city stop and go traffic is simply not one of them.

>very carefully crawling without bucking the motor in first gear.
I need to say, this is fucking easy to do with a carbureted car with tall gearing.
You can ride the piston strokes if you just try to go easy with the clutch.
>pretty much stalled out
>engine is done, it's not making any noise whatsoever
>quickly hit the clutch
>somehow it still had enough rotation to fire a cylinder again

>dat S13 convertible

Idk about you but I can easily find a decent manual version of just about every car where I live

I would have said lazy desu.

Why learn manual when there's automatic cars readily available for no extra cost.

The majority of drivers care so little about the act of of driving that they take zero care with it, zero pride in it.

Why do you think being on your phone while driving is socially acceptable? Because nobody gives a fuck about driving.

>Why do you think being on your phone while driving is socially acceptable?
Fuck no i honk at anyone doing that shit. Half the time they deserve it for completely missing the green light.

But how many city people that have jobs downtown in any metropolitan city drive old carb'd cars? Most are men in STEM or law fields with bmws or audi etc or women in service fields driving newer compacts.

Again, stating that an exception to the rule exists does not throw out the rule.

>But how many city people that have jobs downtown in any metropolitan city drive old carb'd cars?
Almost none, my example is an extreme example of what's possible on any car but unlikely in more modern cars.


>That one time

I have been driving in stop-go traffic in manuals for most of my life. I just related to the time I drove in America because most Americans believe they have the worst road congestion in the whole world which is their excuse for not actually paying attention to driving

Our traffic problems are either poorly laid out cities (DC) or just too many people (LA)

Since i live out in the boonies i an own two manuals and two automatics.

I have caught out nearly stalled FI cars many times. Even turned off the ignition, thought "oh shit windows", switched ignition back on after a second and the engine came back to life with no starter

Our traffic problems are both poorly laid out roads AND too many people.

I have owned many cars over the last 30 years and driven many more.

That's weird, i don't get how it does that. I also don't understand how popping a clutch is supposed to start a car though i know how to do it.


Problem caused by bad automatic habits.

For that the pistons are still moving and making compression so as soon As you turn on the switch it turns juice onto the spark plugs and it fires back up.

The other thing is called a roll start and essentially the same but you use your momentum to spin the crank by engaging the gears to the wheel. The wheels turn transfering the momentum into the flywheel. Essentially doing the same job as the starter but using your momentum instead of electrical current.

More like they don't care

I'm an American who drives a manual and enjoys it (even though it's slower and less efficient than automatic transmissions) but your average American simply doesn't care, they just want a car that will get them to their destination as efficiently as possible.

>durr burgers are stupid because they didn't learn an irrelevant skill
I drive a manual and I can tell you even most euros are bad at it despite considerable amounts of resources compared to burgers

Forgot to actually get to my point; automatic is the standard here to the point where there's no reason to learn manual unless you want to.

posy ads for the following vehicles all less than 5 years old. Subaru outback, any American pickup, and Nissan juke

My theory is that Americans are fat and never ride bicycles with gears. Of you ride a bike with gears the transition to manual is so easy. Pic related double decker reason eurobongs drive manual

Im honestly not trying to troll and have a real debate.
What percentage of your overall driving is in stop and go traffic. If it is over 60% I would ask you why you drive a manual. It doesn't makes sense to me. If you are a big car enthusiasts that really enjoy canyon carving or something similar I understand that but then my question would be why don't you have a dialed in enthusiasts car as well as a more practical dd as well.

fixed gear bikes are hipster bait.

Not that user but even i just have fun driving a manual. I don't worry about wearing out my clutch cause I can just replace it and I'm aware of what's going on with it. And in traffic I would just do as others have said and leave a gap in front of me and just glide. In an auto with the same technique I just get bored. Doesn't help that I'm mostly used to slushboxes. I think I'd enjoy a dct or something crisp for a spirited drive. I do just like that slotting gears though, it's like snapping two Legos together. *Click*. So personal preference alone, no logic

Just needed an excuse to use that pic. That's why I said geared bikes. Fixies are fine, hipster fixies with no brakes and weird colors belong in a trucks bumper

That's not true, the most difficult thing about manual is using the clutch which a bicycle doesn't have.

Riding a bicycle with gears would only prepare you for a dual-clutch transmission.

>mfw in highschool making fun of the fat mexican kid that never shifted out of first and would go down the street with his fat little legs flailing about like sonic
Also, you're wrong. The only single speeds normies buy are for toddlers. As soon as they can fit on a 20" its a walmart 7 speed mountain bike. Most kids that rode a single speed were bmxfags and almost all of them now are car enthusiasts

>I don't worry about wearing out my clutch cause I can just replace it

lucky you, I drive a Volkswagen and replacing the clutch is a nightmare.

Every kid has a bike with gears.
Every single one.
When I was a kid I never shifted. I always used 2 on the left 5 on the right.
I don't know anyone who shifted their bikes. Low gears were garbage because pedaling like a maniac is worthless,

For once this nigga makes sense, you stick the fucker in the highest gear and it stays there for the rest of its life

what are you plebs talking about.

Enjoy tiring yourselves out going up hills while I find the optimal gear.

>Enjoy tiring yourselves out going up hills while I find the optimal gear.
two weeks after getting the thing your legs have 12 million horsepower so you can stick it in 10th gear and climb a cliff with it.
You had a shit childhood m8

Should we post the postcards of Veeky Forumstists cars from America and compare it the the one from Europe? It was pathetic

Kids have a relatively high amount of torque and a narrow comfortable rev range.
The only way you're not climbing the hill is if you stall out, and I was a fucking teeny tiny kid and had no problem.
If you can climb hills, and go 20mph in one gear all within a comfortable pedal speed, why shift? Leave it in your preferred high gear and go.
Kids don't piddle when they bike. It's not like the drunk fat girls on cruisers by the beach going 4mph, kids have autism. Gotta go fast.

Don't forget a 2013+ CR-Z.

I'm still baffled we allow yurocucks on here at all

But I'm murican and have multiple manual vehicles.

>Let's talk about

Lets not. Why should my choice of manual transmission or mechanical ignition key be of any concern to anyone else? Unless they are planning on stealing my vehicle and can't drive a stick or hack a nonexistent RF keyfob, why should anyone else give e a shit?

Tis true. Before I got my FiST which is 6sp only I was trying to find rarer older mannys like a 135i or an is250 or is300 with no luck. Even E30s and Miatas around me locally are littered with autotragics.

I used to think 5th was 1st because "1st gives you the fastest speed so you can come first"

OP I'd go with scared.

We have had an influx of American students to attend our medical schools and despite automatics being a rarity they all pay big premiums on them as they refuse to learn manual because "manuals are stupid"

That said if they are attending a school somewhere no one has even heard of I guess they are smart enough to cut it in their own country. So maybe it is stupidity for this bunch.

>Problem caused by bad automatic habits.
How so?

I guarantee 99% of the americans on Veeky Forums can and do drive stick. What is the point of this thread?

Yuropean rationalization for not being able to afford automagics.

you NEED a car in the US you just can't live without it at least a hit tons of people can't so you have to make them as accessible as possible
and an automatic is more accessible than a manual

You do not NEED a car in the us.

A lot of people assume gas pedal means go and brake pedal means stop. They have no idea that an engine is spinning through an RPM range then sent through different gear ratios to change road speed. On a bicycle you can feel this happening and can understand being in the wrong gear or even "rematching.'. Be in high gear, legs spinning slow, then drop to yout lowest gear while trying to accelerate, you'll doing your legs very fast. A clutch quickly becomes intuitive, it's an on off switch for engine power with a little slip when you start.

BMX fags became car jerks because that was cool. Ohh look at my bike I've got these cranks and these wheels and this rad paint job. Ooohhh look at my car I got this body kit and these wheels and this rad paint job. Also so many people I know just leave their bike in one gear all the time, like do you not realise what you're missing out on!

Gotta love rwd body on frame, easy least to get to

Do you live in the west? Or in corn territory


Fun fact, BMW wouldn't make high powered vehicles in manual transmission of it wasn't for America, and most of our top tier enthusiast cars are primarily manual

>Kids have a relatively high amount of torque and a narrow comfortable rev range.

Kek children on bikes are the American v8s of pedal power

Roughly half the population that lives in rural America does.

itt: people who don't realize that a large majority of americans buy a car for a-to-b transportation and don't want to/have the time to drive a stick

If you don't live in America, you shouldn't even talk about this. A manual is strictly for car people.

Eurocucks act like their grandma is heel toeing her Honda Jazz on the way to the supermarket

There is 1 manual Miata where I live for sale, and only 2/3 Tacomas/F150s w/ manual for sale.

Then narrow that down into a car in good condition.

So I'm suppose to walk 15 miles to the farm where I work? Or what uber it for $35 a day?

There is no way you are American so you have not idea about life in America so why the fuck are your dick suckers even moving.

>it's another retarded teenage thread

Not really, no

I mean you'd be wrong. But please keep sperging. It's cute

>when you can't actually back up what you say, so you just act like everyone else is wrong.

Be butthurt. It's understandable for a girl your age :)

For the same reason Americans where the first people to have standard air conditioning or airbags or power steering.

The reason Europe drives manual is price. Manuals are much more readily available, and the reason for that is because the price of cars in Europe vs America. And I know because I grew up in a country exactly that.

I learned on a 1.2 liter 3spd shit box, basically what the average European drives. And it wasn't fun or better. It was a 1.2 liter shit box. Exactly what the average European drives.

An automatic was a bragging right in my country btw, which is what it was in the us, just like ac and the like.

America is the land of innovation, and that's reflected in the people, because they have a choice so they chose comfort and ease.

I'm a Canadian now btw, but our car culture is basically the same.

Btw automatic is better off road. Even though I prefer manual cos it feels better.

Nigga I live in Los Angeles, we have some of the worst traffic in the world and I only drive manual. You people are just lazy.

lazy people finding an easier way to perform a certain task are smarter than people performing the same task in a more difficult manner

This, after ww2 europe was broken and poor.

All you stupid idiots chewing your food when you could just stick it in a blender hahahaha

Don't know what you limpdick faggots are babbling about. Manual IS is loads of fun here in Murrica.