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vlad is for bdsm


Veeky Forums vs Veeky Forums


I'm glad to have an extremely powerful champion with an overloaded kit on my team. God bless you Camille players.

All on top


damn she cute but back the FUCK OFF!?!? u cant claim shit u are timed against a plethora of transgalactic interdimensional eternities of dedication

who is this semen demon

oh so were just making threads early again for no reason?

hope the jannys dont get mad at us

>5 posts early

fuck off autist

xth for breast waifu

secondary xth for ONE MORE GRAVE


fourth xth for THE MIGHT OF LOKFAR

fifth xth for HEAVY AND METAL

Did they seriously nerf Shaco?

xth for huge loss streaks and wanting to die

Elementalist Lux's boots are the best boots

In case you're being sarcastic: There's definitely gonna be more feeders for her than decent players. It was inevitable with her.

In case you mean it: She really can be hard to lose with sometimes. Just building HP alone gives her a saving grace mid-game.

for the love of god

>select all images with pizza

Who are the best Veeky Forums vs Veeky Forums players?

and me

>Team mate give up FB
>Team thinks the game isn't over yet

How cuck'd can you be?

ur mom

me and me

hahahaha, nice one guy, but you know that's not true, when you can't even keep your waifu to yourself : ^)


i could not get good cs shame but least not feed like bot

Hayden Hazar

Lucky for you she just turned 18

>tfw practicing typing "lol, rekt, owned, gg" between ahri ult charges
>mfw it drives people insane

Veeky Forums vs Veeky Forumsis up on na
+2 slots remain
pw: vidya

Fuck, it's an I, not a Y.

a reminder

omg I'm gonna start maining Ahri and doing this from now on.

Just make a macro

you are cordially invited to feed your ass off in Veeky Forums vs Veeky Forums

+2 vidya

2 more for Veeky Forums vs Veeky Forums

oh my god this guy has a macro when he lands

+2 Veeky Forums vs Veeky Forums
pw: vidya

Good morning lolgen
Time for a quick shopping, baking some more, watching some streams and playing legolegends, f-fuck you all:^)

1 more for vg vs vg
pass is vidya

>Stole his first blue when leashing with my E
Am I going to get banned?

Is this entire post a prank?

I'm not sure what this image is meant to convey

A rioter that plays vs bots

Veeky Forums vs Veeky Forums is LIVE ON NA

What did they do to nidalee-chan that gutted her win rate


>has lost games vs bots

oh my an actual new player
abandon this game while you still can

i got like 15 friend invites

did i appear on recommended for some people?

not sure if it's even possible without a macro, if don't want to feed ofc

There's always those games where you get people who think it's funny to ff bots.
But 11 is quite a few...

maybe you were on a stream

Hey guys im about to drop $30 on this game, what champions should i buy? I play mostly jungle and top and on occasion support/adc.

nah they are all low levels


Additional rune pages. Seriously, max out on rune pages if you haven't already. If you buy skins you're a god damn fucking idiot

attack speed is a troll build on orianna but it is not completely stupid due to her passive. actually i would take nashor if i go as orianna

also it was a very nice clutch flash + shield

buy champions with ip or at least on their rp sale...

2 rune pages is enough

better buy runes, but you need ip for that

But what do I do if I wanna get good?

>2 rune pages is enough
Want to know how I know you're silver?

>5 game win streak
>promo to gold
>3 game loss streak

>get to promo again
>go 3 loss in a row AGAIN

I am fuckin MAD

What rank are you in CSGO? Dota? Overwatch? Starcraft?

Seriously, if you're not good at those you wont be good at this, everyone has a videogame skill limit. If you're gold nova in csgo, you'll only get up to silver in league so on and so forth. Some people are only so good at videogames.

i'm neither silver nor bronze though

also it's enough, certainly not the first priority, especially when you can queue for roles nowadays

>CSGO? Overwatch?

top kek

as if those 2 take any skill

post ign

>Kujo Jolene


wana 1v1 in csgo?

kitty kat

back the FUCK OFF!?!?

>finally got lvl 5 on my waifu

feels gud man

that's what makes them most relevant since league also takes no skill

1v1 me bro lol
i mean it's how you sound

sleigh belle if you want a legacy, kitty kat is currently not in the stock and i believe she will not be till the next october, also it's a pretty meh skin

you are pathetic

also what if it's a cute girl :3

RP and boost-selling bots.

am I good

>tfw too intelligent to play adc

>mastery 7 urgot

They never had a chance.

oh okay

thought id get some friends but i was wrong...

no but your pc is a fucking potato rukino

ara ara~!

>Steel Legion + Project
>Dester Trooper + Sandstorm
>Warring Kingdoms + Warring Kingdoms
>Rogue Admiral + Bilgewater
>Commando + Mercenary
>Sanguine + High Command
>Rugged + Slay Belle

Results of Veeky Forums vs Veeky Forums!
new one up on NA
pw: vidya
am not
cute girls are allowed to paly kat yes
garen isnt real kiddo

Pretty sure Mister Nobody used to ask for help getting out of bronze on Veeky Forums and now he tells Sid and his family to kill themselves because he's "boosted trash"

I mean yeah he sucks cock but relax dude

Is Mister Nobody and inst-loss?
of course : ^)

the last three pairs dont really match

hoping garen gets a winter skin next year

you're not a cute girl imthem, you're quite ugly even for a boy

The only Kat skin I don't have is Project because I stopped playing the game somebody buy me it please

Reminder that all female champions are sluts and whores.

I don't play any of those games, but I am DETERMINED to be decent. Unfortunately I can only play Jax well right now but that's okay because at least I own a cool skin for him.

>ganging up on my boy sid

rude and i never said I was :thinking:

back the FUCK OFF?!!??!

he doesn't play kat though?

xth for leagues biggest and best bust!

Why is a silver morde the only one with a positive kda???

Through MF has bigger boobs.

why is this champ busted


Hey if there's a will there's a way! Jax is awesome, I used to play him a lot back in the day. A lot of League is about knowing what you can and can't do and being able to spot openings to exploit, plus how different skills interact in different ways. I wish I could help you in depth but there's a lot of situational information for me to just infodump

For now try to get as much CS as possible and work on dodging skillshots!


I dunno, they at least have some contrast going for them.

>The patriot Commando finds passion on a Mercenary's desperate edge in a moonlit jungle
>A Vampire Knight sustained in power and blood by the High Power of a cutthroat empire
>This withered warrior wanders the cold woods with the guide of this Saintly Little Helper, and both venture with greater warmth and hope into the dawn

if you go by models Darius is a MANLET

Because Mordekaiser is absolutely broken vs melee champions and they had five melee champs

the models in the image are scaled so that their facial features are proportionate

Are you saying Darius isn't a manlet?

imthem is cute