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>>Latest news
- DMM!
- Kourend has been visually reworked
- Zanaris cosmics made a lil speedier with new shortcut
- Hardcore Ironman mode released
- Christmas event south of Falador

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>I haven't played in months, what did I miss?


>Prices & money making

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nth for hook is cute

>this is a 8/10 in bongland

>be me
>literal who
>still make it on the family tree
good feel







new thread

hi whatarmthing



reminder that you are a shitter if you are not playing an ironman

are those yours? that's tight as h*ck if so

tools of the trade. I specialize in defending trannies online.

it takes a strong man to do that which others cannot dream of

dont listen to
its me

>have no people on my f/list
>have plenty of people in cc i am buds with
>assume some of them have me added
>leave private on hoping one will message me and confirm my assumption at some point
>it has been a week with my private on and i haven't gotten a single message

i am so lonely

Add me, Plusho

who the FUCK is empty church

most of the people on that family tree have stopped playing, thus are now literal whos (not THE literalwho, but literal whos)

im THE literalwho and who the fuck is empty church

he's nicer than you are lad


are you dodging the question on purpose?

fuck off retard

?? he used to hang out in kg/lewd and now he hangs out in osg

why are you so angry?

stay mad princess :* luv u

why did you assume i was angry? i didn't know who he was and he's linked up to me in the family tree hence why i asked?

why do people hate pures so much

fuck off dhargash, lit is a nice person and so is church, you're gonna have to pick your people a bit better if you're gonna shitpost like this.

because being a pure is a sure sign of also being a douchebag



Who the FUCK are you

I'd prefer it if this general and website died
Reddit-era internet culture is complete trash

>no hook

Blame "memers" who obsess of b0aty, A Friend, Ice Poseidon, twitch, and reddit swarming this game like a fucking plague.

I swear the number one strike against this game is the faggy community

Didnt realise we were in a new bread; you can message me any time you'd like user, I keep private on at all times when im online

t. Utolso Nyoma


>no makeup
She's not bad looking, don't bully please

>tfw not on the tree even though at one point you were the most hated person in this general
>at another point I was ranked in the cc
>half of these people are literal whos, probably less than 1/3 are the regulars I always see
delete this

Can u do me pls


>no evabraun

poo winds

Daily reminder that Nord1cH3ro is the coolest kid in the cc.

And the richest

Thank you. 80 d scims have been deposited into your bank account.


>tfw you see some cuck wearing one of your 99 capes

why has no one bombed that black mudslime cube thing
would be absolute kek material

Because it would instantly radicalise all "moderate" Muslims.

interesting osrs related post!

who /falador/ here

Daily reminder that when you joked about selling gold, I reported you and you got muted for it.

>rs3 gen has 50+ new posts with interesting dicussion
>os gen falls to page 10, the only thing bumping it occasional shit posting
just die already



where are my cowboy fans at?



>osg has 70 people active in cc and like 15 people in q cc
>rs3 gen has like 10 people in the cc

>half of them are bots

Anybody wanna start a DMS clan? Add Henry Rollin in game.

Mfw 450k bots are banned from rs3 every month


>compared to the 2 million bots banned every month in osrs
>even though their player counts are about the same

cite your source, thanks fampai

>bank is full
>been basically banking everything since 1 -> 1300 total
>housekeeping time
>only manage to get rid of 300~ items, tons of clue items cluttering my bank
guess i have to train that shitty money sink now

Need new rsn for my alt, suggestions?

Mrs Sayob
Mr Sayob
Mr Plush
Mrs Plush
Mr Who
Mrs Who
Mr Furion
Mrs Furion
Mr Pyon
Mrs Pyon
Mr Kyouran
Mrs Kyouran
Mr Fallon
Mrs Fallon

woke up with a boner again......

chimp blimp

Your account is already logged in.
Try again in 60 seconds...


Just wait a few months and the hormones will kick in fully :3

Stop with the cancer OPs. Keep the circle jerking in discord. This is an anonymous board

im afking nmz because im tired of using not whip

who are the real lolis on 327

I want to get banned from this game.
I don't enjoy playing it anymore but whenever I am not playing I can't stop thinking that I'm xp wasting so I feel forced to play it.
Just kill me

Never Gonna Get Hard Again !

give your items to the clan lad

download tribot (it's safe they won't hack you or anything) and just bot out 99's while you are afk

bonus points if you brag about your progress here because there will inevitably be butthurt nerds that will report you 5 times a day and tweet mod weath constantly


How much exp waste is saved by maxing or leveling agility really high before anything else?

You should get it to 76 by barbfishing to 99 and then alch or fletch while doing agility.

What did he mean by this?

Don't worry Quake, I think you're cute.


Quake youre cute ingame and irl, dont listen to this faggot.

>using osbotty
gettin what you deserve

>being australian


yea fuck yeah



Not that hard, like 6 or 7 steps, 1 wildy clue, no puzzles

>Not that hard, like 6 or 7 steps
this is why no one expect no bully anime gays like arma hes just dumb and annoying
its not cute when someone is annoyingly stupid

What? What did i do now?

redpill me on osbuddy

you ok there buddy?

A clue scroll (hard), sometimes called a Level 3 Clue scroll, is a valuable random drop from a large variety of high-levelled monsters. A level 3 clue scroll can be 4-6 steps long. If a player possesses a clue scroll (hard), they must either complete it or drop/destroy it in order to receive a new one of the same difficulty. Clue scrolls are the start of a treasure trail - a treasure hunt that sends players hunting all around RuneScape. At the end of the hunt, players receive a reward of items randomly selected from a specific list, possibly including very rare and very valuable items. Level 3 clue scrolls are usually long and complex, and can give the player puzzle boxes to solve. They can also involve trips to the Wilderness, and fights with a Zamorak wizard, a Saradomin wizard, or the Double Agent. They can offer many valuable rewards in return, including Rune equipment, Third-age equipment, and Gilded armour.

These clue scrolls are much harder than the other difficulties, due to the risk of being attacked, and require more quests to be at least partially completed. For this reason many players prefer to complete easy or medium clues. It is recommended to use three or four items and to drop the spade to help avoid losing the scroll upon death in the wilderness. A Clue Box will also protect your clue scroll upon dying in the wilderness if you have one in your inventory.

Completion of hard clues will give a casket (hard), containing the final reward for the trail.